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Biaggi to leave MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Biaggi looks to superbike
    From correspondents in Rome
    January 12, 2006

    FOUR-time world motorcycling champion Max Biaggi has quit MotoGP after failing to patch up his differences with Honda.

    Biaggi, who has been eclipsed by compatriot Valentino Rossi in recent years, said he is now looking at competing in the world superbike championships and is currently in talks with Kawasaki.

    "I have been put in this terrible situation by Honda and as a consequence I won't participate in MotoGP in 2006," he said.

    "Now I am looking at superbikes. I have always appreciated this category, I also have a few friends in there and they have all my respect. So I am considering this opportunity as a very good one.

    "The difficulties grow as time passes though, in light of the fact that since December 15 we have been trying to reach an agreement with Kawasaki."

    Biaggi's chances of seriously challenging Rossi last year were scuppered by a broken leg in pre-season and he ended the campaign in fifth position.

    Two second-place finishes were his best results and he only made the podium twice in the first seven races, six of which were won by Ross

    Taken from http://foxsports.news.com.au/story/0,8659,17799172-23770,00.html
  2. ...and if he keeps whingeing his dumb head off in the SBK, we should see him in a 3.grade team in bucket-racing next year.
    About time someone kicked him outta there....
  3. Big sook. Can't win in MotoGP, not even with the backing of the best team in the business, so looking to go somewhere else where he thinks he might.
  4. No lose :eek: leaves room for younger blood :grin:
  5. ... and there was much rejoicing :grin:
  6. Some glorious understatements and quotable quotes there....

    eclipsed by compatriot Valentino Rossi in recent years

    how about 'from day one'?

    I have been put in this terrible situation by Honda

    how about 'I had the best bike in the paddock and couldn't ride it out of sight on a dark night, and they got sick of pouring money into a lost cause'?

    I also have a few friends

    Sorry, that was out of context, and a cheap shot !:grin:

    The difficulties grow as time passes though

    That happens to us all, but if we claim to be the greatest thing since sliced bread and consistently fail to deliver, we make our own difficulties

    And, yeah, I know, he's a better rider than me. But I'm not paid millions to ride and no-one expects anything of me.
  7. Except 50 posts per day :LOL:
  8. Pay me and I'll post more :LOL:
  9. In some ways this is a loss - MotoGP loses a pretty huge character, even if he is kinda the bad guy/whinger/serial chips-down crasher.

    The cheer when Biaggi went down at Phillip Island was almost as big as the one when Rossi crossed the line.
  10. Ahhh, that's too bad. I"ll remember him for his exciting duels with Rossi in 99-2000 season. When there were 2 strokes 500cc bikes, and the racing was close b\t the pair [plus the rivalery in the press and off the track].

    But it's time to move on.... u'll be missed Biaggi.
  11. I sorta like Max, it will be good for the sport to see him in super bikes. As it will Troy. No doubt there must be many good young riders out there.
    I find it interesting to see the young Ozzies getting a ride.
    I also appreciate Rossies skill, but it does get a little boring cos he wins all tha time. To the point that a number of guys, myself included, turn it off when ya can see he is going to win.
    Nothing like competition to keep you on the edge of tha seet
    Moto GP & Super Bikes will be interesting &
    lets not forget the 600, a few Australian's in there as well.
    Its guna be great.
  12. Max has not signed yet...Here in Italy it's sometihing like a soap opera, "Max Biaggi's future"...Now, he's talking about going to drive car in DTM... :roll: :roll: :roll:
  13. Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra Official Press Release n°1; Alleur, 31st January 2006

    With reference to many articles in the press and the media , Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra would like to confirm the names of their riders for 2006:

    World SBK Championship :
    Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra (with official GSX-R1000 Suzukis)
    Troy CORSER (AUS) (2005 World Superbike Champion)
    Yukio KAGAYAMA (J)

    Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra Italy
    Fabien FORET (FR) (unofficial GSX-R1000 Suzuki prepared by Team Alstare)

    Superstock 600 Championship :
    Xavier SIMEON (BEL)

    :oops: :oops: :oops:
  14. yep, maxine ain't gonna be around in superbikes. you've got to admit he's brought it all on himself - despite his abilities. Sometimes you've just got to give up the b/s and admit you weren't good enough. Max (and sete) never seem to be able to reach this level though, its always "we" had a problem qualifying, or "we" couldn't find the pace on race day, or "we" had an unfortunate incident where "we" forgot to go around the corner. :roll:
    Bring on the young fellas.