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Bicycle ads on TV

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Don't know if it's just a NSW thing, but I've noticed in the last couple of days that there is a new ad on the Telly promoting Bicycle awareness.

    It starts off you can only see the peoples faces and they're bitching about each other. It's made to look like a soapie argument. Then the camera pans back to a wider shot and you can see it's a cager and a cyclist arguing at traffic lights. They end their argument with "Well I guess we'll just have to learn to get along." Then the usual "Watch out for bicycles..." from the V/O guy.

    Why am I posting this? I'm posting this because I wanna know why the bloody hell aren't there ANY ads on the Telly promoting Motorcycle awareness??? If the Bicycle people can get their shit together, why can't someone from a Motorcycle peak body get their act together and do something similar??
  2. if we could organise to have 6 or 7 sexy female motorcyclists run over by a car and at least one killed it might help. that's what got the ball rolling for the bicycle campaign.
  3. JDK.....................

    where are you???? This one's right up your alley.
  4. There were the "put yourself in their shoes" (or something like that) ads a year or 2 ago.

    The ones where the cager and rider swap places...
  5. +1

    We could do it, couldn't we? Or at least talk to the MRA and say "Hey, can we do this?".
  6. Well in VIC cyclist get 72 million too, while motorcyclist get to pay additional $50 ;)
  7. That's still going, saw it just a couple of weeks ago.
  8. I saw the ad. for the first time a few nights ago. As the ad. was rolling im thinking why hasnt the TAC included bikes..?

    The answer comes at the end of the ad. - the ad. was produced by the Amy Gillet Foundation. The TAC should wake up and use our levy to produce a similar ad. for motorcycles.
  9. I'm pretty sure the "Put yourself in their shoes" ads (in VIC) were funded at least in part through the levy. I seem to recall VMAC had some input in the development (but I may be mistaken).
  10. Maybe we are talking about 2 different ad's?

    The one i saw had a big Amy Gillet Foundation banner/logo fade in at the end..
  11. Er, yes we are. I was refering to the TAC ad Gromit was talking about earlier in the thread. By which I mean that (Vic) TAC has (I think) been using the levy money to similar effect.
    BTW. NSW people wouldn't have seen that TAC ad.
  12. The TAC "Put yourself in their shoes" ads are still being run. Problem is that they are usually run between mid-night and 6am, and even then, usually when MotoGP and WSBK are on, so the audience is already motorcycle aware.

    Who does the time programming for these ads anyway?
  13. I'm here - I'm powerless.

    Its all about "funding" really.

    The bicycle lobby have got their shit together and have raised the cash to get these ads produced. They do it by effective lobbying - without letting internal grudges take over. Have a look at BV web site to see what I mean.

    In the meantime, we (the motorcycle community) argue amongst ourselves and generally just can't come to a common agreement to give financial support to one organization - that can go out and pull it all together.

    If we all stopped bitching about the MRAA etc - maybe we too would be able to have a TV Ad campaign like this.....

    Yep - guys you [we] get what you deserve :p :p :mad: :evil:
  14. Just a thought,

    In Road fatalities both the motor cyclist's and bicycle riders are over represented.

    Even though there will not be a direct benefit from this advertising. There will be an indirect benefit, in that if motorist's are more aware of bicyclist's they may just also notice a motorcyclist's every now and then.

    We can only hope. Although everyone who has posted is correct, there should be more awarness campaigns in relation to motor cycles.
  15. In terms of putting these ads on at stupid times:
    When you buy ad space on a commercial station (Seriously, heh) how much you pay directly relates to when the ad is shown. TV stations have different blocks of time wherin differnt groups of ads are shown, eg: primetime, morning (When the kids are watching), afterhours, news time etc etc.
    You want your ad to be on at primetime and news? You gotta pay then brotha. A lot.
    Thats why gov ads are sparce and rarely in prime time...unless its an election....
  16. Motorcycling Australia (the soon to be RACV of motorcycling) will do it shortly .. you heard it here first :)
  17. Have a look at the Letters to the Editor in todays's Herald Sun.

    Three letters printed, sent in by the Bicycle lobby - under the heading "Gas is finite, give bikes a better go".

    Is it any wonder that we are left so far out of the race - as to be laughable :( :?: Where are your letters guys? Or didn't you even give the effort any thought....?

    So Motorcycling Australia is trying to do (take over) what the MRA (supposedly) has failed to do so far?

    I recall attending a meeting between the MRAA and Motorcycling Australia, on exactly the same matter way back in 1999. They promised to do a lot of things way back then - and then failed dismally when they discovered how difficult it turned out to be.

    Aren't Motorcycling Australia a "Competition based organization"? How are they going to go about taking an interest in non-competition based issues? Are their members going to be happy to fund things like this? Hmmm - me thinks not - and I know that they have been working on the idea for some time - and are yet to pull it all together - so, I think it will be a long wait :( until we hear about it....

    Pleeeesss...... forgive my sceptisism :LOL: :LOL: :p :p
  18. The Amy Gillet foundation have "Amy's ride" to raise funds, what does the MRAA have to raise funds for itself/it's cause?
  19. The MRA don't have a run for "themselfs"
    There are to busy helping everyone else.

    MRA receives funding from joining members.
    You want to help get Ads get better awareness, BECOME A MEMBER!!!

    The more members, the more numbers we have to push when issues arrive. $45.00 a year won't kill you.

    All board members are NON paid, they give up there free time to help the MRA and other important issues.
    Many ordinary members help donate there free time.

    They help out with other "groups/clubs/organisations" rides
    Pink Ribbon, Blue Ribbon, Cystic fibrosis, motorcycle expo..
    Why don't these guys pay them for there help for the day?
    After all the MRA members who marshal for the day do it to HELP>
    Why don't they help the MRA in return?

    Toy Run costs the MRA over $40,000 a year to run.
    Just think last year 17,000 bikes attending if they all paid ONE DOLLAR thats $17,000 the MRA can use to help push motorcycle issues.

    GP Ride SOME funding is put up by Casey Council.

    Like everything people winge but won't put there money where there mouth is.
    Ok so you have no free time to volunteer ok granted many people don't
    YOUR $45.00 will help.

    Every members helps....
  20. Begs the question the "why not?"

    Doesn't encourage me to join a body who spend their/my money helping people other than it's members.