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Bicycle flashing red light

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by munecito, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. I'm about to finish working for today and I'm going to do something to increase the chances of being seen. I found one of those blinking lights that are used for push bike riding at night time and I'm going to wear it attached to my back pack.

    I'll let you guys how it goes, hopefully I won't have that many cars stoping so close to me and my bike.

    Be seen be safe.

  2. Good idea!


    And only £6.00!
  3. If you really want to be seen strap one to the back of your helmet . :)
  4. It was attached by its clip to the top center of my backpack so it was just below the helmet.

    I have to say that I noticed that people stoped before and didn´t get that close, all but one f***g taxi who was over the line on a bend while overtaking me and one idiot that was a bit too close when it started to rain.

    I´m going to keep doing it and studying the drivers´s behaviour. It was nice to have extra room when being overtook and when stopping at traffic lights.

    I´m going to see if I can adapt one of these to the top box instead of a braking light. That way I can keep it blinking while in motion.

  5. I'd be careful of the boys in blue on that ....

    I'm prtty sure the only vehicles that are "allowed" to have flashing red lights are emergency services ones .....

    Yea, it makes you more visible, but pretty sure it will also make youa target of the law ....

    Here's te RTA Doco on it ....

    Nice work on staying visible ! - good thinking - but......

  6. I thought the same, & dosent matter whether they are flashing or constant
    but I have seen websites selling ones that attach to your helmet as well so
    who knows.

  7. I don´t think these rules apply to those bicycles flashing lights or they wouldn´t be compulsory for push bikes at night time.

    Taken from the RTA Website ( http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/roadsafety/bicycles/makingitsafertocycle/bicyclesafety/cyclingrules.html )

    I just sent an email to the RTA asking them to clarify it for me, in the mean time I will continue wearing it.

    The only reason I can think of for them to forbid us from wearing those lights is that we may be taken by a bicycle, but I think this is an advantage because people usually give more room to the pushbike riders than to the motorbike riders because they see them as being more vulnerable than us.

    I rode past a police car tonight, a RBT point on the side of the road and was waiting at a set of traffic lights beside a paddy wagon and they didn´t seem unconfortable about my blinking light.

  8. Not talking about lights when riding a bicycle, but rathar lights on a vehicle
    ie. car, motorbike.
  9. Yeh theyre not bad, & a cheap mod if you like turning heads yvtr_rida :)
  10. That seems to say that you can't fit flashing lights to your vehicle that would make it appear as something it's not, say a cop car.
    That's fair enough.
    I don't think a motorcycle rider with a small, flashing, clip-on, bicycle style, red light would have much to fear with one attached to their body.

    If you were on a new white BMW and had a big one mounted on the back then they might want to speak with you.

  11. Everytime I hit my brakes my engine lights up bright red - wonder if I can get in trouble for that? :) There's also a few leds near my exhaust, and a blue and red in the instrument panel to add a tint to the speedo & tacho...

    It was one of my "I have nothing to do this weekend" projects.
  12. I think you'll find those flashing bicycle head & tail lights are illegal to use on bicycles as well.

    The Police had a blitz a last year pulling over bikes in Swanston Walk in the dark and doing them for no head and tail lights even though they had flashing versions fitted :-k
  13. MAybe in Melbourne, I quoted this before and was taken from the RTA NSW website:


  14. You can get similar bicycle lights except with green flashing LEDs btw. I got mine from the local bike shop.
  15. Here's a link to the VicRoads site for all in VIC. http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/NR/rdonlyres/451879D4-E733-4D0D-B380-FA898A51341E/0/VSI12.pdf

    Motorbikes are not permitted to even carry yellow flashing or rotating lights. (Ag bikes may get an exemption) I think the main issue is more to do with ADR comp and flashing red lights. Some cars have them in Europe but they are not allowed on Aust roads (yet) I think its a great idea until everyone does it and they wont stand out as much then.

  16. I still think that even if everybody uses them and they become a common sight they will still be more eye catching than steady red lights.

    Also remember that most of the bikes only have one red light at the back and as I said after someone has been following you for a while, the red light will become less and less noticeable.

  17. I know that some Euro cars automatically turn the hazard flashers on if you do a crash stop. Is that what you're referring to?
  18. I think they refer to flashing or warning lights like the ones on service cars. Check this out:


    So with this piece of info you could argue with the guys in blue about the device.

  19. It's still referring to a yellow light.
  20. No depending on break peddle pressure the break lights will either flash or be lit as usual. I think Merc are undergoing ADR at the moment.