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Bicycle Lanes....Yes or No?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gypsyvtr, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. It's probably been discussed a thousand times but i need to know for sure.......
    How do I find out for certain if its legal to ride our bikes in the bicycle lanes during heavy traffic....I keep hearing different things and need to clear this up before I get busted.

  2. Not sure what the laws are in Ugly Butt Town. :?
  3. :shock: .............In all states????
  4. Hey,
    its a bit like this,

    "Nothing is illegal till you get caught"

    Lane Splitting,
    all illegal, but I bet very few riders can say they have never done it.

    Forgot to add,
    "Use of a motorised vehicle in a bicycle lane"
    End Edit

    The choice is yours.

  5. Illegal, huh?...............I knew that. :angel:

    :grin: :grin: to Big Chris :grin: :grin:
  6. it should of been covered in ur hand book you used for your learners test, but it is illegal in victoria.
  7. Judging by the white picture painted on the road.. my bike looks similar, or could even pass for the one painted on the bitumen.. You think? :LOL: :LOL:
  8. theres no laws for motorcycles. :LOL:
    i do as i please as long as it doesnt cause danger or harm to anyone
  9. ..but I was taking the next left officer... :wink:

    works best if your indicator's on.
  10. haha yeah i use the bike lane at one particular set of lights coz there is always a left turn light if i am behind a que of cars
  11. We got not law against that here in Mexico. :grin:

    As long as you don't break others in the process. :wink:
  12. I find bike lanes to be quite convenient. :)
  13. It all depends how well you can play words up and down to make the cop (magistrate) believe the interpretation of motorbikes and bikes your selling them.

    A good arguement testing the law could be as follows. We all know that the word car came from an abbreviation of carriage as in horse and carriage and they both shared and still do share similar doctrines of the law. We all see horse and carriages in the city every day and we all see them clopping along slowly. Because they're slow they have to move to the left so faster moving cars can pass around them. They also move to the left onto the bicycle lanes and from my knowledge there never has been a horse and carriage in Melbourne booked for clopping along in a bicycle lane. Please some traffic enforcer prove me wrong here.

    Now irrespective of the reason why the horse and carriage is in the left bicycle lane, they have still got away with travelling in the bicycle lanes for all the time as they were the first means of transport and why that road is there in the first place.. So, again irrespectively of the reason also a motorbike should be able to get away with doing so also, as long it is for a brief time. Then the "brief time" would be under debate also.

    Then theres the second part of my argument. Determining what that zone is...it clearly could just state cycling and has no mention of no motorcycling. Determine cycling? Im cycling on my motorcycle and just because its doing it under its own power doesn't mean I'm not cycling. The legal difference from a motorbike and a bike in this case an engine, doesn't cut it as they are both sharing the road just as a horse and carriage and car have. And would a bicyclist be charged if riding outside of the cycle zone. The word bike, bicycle, bicyclist, motorbike, motorcycle can all be played with to give strength with the associtiation of the 2 and strength to not associate the 2. For example "bicycle" it is a vehicle that has 2 wheels, so does a motorcycle as the invented later word was taken literally as a bridge from the original associating word. Hence it is just a bicycle that has a motor added like the name suggests. If new law is trying to diassociate a motorcycle from bicycle as from what it is and on the road, it should be called a new word to clearly symbolise its independant seperate disassociation from bicycle and law so it can not be literally confused, as it is words and its interpretation of these words that make up law.

    Until then, I think one would have a legal argument beating the infringement if argued correctly in court.

    By the way I am not a lawyer.
  14. Interesting point...

    Is it illegal to carry a small internal combustion motor in a backpack on a bicycle? Is it illegal to strap said motor to the frame of the bicycle, even though it is not operating? Is it illegal to ride a bicycle in that lane without pedaling (eg coasting?) To that end, is it illegal to turn of a motorcycle engine and coast in the same fashion? Is it illegal to attach pedals to your motorcycle, turn off the engine and pedal in bike lanes? Would carrying a bicycle on your motorcycle make your journey legitimate?

    All questions that a police officer would just love to discuss while writing a ticket I'd bet :LOL:
  15. I find using the tram line quicker than bike lanes anyway, bloody cars keep blocking them and opening thier doors :grin:
  16. well that's one modification that never crossed my mind...