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BGW - Bike Gear Warehouse closing down, Grab all you can carry sale (pay entry fee only)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by goz, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. From the website

    The situation is this: we have closed our door but we have $2.2 million dollar in stock that we want to sell. $2.2M of exhausts, motorbike jackets, pants, gloves, boots, sprockets, chains, screens is a LOT of inventory but we only have one day to sell it.

    We are going to do something that has never been done before. Rather than charging per item we will charge an entry fee. By paying the entry fee you get entry to our 30,000sq ft warehouse and you can take whatever you can carry!

    That's right. Pay an entry fee and you can take whatever you can carry. No bags or trolleys allowed, only what you naturally can carry. If you can carry 30 jackets then good for you!!


    We will send out more details tomorrow but this is how it will work:

    * All you can eat, although in this case it is all you can carry.
    * Entry for the first 50 is $900 for 1 hour of exclusive shopping.
    * No bags, trolleys of any kind. Only what you can carry naturally with your arms.
    * No holding of stock of any kind. Once stock is not presonally held someone else can take it.
    * Next entry is $500 for the next 100 people for 45 minutes shopping.
    * All entry is $350 thereafter will unlimited shopping.
    * 2 exhausts per visit maximum.
    * Entry fee is for one visit only. A second visit will incur a second entry fee.
    * There is very limited staff available for technical questions so do your research beforehand.
    * CASH ONLY!
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  2. just whoa....i wish i was fatter...

    makes me wonder could i walk away carrying more than $900 worth of crap that i'd actually want....unless of course i carried out ONLY gopro's n shit lol

    time to practice juggling.
  3. Would you mind relocating your entire warehouse to Melbourne for the day? Only if it's not too much trouble.
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  4. hmm...i spose i could carry about 2 grand worth of draggins and a helmet or two....

    oh hells yeah it's near camden?!
  5. I can't help but get this mental image of 50 people paying $900 bucks upfront, only to find a 30,000sqm warehouse with a single muffler sitting in the middle of it :LOL:.

    If not I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of stuff on ebay post September 9.
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  6. $2.2 million dollar in stock that we want to sell. $2.2M of exhausts, motorbike jackets, pants, gloves, boots, sprockets, chains, screens is a LOT
  7. I've been to the Camden BGW and can highly recommend the visit - its a huge complex, most of one side is taken up with race suits and riding gear, with dirt type gear down the back and your mechanical motorcycle goodies off to the right.

    If I didn't have plans I'd be stuck straight in!

  8. wow that's an interesting way to get rid of stock...

    wish it was in melbourne, the people who are going to pay the $900.. you would hope they are smart enough to grab the most expensive stuff that they can get their hands on.
  9. Well, walk in wearing undies - then start dressing up inside. 2 pairs of Draggins, thermals, jackets and even an helmet then start carrying all the stuff you can.

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  10. ^ Fkin brilliant!
  11. I just read the rules, and nowhere does it say "underpants required" :p
  12. No, it's just one diamond encrusted, platininum, gold & rhodium Akrapovich exhaust with a carbon fibre slipon for a GSXR. :)
  13. Depends on how you value it. :p
    Edit: Bah, MV beat me to it (and with a better response).
  14. He predicts the first 50 people SHOULD be walking out with 10k each

    But im guessing better you camp out saturday to be 1 of the 1st 50
  15. Wear as much, carry as much as you can then sell the stuff you don't need.
  16. damn.. id be in this for sure if it was in melbourne.. could make back the $900 easily.. doesnt fit? ebay.. if i got a free set of riding gear out of it in the end thats $1500 odd that ive just gotten for free..

    would be a bugger searching through the screens to get the one for my bike though.. :(
  17. wow, I'll see if I can get down there and grab some new gear :D
  18. ahh I'm having fond flashbacks of a 45 minute shopping spree at Barstow, California. The trick is not to try anything on. Know your size before you walk in the door.
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  19. Someone think they can grab me a few items? If they're going..

    FARK I Wish I was in sydney this weekend!!

    XL Helmets please! Shark Speed-R or Shoei x-1100