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Bicycle Network Victoria budget protest ride, 21st June 2012. "Bike Budget - bring it back".

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Since Ted Failyou announced zero allocation in 2012/13 budget for bicycle infrastructure, Bicycles Vic has been simmering and got quite upset.

    This is the page summarising their concerns and issues and includes a call to arms for the protest: https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/general/change-the-world/93685/ There's not a lot of passion though in the call... IMHO.

    So what you say? Well, this is worth watching. This is a government friendly and influential lobby group that was caught napping, made their representations after the news was released and then decided that a protest ride was required. How have they organised it? What have they said? Keep an eye on the page linked above. I'm a BVN member and have received three emails since the budget announcement, so they are carefully priming their user base, plus I've seen Harry Barber getting about on radio and TV to spruke the message. BVN are burning up some bucks and time getting this organised.

    BNV haven't organised a protest for as long as I've been conscious of their existence - so this is a big deal.

    Just as a measure of how successful the cycling lobby group has been in lobbying for cycling infrastructure funding, check out this graph:

    A zero allocation has come as quite a shock.
  2. But long overdue: they have been recipients of Gummint largesse from the Bracks/Brumby diktats for so long that they believe their own propaganda. Much like Monash U, they have created an 'us and them' mentality which does little or nothing for the broader population.

    The likes of Gary and the anti motorcycle attitude from BVN would be better channeled into joint ventures where all two wheel transport options benefit. Currently, it's 'all about them' and other road users are to be despised/belittled: they need a reality check.

    We get far more support from the VACC, and need to strengthen that partnership.
  3. I believe the Motorcycling Community can learn a lot from the Bicycle Community if only we could drop the "us against them" attitude on the orad and actual see how they go about things.

    The Bicycle Community are a powerful lobby group as the band together for a common cause.
    It wasn't long ago they managed to get thei want of No Parking on Beach Rd from St Kilda to Mordialloc between 0600 and 1000 Saturday and Sundays.
    Now that's a big win for their Community.

    The have good communication with Bicycle riders who hold influential positions on the Local Councils.

    there is no point complaining about bicycle riders. most of them are "paid up" road users as well and there is a portion of them that ride motorbikes.

    Let's look at the way they go about lobbying for "Cyclists Rights' for want of a better term and see if we can apply this to Motorcycling.
  4. It'll be interesting to see how effective a 'protest' campaign is, in the face of an unsympathetic government. Much to watch and learn from this.
  5. Very interesting. I guess that's why the Federation Trail Bicycle path along the freeway due to be completed early 2011 has fallen flat on it's arse...

    14.4 Million to ZERO? :shock:
  6. Here's a wild suggestion from left field - support the protest.

    There's a hint that the higher ups in BVN, i.e., not that idiot raving loony media person, are favourable to motorcycle filtering because they can leverage some bicycle gains from it. Is this the potential proverbial bridge?
  7. Agree Rob I think us turning up in support could be a good thing.

    21st is a Thursday I am never really doing much on Thirsday mornings before work might make a little detor on the way to work. Anyone else feel like coming along?

    Cheers Jeremy
  8. I am sure there would be some similar combined interests the two parties have so if it well worth looking into
  9. Bit early in the morning, but I'll come along if it helps. Rob, is it worth approaching BVN and attempt a bit of bridge building?
  10. IMO yes it is.

    Perhaps another benifit is that quite a lot of us want to do something but acknowledge we are not ready and well enough organized to do it ourselves.

    This could provide an outlet for that feeling without compramising what else is going on. Our party line if asked could be that we are here to support another vunarable road user group. Simple and easy to remember.


    Cheers Jeremy
  11. OK, let me make an inquiry.

    It's definitely out of my way to be there, but I'll try not to have any early morning meetings scheduled on the day.
  12. Do it. I can't see a downside, if the wording is right (spot on, Jem). It strengthens the hand of the co-operative parties and weakens the loonies.

    (One of the cycle reps interviewed by Jon Faine on Tuesday was actually arguing against further speed limits drops.)
  13. Thats an interesting point as there is a push to reduce Beach Rd to 50kph. Being a regular user of this road daily i see many a cluster of cyclists and a limit that low might see them having an exceeding the speed limit concern.
  14. I think you'll find that most of the push for lower speed limits is coming from local government officials, usually with a green complexion. This is true of Port Phillip, Yarra, Melbourne CC and Darebin in particular. The underlying agenda is not really about safety, but of squeezing more carbon-emitting vehicles off the road, using cycling and safety as a lever.

    It's becoming clearer that there are diverse views within cycling. An olive branch will be rebuffed by some of them, but definitely not all. Provided the terms of support are clear (ie. sharing, not surrendering, road space), I don't think there is anything to lose.

    We will hardly be able argue that PTWs are unfairly neglected when every other vulnerable road user group is likewise left out in the cold.
  15. i'll just drop this email I got from MUARC.. :deal:

  16. Bayside and Kingston Council both have avid cyclists as Counsellors. When I contacted them in relation to their push for lower speed limits they were a tad cageyn about admitting they were cyclists but admitted it in the end.
    They claim the fact they are cyclists had nothing to do with their Council agenda.
  17. 2.5hrs for a 20km bicycle ride?!?!? Thinking out aloud?!?! Fark me, I'd be able to talk about every tiny thought that crosses my mind at that pace! LMAO!
  18. It says the experiment will last ~2.5 hours so maybe there's a briefing/debriefing included in that time, as well as the riding. If not, I agree that 2.5 hrs is ridiculously long for 20 km. I'm a fat old git with a mass produced bicycle that I don't ride nearly enough and even I can beat that by a significant margin.

    I assume the thinking aloud bit is intended to be something akin to the commentary driving technique used in advanced training.
  19. Hey Rob any word back from BNV ?
  20. My contact no longer works there!

    Might have to try the old knock on the front door approach.