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Bicycle lane filtering

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by llamaboy, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Fellow motorcyclists, if you intend to use the bicycle lane don't ride slower than the pushy behind you!

    That is all.

  2. That's some dangerous riding by the pushbike rider, tailgating and flying between stationary cars, all it takes is someone to open a door. The motorcyclist was doing the right thing by going slow.
  3. The cyclist was too aggressive, especially in moving traffic. I get the feeling the cyclist hasn't yet figured out who actually gets hurt when things go wrong.
  4. I wonder what he would have done if he had come up behind a slow cyclist?
  5. That guy (the cyclist) will come unstuck soon, then it'll be some car drivers fault...
  6. I think the cyclist just wanna prove a point 'that's MY lane and get the f**k out of here'.

    It's dangerous going >30km/hr on Chapel St. I've had a few close call with cars pulling out and jaywalkers.
  7. Ahhh Chapel Street! Cyclists should have gunned it up the middle on the painted island! That's what I used to do in my high school days = much quicker [& safer]! \\:D/
    As for the moto man, he would have been like "ding ding - WTFBBQ was that!?" :-s

    To all you :angel: how many times have you cracked it at cars blocking your 'filtering, right-of-way?'

  8. Moron cyclists, motorcyclists, cagers....
    Is there really any difference?
  9. Hold on, you guys are criticising the cyclist for getting held up in HIS OWN LANE. I think he's got every right to be annoyed at the rider. I'd say that anyone on a bike dragging their foot like that doesn't have the skills for some slow riding with that much traffic around, in a bicycle lane, at peak hour, when it's dark. He did will to pass him at the safest moment after ringing the bell and getting the attention of the rider.

    Titus, if he'd come up behind a slow cyclist, he probably would've done the same, except the cyclist would've heard him sooner, allowing him to pass earlier.
  10. I think the speedo was reading like 25km/h?

    I could pull up in an emergency in a few meters on my pushy at that speed.

    Motorcyclist should have ****ed off out of the way.

    Pushy rider clearly had some good gear and was serious about it. Don't mistake jerky camera work for jerky riding.

    As a cyclist you also know exactly how much room you have everywhere. Small gaps are actually gaping holes in many cases.

    anyway... i'm biased. feel free to have a go; i'm comfortable with the size of my gentleman sausage.
  11. Interesting replies. Swap "cyclist" for motorcyclists and the replies could easily be from cagers talking about us riders. Even I thought "and then cyclists complain about drivers opening doors on them etc" but that would be no different to a driver making a negative comment about something I might do on a motorcycle, which looks dangerous to them but in my opinion is fine. Matter of perspective, and a perspective on something you are not experienced with isn't always accurate.
  12. As I am a regular 'slow' cyclist, I reckon your right, but would he still have posted a vid on Youtube and cracked the sads?
  13. Had i the video of it i probably would :D

    slow cyclists piss me off to no end when I am cycling. If i didn't know i was physically superior to them due to my speed, i would probably run them off the road and break their spindley little cyclist legs.

    And kick their mirror in if they have one.
  14. How embarrassment.
  15. I agree with Deadsy about the mix of opinions on this one being interesting.

    Personally, I've got no problem with motorcyclists using bike lanes, so long as they understand that, when we do use them, we're taking a liberty, and should therefore fit in and give way to the treadlies where ever necessary. I occasionally find myself needing to pull into a gap between stationary cars so that the faster of them can get by. (I'm not worried about me personally, but I'd prefer not to risk damaging my pride and joy by going faster than I think safe.)

    Personally, I dislike it when people on push-bikes expect pedestrians to give way to them on bikepaths (which aren't actually 'bikepaths' (which is a colloquialism); they are are shared footways). People on bikes should give way or go around, dinging bell or no dinging bell. It's unconscionable for a person on a bike to hit a pedestrian under any circumstances, and they should behave as such.

    By extension, it's unconscionable for a motorcycle (or car, for that matter) to hit a bike in a bike lane. Use the lane if you want to filter, but make sure you fit yourself in around what the treadlies are doing and don't get in their way. Simple.
  16. I've been guilty of exploring 'shared footways' on a trailbike, which I realise is a no-no, so I did it in a very conservative, quiet, cautious way, but the level of angst this can generate in some cyclists goes beyond reason. I had one old bloke who I wasn't sure whether he was going to try and tackle me mid tirade or just expire from heart failure.
  17. The cyclist is flying between stationary cars? And the cyclist is speeding and the motorcylcist is going slow? Funny I thought they were both going through the same gaps and the cyclist was keeping the same speed behind the motobike?
  18. So long as you're not dangerous or cause an obstruction, more power to you, I say. Take the liberty, but be circumspect about how you do it. ;)

    I got pulled over riding up the tram lines (no more than 30m) going north along Swanston street toward Melbourne Uni about 8 weeks ago. I was a bit pissed off about it at the time. I wasn't dangerous, I didn't cause an obstruction, and said so. No use, but at least the officer didn't lecture me; just quietly give me the ticket after running a check on my licence and the bike's rego.

    It's not going to stop me riding up the tramlines when I see fit to do so, but it got me thinking about fine. The only reason the tramlines are a useful avenue for filtering is because there is a law against it and cars tend not to clog it up. I'd have preferred not to get fined, but it's part of the system that affords me the opportunity to take the liberty of using the tramlines in the first place. Thinking of it that way kinda mellowed me out about the whole expensive episode.
  19. Cyclist should have grabbed a handful of pillion arse. Would have sped them up a little bit.
  20. +1, I knew those replies sounded familiar...