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BGA bike boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. G'day All,

    I've been riding in heavy work boots all these years, but have decided to invest in some motorcycle-specific boots, sacrificing aesthetics and comfort for the option of wearing something with superior protection at the times when I choose to. I know nothing about bike specific boots, beyond noting that a number of them appear no better than my steel cap Redbacks. I don't want to exceed $200, and this is for commuting and touring, with shoes kept at work. I'm looking at these from Bikers Gear, which appear to have good protection in terms of armour etc. I would happily spill extra cash for these wonderful-looking Icon Elsinores, however it appears that there is more fashion than protection in them - my interest in getting another pair is in getting armour protection, especially around the ankle area. I am thinking of the scenario where I go down and the bike lands on my foot, and possibly slides on it. I'm interested in the opinion of anybody who knows about bike boots and what protection they should have when they're aiming to provide that extra level with armour and so on. Does the absent steel shank matter?



  2. 'bout time you bought some decent footwear, you old troglodyte!!!!
    Those boots look like a real bargain; just make sure whatever you buy that the boot fits the ergonomics of your footpegs and levers. I don't like the type that has a flat sole, because I like to be able to 'hook' the instep on the footpeg. Likewise I rejected a pair once because they were too thick through from top to bottom, so to speak, and made changing gear a real hassle.......
  3. Redbacks won't protect your ankles like riding boots do. Its not so much impact but the twisting, hyper-extension etc when you're sliding along. That's what all the bolt on stuff on the BGA boots is
    for. Cheap boots with all that stuff are often stiff and hard to ride in. (I have a pair somewhere that I've worn twice and hate). If you're on a cruiser it may not matter but on anything else you need a bit of feel and want to balance the suppleness with protection. Touring boots are cheaper and might
    be better for you? This sort of thing
  4. Thanks Guys, I was waiting for the boots to arrive before replying. I was tempted by those Paragon boots but ended up getting the BGA ones. They're quite good, actually. I wish the armour extended slightly more forward past the ankles than it does, but they're comfortable, the armour is a-plenty, and the sole has a good balance between rigidity and comfort when walking. My foot feels quite "held in place" in them.

    I just purchased this bike off the showroom floor. Incongruous boots for such a bike, but oh well.

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