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BGW - Bike Gear Warehouse

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Okay so I have started chasing some small parts for the repair to my bike

    I emailed BGW to ask if they sell replacement derilen pucks for the axle block sliders I have - as there was no need for the whole unit I just needed to replace the plastic bit.

    BGW customer service manager advised me by email that Driven do not offer a replacement puck - in other words have to buy a whole new set of axle block sliders from them at $109.

    I thought this strange as the puck would be the consumable part and the total unit comes in two pieces - the puck and the mounting axle blocks ( see picture )

    I searched the Driven website and guess what - they offer the plastic pucs in a pair for $US18.95


    So do we have an honest mistake here by BGW from lack of knowledge of their product or do we have an attempt to make be buy something I do not need taking advantage of the fact I had a crash ?

    In summary - the moral of the story is - never take the first answer you receive as being "gospel" - dig a little deeper.

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  2. Could be an honest mistake and this is certainly not directed at BGW who I've never purchased from - but my experience with Aus retail stores (across most industries) is that you do not often get the service you expect.

    I know its not possible to know everything about an item especially when/if you stock thousands of items but surely they can make some effort to verify the information they provide regardless of whether its a $2 item or a $200 item. As you said takamii just visiting the manufaturers site was enough to get an answer - there is nothing too complex about that.

    If you are meant to do all the research yourself especially on the net you're likely to come across someone selling the item you're after at a cheaper price than a local store. Obviously Aus retail is facing greater competition from overseas and unless their product knowledge/service increases they are going to lose further sales.

    At the moment the way many seem to be operating in the m/c arena is that they see themselves more as convenience stores in that they can charge a premium for providing an item now rather than the customer having to wait for products to arrive by post. I think its a poor model and at least me for one am prepared to pay a premium when sales staff are able to impart some genuine knowledge about an item and provide assistance in locating a product that actually meets my need.

    Sorry end of rant
  3. I'd just do a quick email.
    'Thank you for your response. A quick search revealed that Driven do offer replacement pucks. In future I will source parts from more knowledgeable retailers. Regards'

    I don't doubt it was intentionally misleading. If a sales person thinks you haven't done your research they will always screw you. Same goes for tradies, mechanics, service providers... ...
  4. I did that and sent a copy to drivens international division manager
  5. I'd say it was an honest mistake. I have dealt with them quite a bit, and they have given me honest answers that have lost them sales before. It could be either lack of product knowledge, This is a relatively new thing that the manufacturer is doing and didn't put any effort into advising stockists, or it is even possible that the manufacturer doesn't offer replacements to stockists, and only does it direct through themselves and selected partner companys
  6. I have dealt with them many times and I can't fault them personally (no affiliation).

    But as with any shop/company someone will come in and get the best service and then the next person might get the worst. You can't keep everyone happy.

    But it definitely was poor by the sounds of things, no excuses for that, you (as a sales rep) either know the answer or you find out.
  7. Could be they don't bother stocking them. I know there are spare parts we don't bother stocking (different industry) due to cost, lack of sales etc.
  8. I was buying most of my gear from BGW if they stocked it rather then getting it myself from oversea's but due to a rather shoddy experience that dragged on for nearly 4 months I am back to getting stuff direct again to save on hassle.

    This sounds a lot like a case of well I don't stock replacement puks therefore I tell people they don't make em.
  9. I once bought a set of pipes from BGW that didn't fit. Called and emailed and never got anywhere with them.

    Ended up getting abit handy with an angle grinder to fix my problem
  10. I actually took a run down to them this weekend to change a jacket that came through far too large for me (shocking I know hehe)... they were very cool about it. Maybe helped I bought some boots they had on sale as well lol
  11. BGW customer service manager advised me by email that Driven do not offer a replacement puck - in other words have to buy a whole new set of axle block sliders from them at $109.

    I thought this strange as the puck would be the consumable part and the total unit comes in two pieces.

    I had a lot worse than that with THE SAME customer service manager .
    I wanted to buy a pair of boots and because the sizes on the site were US (on a AU site?) I got the wrong size. I asked to exchange and I was charged $22 for re - stocking and $14 for postage. When after 5 days a started sending emails asking for updates I got this from the customer service manager :

    I was going to write a lengthy email outlining our 99.5% customer satisfaction & hundreds of commendations but then I thought why waste my time with the 0.5%
    Of unreasonable customers that are unable to understand the simplest of procedures even though they are boldly outlined so as even the most illiterate
    Could understand, well maybe not the most illiterate obviously. I might suggest that we create a special section on our site with extra bold print &
    Frenetic spelling for the challenged few out there. I hope this has been of some help.
    When you receive your boots please enjoy them & feel free to NEVER contact us again.

    Thank you.
    Steven Knight
    Customer Service Manager

    I'd say stay away. I already found a fantastic site in OZ with unbelievable prices and service.
    I already bought, received and finished one transaction while waiting for BikersGearWarehouse nonsense.

    Sorry I will not spell the name of the other site being afraid that I may be accused of advertising for them
    However, my advice is search and compare.
  12. ------
  13. Welcome to NR....ohh, wait, this isn't the welcome thread......and you haven't introduced yourself....and all of your handful of posts are about the same thing.....

  14. hmm saying that said boots I bought from them have had the strap on them snap at the connector. It's not just a new strap that's needed, the joints stuffed.

    Shame as I've barely worn them being on crutches a lot since I had the chance to get them.

    I'm still waiting for a response back. I'll give them some time though. They've been good at other times so cannot complain there.
  16. Thanks for clearing that up Vlad - I couldn't work out why "frantic, frenzied" spelling might help the illiterate...