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Bicycle Riders

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TCShadow, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. I have to say while the majority of them are relatively reasonable and move to the side of the lane so I can pass, some are downright arrogant about having their lane all to themselves and will pigheadedly sit smack bang in the middle of the T3/Bus lane blocking up bikes and cars/taxis/etc for hundreds of metres behind them... what's these guys problem?? It doesn't hurt to move over a tad and let the motorbike through does it?

  2. A cyclist will often "own" their lane when moving over and encouraging others to share their lane would be outright dangerous. Much the same as motorcyclists learning to "own" their lane to prevent cars sharing their lane when it is not safe.

    Even moving to the left hand wheel track is enough to have 4wd soccer mums (who are completely oblivious to where the left hand side of their vehicle is) barrelling up past you when the lane is too narrow to share. A bit of patience will usually see the cyclist move over again when the lane widens or the shoulder returns.

    Everyone on 2 wheels should understand being vulnerable.
  3. I would fully understand that in some situations it's dangerous to move over...

    I'm referring specifically to straight, smooth road, maybe on a small uphill which makes the cyclist go very slowly yet they refuse to let other 2 wheelers past because "it's my lane goddamnit and I have a right to be here"

    Nothing to do with not being safe to let people through, just the typical selfish behaviour same as cars in the overtaking lane "doing the speed limit" refusing to move to the left lane to let other cars past.

    I just find that cyclists seem to have a bigger chip on their shoulder than most.
  4. Yep.
    Prob is: “give in inch, they take a mileâ€.
    Pushbike riders who hug the gutter usually get squeezed out by other traffic who reckon they can [just] fit past.

    How close would you say is too close to let a car or truck pass you at speed when riding a motorcycle? Well that is the sort of gap that cyclists have to deal with everyday.

    The problem we have here is that the said cyclist is expecting the same piece of road as other road users are given. But as they travel so slowly (comparatively) & they don’t have the bulk of – say a large truck or bus - then they’re not felt to be entitled to it.
  5. I guess that I'm referring to specifically letting (motor)bikes through then rather than other vehicles. And yes I have seen plenty of car drivers "squeeze" past a rider in the left lane and I think they're dangerous tossers every time I see it.

    I guess what angers me is this morning a particular example of this on my way to work this morning...

    Cyclist refuses to move over and let me past in the T3 so I finally get a gap in the middle lane, overtake him safely, then have to stop at a red light... said cyclist catches up and rides past me and through the red light because obviously he feels that road rules don't apply to him... unless they suit him at that time of course.

    arrogant f#@&

    Not to mention i see this from cyclists EVERY day... When it suits them they do whatever they please and everyone else be damned but as soon as they're a hindrance to someone else they spout their "road rules and safety" garbage excuses.
  6. So you don't care that they're inconveniencing cars, just you? I let it slide before, but as you're harping on, if you were even half competent you would be able to split between two cars let alone make your way past a lone cyclist. Food for thought.

    Granted though, the bikes that run red lights make it hard for everyone to be taken seriously. It doesn't make the "road rules and safety GARBAGE" (nice attitude there) any less relevant.
  7. I didn't say I didn't care, I said I can understand your point with cars and larger vehicles as far as safety is concerned...

    Bringing personal attacks into it is unnecessary though and I'm not going to split and make a potentially harmless situation - where all the cyclist has to do is move over a bit - dangerous by trying to squeeze in between him and a car. Nothing to do with mad skillz or lack thereof, just basic courtesy and common sense.

    Besides that I'm new to the bike and won't unnecessarily put myself into dangerous scenarios I may not have the "competence" for. I don't know how familiar you are with military road in sydney but I'll leave lane splitting to "competent" people like yourself. I have no wish for an early grave.

    If there is a bike behind me that I'm holding up I'll move over and let him/her pass if they so wish. I don't have to be a douche about it just because I can.
  8. Should be pie lane spliting between him and the main traffic lane.
  9. you took yet another thing out of context..

    I said "garbage excuses".
  10. You said that their road rules and safety "excuses" were garbage, purely on the basis that some cyclists run red lights. That would be akin to some motorists holding no respect for motorcyclists safety and their right to be on the road on the basis that they shouldn't be filtering to the front at lights.... oh wait, they do.

    Like I said, everyone on two wheels should know what it's like to be vulnerable, even if those on 4 wheels haven't caught on yet.
  11. Lol thats the worst one of the lot, along epping rd in Sydney there is some really awesome bicycle lanes on the side yet we still get them on the main road, its got a freaking 80km/ph speed limit. Wouldnt get me on 2 wheels in that traffic without some cc's behind it....
  12. There would be plenty of cyclists that share your view of that f**kwit, one of the ones that gives cyclists a bad name. He's the motorcyclist that pops wheelies off the lights and does 200kph through industrial estates.
  13. No i didn't. I gave running red lights as an example. I cited flagrant disregard for the road rules in general, except in circumstances where it suits them to quote road rules to their own advantage. I guess that instead of garbage excuses I could have used "hypocricy". Consider my statement altered for the purposes of clarity in this discussion.
  14. Excuse my ignorance - what kind of lane are you talking about? Clearly not a cycle-only lane. Is this a lane that both cycle and motorcycle are allowed in?

    In Vic, the cycle is legally supposed to travel as far to the left as practical, but in the real world this is not ever enforced. In fact cycle organisations actively promote the concept of 'owning' your lane (see devotard's first post) which often translates into cyclists travelling closer to the centre. The rights and wrongs start to get murky with the inevitable conflict arising.
  15. What was he swerving all over it to deliberately not let you past?

    Surely there was a way through... I mean, if you can lane split, I don't see how a cyclist could be a problem.
  16. Youv'e got to be a real arrogant/ignorant dumbass to think people are going to let you sit infront of them on a bike and they will patiently bibble along behind you while you get your exercise.
    Cyclists are pedestrians IMO they are moving under "their own" power they dont pay registration or insurance, so they should have the same rights as pedestrians in a majority rules country i would think :LOL:
    ive had wy winge for the day
  17. It was in a T3 lane on the far left, not a bike lane to answer the one post.

    To answer ktulu and the others saying i should have split, he was sitting smack bang in the middle of the lane and the cars in the lane to the right were basically sitting on the line. I don't feel comfortable splitting moving traffic and didn't feel there was a comfortable amount of room on either side of him to pass without risk(however small) of clipping.

    Also again, I'm a relatively noob rider. Only a month and a week(and 1000km) under my belt.

    And for what it's worth i wasn't willing to put him, myself or anyone else in danger.

    He wasn't moving around in the lane but by his positioning - and the fact that i stayed behind him for a while until he looked back and saw me, then when he still didn't move i gave him a little blip on the horn and he STILL sat there in the middle of the lane - he was making it very obvious that he felt i should stay behnid him.

    Also if he had been swerving I would have actually been able to get past him easier when he swerved to the left lol cause he would have opened up a gap for me to go through.

    To be fair the majority of cyclists DO move over to let me pass when i'm riding... only some have the same attitude as this guy.
  18. Hey shadow, you will get a lot of smick from a whole host of other road users in your time riding, your best bet is to let it roll off your shoulders, sure it's annoying but hey riding is much more rewarding when you allow it to be a good experience.

    Block out the bad experience, take your girl out on the weekend and ride the twisties smoothly and watch the rest of your problems melt into the distance.
  19. A bicycle rider moved over to the left of the lane for me last week and I gave him the nod.
  20. :LOL: playing with fire!

    I'm not fond of cyclists on the road due to the disruption they may cause, but I respect their right to be there as much as us riders. Grin and bare it. I'm sure there are drivers really crack it at riders splitting too
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