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BGW awol?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by diomac, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Bikegear Warehouse awol?

    Anyone know what is going on at BGW? I have used them quite a number of times in which they were quick and very efficent.

    However on the 10/03/2010 I ordered a drive shaft cover after asking BGW if they could source it since they deal with Jardine.. got a prompt reply saying unfortunately the jardine order had just left the USA, so the next order would be placed at the beginning of April.

    ETA for this order was 3-4 weeks so end of April.. April 18th comes and the order arrives but no drive shaft cover. Call to enquire BGW tell me they don't know why it wasn't sent but would find out.

    I wait a few days email them on the 22nd of April to see what the result of their discussions with Jardine were, no immediate reply but some days later I get call to say it was in stock in the US and should have been sent, but they would get it sorted and fed ex it over.

    That was the last I have heard from BGW. Sent them another email on the 28th of May.. but still no responce. Haven't had a chance to call them been a bit busy at work. Just sent them another email.. will see what happens, but at this point I an a tad annoyed.

    I just tried calling the mobile number I have for one of their managers and it's now disconnected.. and I now notice their hasn't been a shipping update since the 21st of April.. hmm alarm bells are starting to ring.
  2. diomac,

    Mate, sorry to hear ! That would be very frustrating for you. I recently purchased some Pazzo's from BGW, which arrived very promptly so I was pleased with their service.

    Two things I noticed though :

    1) BGW advertise 'free postage' but if one wants insurance (not mentioned anywhere with their 'free postage' advert), it costs, eg $11 insured normal post

    2) I also enquired on the availability of a Yoshi Carbon TRC slip on pipe. As the didn't have the part in stock, it would take 5-6 weeks for delivery. Naturally, I researched other stores Australia-wide, eventually ordering the pipe from JCMotors (USA) online.
    I received the pipe today (10 days as advertised) AND around AUD $100 cheaper, even with the weaker Ozzie dollar.

    Pays to shop around.
    The above are two things that stuck out with my dealing with BGW. Overall, I was very satisfied with their service.

    Mate, I would get onto this quick smart. One could assume they have lost touch with the whole ordeal and hence avoiding you, which I would be pretty pissed about. There must be another number in which to get in touch with them. Try googling, calling Operator Assistance, even other stores ('enquiry') in Sydney, eventually asking for BGW's contact.

    Good luck dude.
  3. After a lot of aggravation I got a refund, they contacted me again saying Jardine didn't have them in stock and only have 6 on order and won't make any till they at least have 25 on order.. Pity it took 3 months to get that information.

    don't get me wrong my previous experiences with BGW have been very good, very fast delivery.. I've gotten pipes, boots, pazzo's off them etc with no complaint.

    It's just this got very very out of hand.
  4. In the two dealings I have had with them they were great.

    The first was in February when I bought a tank bag from them. It was delivered to me in Melbourne two days after I ordered.

    My latest purchase was a Yoshimura TRC pipe. I ordered it online on Monday night, and it was delivered to me at lunchtime today. Ths was on the normal shipping (insured for $11). I couldn't ask for better service that that!