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Bicycle lanes in Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Boomer, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. I ride regularly along Nepean Highway, and then I go down Queens Road and then on to Lakeside Drive to get to work in the CBD. Four out of five days a week, the traffic is banked back (on Lakeside Drive) to where Queens Road intersects with it.

    I just go down the bicycle lane to avoid the traffic. Yes, I'm aware it is illegal, but I still do it anyway (like filtering at traffic lights). If a bicycle is in the lane ahead, I slow down and move back into traffic and then jump back into the lane once I've passed.

    For the first time in my two years of riding, the other day a push bike rider got really pis*ed at me for using the bike lane and yelled out "OI, MATE, THIS IS A BIKE LANE!!!", I just rode off and he tried catching up to me (not a chance), in order to give me a lecture I'm guessing.

    I just wanted to know if any other Netrider members use bike lanes to their advantage where possible if the traffic is banked up?
  2. I'm all for rabbiting on about this subject an' all (please help me :roll: ), but really, there's another thread on it that's barely cooled down yet. Might be better to tack your thoughts on the end of that one, 'cause I doubt we're got the energy for a new thread :wink:
  3. Leather > Lycra.
  4. boomer I used to do it untill I got a fine, trust me you will get caught. Learn to filter.
  5. He can't filter on that road as on the right hand side of the cars is a double white line.

    The road is one lane each way with a bike lane to the left.
  6. Boomer i to use bike lanes when i cant split/filter on the other side. I always give the tour de france wannabes right of way and get out of their way etc. I say stuff them its my car and bike registration that paid for that bit of bitumen and white line not their push bike registration...ohhh thats right they dont have any form of regulation do they, yet they are aloud to do what ever they like on the roads.. If one of them had a go at me id remind them of this and if they still insisted on arguing the point they might find themselves copping a face full of kelvar knuckles.

    i hate push bikes ever since one them scratched and knocked my electric mirror off my supra in traffic (they were spliting) and didnt stop... I had no chance of catching him either.. dam those bikes!!!!
  7. I can't wait to meet you on my pushy! :jerk:

    I have 3 registered vehicles also, not that it makes any difference, that's not where road funding comes from!

    Regulation, we have the same as you do, as far as the law is concerned my pushy is a vehicle just like your motorbike and I am supposed to obey the law just as you are.

    You better make the first one with your kevlar knuckles a good one, coz you won't get a second chance!
    Boo F#cking hoo, one cyclist scratched your ricer machine, so lets hate all of them. I bet no Motorbike rider has ever damaged a car whilst splitting and ridden off.......Oh hang on, if you use the search button you'll find a number of them here!

    You are no different to the ignorant cager who believes motorbikes have no place on the roads. Learn the road rules!
  8. Lol @ triway

    Note to self - never pi$s u off...
  9. Damn right. Generalisations of bicycle riders, motorcyclists or anyone for that matter make me pretty angry. I'm sure there are some stupid motorcyclist that other motorcyclists don't want to be associated/grouped with. I ride a push bike to work (for now anyway) and I'm a nice guy if you wanna give me a chance, I ride safely and to the rules :) I don't wear lycra either though haha!

    But really, triway said it best.
  10. I've been on my pushy on the bike lane and had bikes come up behind me, merge, move in front, and go back on the bike line again.

    I don't mind this so long as you don't pass within a whisker of me (I'm very unstable), or sit in front of me at the lights, pouring out smoke onto me and my pushbike.

    At the end of the day, its everyone bitumen. I've used the bike lane on my motorbike to avoid traffic before, I just try not to inconvenience any bicyclists.

    Having said that, I've met some 'pro' cyclists who are very protective of their 'turf'. :jerk:
    Sounds like the OP met one of those...
  11. Isn't the strip between the double whilte lines called the "bikers lane"? :LOL:

    Seriously tho, double lines mean jack if you're lane splitting correctly as you're not supposed to be crossing any lines but remaining in the same lane as the vehicle you're passing..... :?
  12. What I'd like to know is this: at what point did someone decide that your average joe's bicycle - that they ride on the roads and never go racing on - would be cooler without mudguards to the point that none seem to have any these days? I mean is it cooler to look like you've got a big shit streak up your butt crack and halfway up your back if you're riding on a wet or dirty road on the way to work?

    Sorry to be off topic - but as I came up behind this guy the other day who had what looked like an enormous brown explosive accident in his lycra pants, I wondered why mudguards dropped out of favour completely on bicycles. :?
  13. Wow. first thing first. There ARE definet w@#kers on pushbikes full stop.But I must say that as a regular biker (pushy), people rideing a pushy cop the most crap. I very often almost get run down by crazy motorists Especialy taxis, People always swing there doors into bike lanes without looking, and even pple on Mbikes rev the tits off their wheels for attention leaving smoke stuff all over my face. I can name another 5 things that suck, but hey. . .
    Yet i still obey road rules, am polite give way etc. . .

    RANT officially over (whew)
  14. No doubt! As there are on motorbikes, in cars, trucks, trains, pedestrians........all walks of life.
  15. in nsw we can use the bus and transit lanes, not sure about bike lanes, I park in the bike parking area at my local shopping centre, they dont have motorbike specific parking , and its a waist if i take a whole car space up when i can park in the bike bay which is in front of the door and ive harly seen many push bike park there

    btw, what about the bus lanes with the red/speed camera looking things, ive not been game to ride past those, do they flash for bikes??
  16. Sounds like you're taking the wrong route wherever you're heading. There's always an alternative that's split-friendly.
  17. Triway
    sorry but i'm actaully not arguing with you at all.
    I agree with wat u said

    anyway, one thing thats confusing is . . i thing its called stkilda junction, near albert park (and dandenong rd), the bike lane turns into the middle lane of heavy traffic with buses trucks trams cars (and motorbikes) doing i think 70
    it gets scary . . so wat i'm saying is that i have to share lanes with traffic mentioned above, but i live with it
    (when (rarely) a sensible Motorbike comes in the bike lane i enjoy the company) i think its fun
  18. Yeah I know, that's cool, I was just elaborating on what you said a bit :wink:
  19. Ah well, once more into the breach...

    Confessions of a closet Pedaler.

    I have to admit it. For the last two months I've been doing the occasional commute on the UNpowered Two Wheeler (Lawd, hear me!). Not a new thing - I did it for ten years when I was younger. Thought I'd given up for good but ye never know yer own weakness, do ye?

    Anyway, it's interesting to see how things have changed. First off, the ATTITUDE! F$%^ me, it's war out there! The cagers absolutely f$%^n' HATE the cyclists nowadays. And the cyclists... well most of them pretty much hate EVERYONE. Other cyclists, m/cyclists, cagers, peds.. the lot. Some of these guys (it's nearly always the guys) hardly draw breath between hurling abuse at anyone within a ten metre radius.

    I'm learning to stay right out of the way of the fast guys - they'll chop you up just for fun it seems. I'm also learning that soft-roaders and small hatches are a hazard at any left turn.

    Speaking of which. What Einstein decided it's a good idea to put marked cycle lanes to the left of the left turn lanes? I mean, do they actually WANT to get people killed???

    I dunno. I'll keep doing it I s'pose (it'll prolly be compulsory before long), but I have to admit I feel waaaay safer on the moto. These poor saps have got it tough. Have pity.

    I'll still slip into the 'two wheel lane' from time to time (fines or not), but I'll get the hell out of their way if I possibly can.
  20. I do my best to not impede ANYONE when im on the bike, sure i split and very occasionally use the bike lane, but only for short periods, usually when some cager wont stay in there lane.

    I feel for people that have bikes with pedals on them, so i stay outa their way.