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Bias between Sports and cruisers?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fa1c0n, Mar 11, 2011.

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  1. G'day.

    Well, I ride a small cruiser (VL250) and every time i see i sports bike i think "silly sports bike, cruisers are better." also i feel rather jelous at how much easyer it is for them to lanesplit! :p

    anyway - What do sports bike riders think when they see cruisers?

    Id love to come rider with you lot or go to a coffee meet or something but it seems that the majority of you ride sports bikes?

    Long story short - Do sports bike riders think there better than cruisers?](*,)
  2. yes we are !
    seriusly come on a thursday night ride theres a good mix of bikes and every ones friendly and helpfull
  3. I see.

    Is thursday nice and fast?

    Oh what the average age of riders on here btw?
  4. between 18 and 55 anything from 250 cruesers to litre sports its not too fast more intermediate ride tec will allways sweep behind you so you wont get left behind a few breaks to re group av length 150k its afun night not too serius good bunch of people
  5. :p i dont think tec will have to worry lol....

    The idea was that i dont particulaly want to be sitting behind a massivly slow leader.

    That being said, obviously a 250 cruiser cant hammer like a Gixxer, however in my "class" of rider/bike i can bring it :p lol!
  6. maybe you could lead then lol come along and try it costs nothing but time
  7. Almost every time I've heard someone say that before a ride, I've usually ended up having to help them pick up the pieces of their bike.
  8. Lol. I have not intention of being a "hoon".

    Hopefully you dont need to pick up my parts. :p
  9. You don't have to be a "hoon" to be overconfident.

    If it's your first group ride just settle in and get some practice keeping a safe distance from the bike in front, riding in formation, etc. before you go trying to pass everyone.
  10. I don't think anything of any other bike riders, i love the look of sports bikes, hence my plan to get one off my own and ride (currently riding a CBR250RR on loan), but i love the relaxed feel of cruisers as well, so i am torn between the two.

    "and i really enjoyed zipping around on scooters in Thailand" - but i didn't say that out loud. hehehehe

    Then again i am new to riding and probably have a love for all bikes, even Harley's, :p, I'd love to own a Chopper too.
  11. This is why naked bikes exist.. Someone needs to bridge the gap...

    love the way you only see cruisers and sports bikes. ;)
  12. Yeah and dual purpose (me), trail, mopeds, the list goes on and on......
    According to some we don't belong... :roll:
  13. Sorry joe, didn't mean to leave you out too mate ;)
  14. "Ahh, what a shiny bling-bling goes, it costs helluva lot!"
  15. Yes, you are not the first to think that something that is slow, heavy, loud but without note with rubbish handling and can't filter is somehow "better" than other bikes which don't have any of those problems. Your sewing machine would be the epitome of all those (except the noise).
  16. I dont make any distinction between types of bikes, all I see is others like me out there on two wheels having a good time.
  17. #18 modern_ninja, Mar 11, 2011
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    Plowin', plowin', plowin,' keep that tractor plowin, RAWHIDE!!!!

    [URL="]Youtube Explains All[/URL]

    In so far as sports bikes being better than cruiser? Depends on what you are doing. Twisties? Hell yes. City riding? Pretty much the same... Both have their low/high points. Long distance stuff? Cruisers by a long shot.
  18. Ah, where did you get the idea that cruisers can't "filter"

    We can and we do,

    Having said that, I reckon if money was no object I could find room in my shed for just about one or two of everything, everything except a scoot that is.
  19. Where'd you get the idea that cruisers are comfortable over long distances.
    I'll take a sports-tourer or sporty naked any day.
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