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BGA - Chicane Summer Armoured Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by NSSherlock, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. I've had this Jacket for a while but have only recently started wearing it. It hasn't seen the extremes of summer yet but has been on during some recent warm temperatures.
    The Jacket is from Bikers Gear Australia. The specific Silver one I have is at http://bikersgearaustralia.com/deta...TY4Ng==&Txid=a60d589aed1ca1ce186f91d517600e0b


    They do come in different colours.
    At $139 I don't think you can go wrong. You'll pay another $10 for shipping unless you are near one of theor stores to pick up.

    I like dealing with BGA. They have quality gear at affordable prices. You don't get a name brand (except for Helmets) so if the name is important to you then shop elsewhere.

    This is an extremely comfortable Jacket. It fits well.
    Quality seems great.
    It definitely is cool. While riding you hardly notice you have it on. The air doesn't blow into the jacket and puff it out. It just blows through.
    Off the bike the Jacket is a little warmer but it isn't like some heavier jackets with vents where you jump off and swelter and can't wait to get it off. Well not yet anyway.
    I can't comment on how effective the padding or the abrasion resistance is yet and hope I don't need to. It's well padded and seems adequately padded. The padding is hardly noticeable once you are used to it.

    It claims to be suitable for wet weather but am yet to test that suitability yet.
    Could possibly be used all year 'round with the liner fitted but I'd say this is more a warmer weather Jacket.

    My only reservation is that the jacket feels a little short. Ok, I *am* tall but it looks a bit Dorky with a T-shirt hanging out the bottom of it. I suppose I'll just need to tuck the t-shirt in.

    Recommendation: If you are on a budget or looking for an affordable, quality Summer jacket then give it a go.

    Description from the BGA website:

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  2. I grabbed one of these the other day, or at least I think it was the same one - can only see one type of mesh jacket on BGA's web site. Got it for $99 as a MotoGP-time special. Fantasticly comfy in 30C heat, even when stationary, so hopefully this will see me riding through the worst that Melbourne throws at me. I also took it out for a ride through Melbourne's hills in the evening; at 15-20C with the liner out it's definitely on the chilly side. (Trying to figure out whether it would be suitable as an only jacket for a two week summer roadtrip. I'm thinking that with the liner in, and not too much night riding, it should be fine.)

    The armour looks similar to what's in my normal jacket but I'm not convinced about how protective the mesh would be if you came off at 110 km/h. Better that wearing a t-shirt, no doubt, but ... not something I would ever volunteer to test. I couldn't even find any safety studies about the effectiveness of mesh jackets vs normal textile or leathers - anyone got any links?
  3. I'm looking ahead to the warmer months. I have a BGA jacket that's going to start cooking me once we get over 20.

    Guys, how did your jackets go last summer?
  4. No seat with mine but I never came off.
  5. No s(w)eat? That would be half the battle won.

    As for not having an unscheduled dismount - that would be a good thing :)

    Will you be wearing it again this summer, or has it not lasted the distance?
  6. Yeah, I'll wear it again. It's all good.
    Been just about to put it on lately with the weather here.
  7. @pugsly I have the previous version of this and found it to be great last summer.
    Ok it is not cheap but full CE armour for Elbow, Sholder, Back and Chest, more than happy to let you have a look at it if you want. Or get in contact with Alex from MRG, he is a vendor on here and this is his web site - http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.au/ he is located in Rowville and more than happy for you to go down and try things on.

    Usual disclaimer I am in now way associated with MRG or RS Taichi - just think it is good gear and Alex is a pleasure to deal with.

    @Motorcycleracegear - Hey Alex, what is the summer range looking like ? How much of the stuff from the new catleloge will you be getting in as normal stock?

    Cheers Jeremy
  8. Thanks Jeremy. I sourced the Sena helmet headsets from Alex for the group buy. My challenge with gear is that I'm rather rotund and finding gear that fits is challenging. I know I can get BGA jackets that fit. Having said that, I haven't looked at that specific RST jacket.

    @Motorcycleracegear - Alex, what bigger stuff can you get?
  9. I've still got the BGA mesh jacket. It was great last summer, I think the hottest day I went out riding in was 38C and while still not totally fun riding at that temperature it was a whole lot better than wearing leathers. I expect to wear it again this summer.