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Bicycle - Motorcycle Interaction

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, May 28, 2010.

  1. The MRA's respected patron (Prof Marcus Wigan FIEAust, FInstP, FAITPM, FCILT, FICE, FACS, FIHE, MBCS, Eur-Ing, CEng, CPhys, CPEng, CITP ) shows how it's done. :)


    The title of this thread alone has guaranteed at least 100 readers...

  2. At least he has the order of things correct....

    pushie on the back......must be for emergencies only...when you just have to get there by any means...
  3. This reminds me of a bloke I saw on a CT110 in bondi with a ladder slung over his left shoulder :applause:

    I was impressed.
  4. I have my own interaction, which consists of slapping myself backside da head to wake up to myself, whenever I get on the treadly.

    See, when the frikking cyclists filter at the lights and block you off, you can fly past with that rig, and wipe them out even easier rather then just giving them a tap with your mirrors!!! Then, they forgive 'cause your carrying push bikes!!! WIN.

    Edit: hey ROOOOOOBBBBBBBB, come and get me!!! :D
  6. Push bikes should be banned - that's why God gave us engines!. :)

    (but grouse pick) :)
  7. I pull up at a red light next to a cyclist.

    She is sitting down and keeping her balance without touching the ground. And she looks real elegant you know, not even struggling. Like she could just sit there forever.

    I complement her on her balance, and how it looks so effortless. She thanks me and says that it is actually a fair bit of work.

    Then I say that those enormous legs must help things.

    ... and she goes right off her head at me !!! Total road rage.

    Bloody bsychos.

    If she was identifiable that would not have happened.
  8. Damn straight, a gang of cyclists stormed the Shell across the road from my place, took all the energy bars and up and go from the fridge before they dropped the attendant and took off.

    No one could identify them, because everyone wanted to avoid having to look at them in their revealing lycra :sick:

    True story, yo.
  9. On my commute I pull up at a set of lights that has a cyclist path going past, and they wait at the lights also etc... there's some fine arse's of a few of the female form there..............

    The rest (read: 95%) are terrible...
  10. your such a lezo brownyy
  11. If you didn't look twice, you would almost think it was a fold up wheelchair on the back....
  12. Marcus may have been riding for 50 years but I think he'd take great exception to that remark :)
  13. Interesting pic lol
  14. what the hell are they doing riding then?:LOL:

  15. Might not be a ladder this bloke's carrying, or a pushie on the bike, but at a guess I'd say he'd never starve if he broke down....

    KFC Delivery, anyone ?

  16. yea if the title didnt say bicycle, i would have thought it was a wheelchair on the back.
    Dont see many folding up bicycles around...

    Im still confused about brownyy's gender. Until those female/male icons came along i just assumed everyone on here was a male.
  17. She is a boy and so is I. I love the new gender icons! It lets me be who I am on the inside!
  18. Are you trying to say that people with a disability should not ride??....
  19. Prolly not as much as brownyy is :LOL: