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Biaggi, Gibernau and Stoner

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by vaughan coburn, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. Valentino is that good that these blokes either defer to superbikes, retire or blame broken wrists.

  2. Opinions are like assholes, we all have one. All I know is that yours smells like one.
  3. Wow, that's a lame troll VC.

    A broken wrist is nothing to sneeze at by the way. Had one?
  4. If you understood motorcycle racing then I am certain that you would not have made that pathetic comment.
    Where is Tarneit?

  5. Two actually......... at the same time...........girlfriend had to wipe my bum.
  6. So let me get this... you couldn't wipe your own bum, but you're sticking it to Stoner for having come 2nd and lower due to having a broken wrist... and that's meant to be put down???

    Ok Vaughn. Obviously you've hit the sauce early tonight. Enjoy.
  7. And when exactly did you retire from MotoGP VC ?
    Perhaps you can help em to HTFU :roll:

  8. Does that make a difference to my original post you expert!!!????
  9. Tarneit can easily be located using a map champ. Now let me bow down before you while you bag out MotoGP riders that have battled Rossi. So pray tell why is your opinion correct and mine is not?
  10. No no...not at all. Stoner, if you recall did not congratulate Vale at the press conference for the public to see.
    He has no idea of tactics or race craft. How many times has he won from behind compared to Rossi.....please tell me.
    He is a front runner until Vale gets up his exhaust pipe then he does a Biaggi or Gibernau.....why not admit the facts. Rossi and Stoner on the same bike........may as well have the races an hour apart.

  11. Two reasons

    1. Your opinion is based on patroitism and not facts.

    2. You have no clue about motorcycle racing.

    There are more.

    Want them?
  12. But VC, I know about MC racing, and I still think you are trolling...you silly old turkey.
    Sour grapes ol' buddy. And remember when lloydie gave it to your bro? i was but a wee chap, however, we lol'd.
    now bugger off and take your dementia pills.
    ...yesterdays hero!
  13. On the subject of broken bones, Vaughan, I had a long talk to Greg Johnstone the other day about Warren's AND Tom Herron's crashes, interesting eye-witness account :).
  14. Can't argue with the facts. However, at least Moaner took it up to (& beat) Vale. And when he did, Vale took it like the great sportsman that he is & sung Moaners praises.
    The thing with Moaner is that he never acknowledges Vale when he gets beaten, pants down. He quickly congratulates Vale (through gritted teeth)but follows up with a "but the front end/my wrist/too windy/Vale came too close, etc...."
  15. Errr? Great, sounds like you know me real well. There's clearly no point entertaining a discussion with you.

    Oh, stoner never congratulated rossi? Not even just after they crossed the finish line in Motegi? *shrugs* but what would I know about motorcycle racing....

  16. Nice tatts......is that your claim to fame? Please excuse my ignorance but who is lloydy?

    I doubt very much if anyone could give it to my "little bro" either of them.

  17. Not being picky Paul......it is Greg Johnson mate.
  18. You're right, so it is :oops:. It was nice to meet him after so many years.....
  19. I'm glad you enjoy the art, as I do. Yesterdays hero.
    You know what I'm talking about, but that's just water under the bridge now, eh? ;)

  20. I would much rather be a has been than a never was.........I am sure that you get my drift. Nice tatts.
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