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Beware traffic in the afternoon / evening near the bottle-O

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Riding home in the Bus lane, church st, heading west out of parramatta.

    traffic is start/stop in the two other lanes of traffic, enjoying the freedom of a lane to myself, at the speed limit - 60km/h

    then this all happens in the blink of an eye

    approaching driveway entry to the Tollgate Hotel / Bottle-O, blue ute suddenly decides to hang a 90-degree left, drive across my lane and into the pub driveway, no indicator, nothing, nada.

    road was wet, hit the front and rear brakes and clutch simultaneously. rear brake instantly locks up (maybe a combination of new tyres, new brake pads and wet roads), and the rear end of the bike is drifting out from underneath me - feels like i'm sliding sideways. i'm holding the steering dead on, most surreal feeling i've ever had. release rear but keep pressure on front brake. try to gear down and engine brake to assist. get back on the rear but really lightly.

    looking at the situation (funny how everything slows right down) couldn't see any other option than to hit him, but then notice the car that was behind the ute in queue had not moved forward to take the vacant space, get off the brakes aim for the gap, get on the throttle to get some movement.

    success. pulled the manouevre off and swerved around his rear end and back into the empty bus lane.

    chance a glance at his rear view + side mirror...he was paying attention to anything but the alcohol specials up on the wall of the pub.

    ride off pissed, but happy me and the bike stayed up and without a scratch.

    was only wearing helmet and gloves at the time. no "safety" jacket, pants, boots.

  2. Fixed :D
  3. ****in gold as always from you

  4. All I can say is f***king tradies! Glad you ninja'd your way to safety mate.
  5. That is one of the reasons that bus lanes are a stupid idea on many suburban roads.

    They are breeding like anything in my area at the moment, and they have made traffic way worse than before. They don't seem to have improved the bus service either.
  6. I completely disagree, Roderick!

    Buslanes are EXCELLENT, HOWEVER, they need more ads on TV to drill it into cagers heads exactly what vehicles are allowed in the bus lanes.

    People only think buses are allowed (even police think only buses are allowed!) - so if they had ads on TV saying "Bus Lanes allow buses, taxi's, hire cars, motorcycles and emergency vehicles to use them. Before you turn, don't just look for a bus, use your mirrors, double headcheck and ensure no motorcyclists are in your blindspots or using the lane"
  7. Goz that was a top edit mate, I couldn’t figure it out at first but then when I did, had me rolling on the floor lol.

    Mav glad your safe and your better half’s bike :p. Hurry up with your James Bond defensive and offensive weaponry. I could just picture you throwing your Shuriken Stars and little ball bearings of death at the offending cage.
  8. Well, that is your privilege Holly, but you haven't seen the mess they have made in Manningham in Melbourne.

    Yes, if people used them correctly it would be a little better, but in the name of "improving the bus services" through the DART (Doncaster Area Rapid Transit) project, the roads around me have been completely screwed up. They have also spent a lot of money building nicer looking bus stops, but there still don't seem to be any more buses around, and every time I look up a bus schedule to see if it can get me to where I want to go relatively easily, the schedule doesn't allow it. Even to the CBD.

    Don't forget, we aren't allowed to ride in bus lanes in Victoria. But bicycles are. :)
  9. lowercase hit the nail on the head. Many people only look for a hunking great piece of metal travelling in 'em and that's all. Others (that I've observed) seem to think that they cannot enter a bus lane even if they are turning left off and swing across from the middle lane at the last moment. In my area, some cagers (usually large, expensive SUV's) use it as a means to overtake slower road users on occasions.

    I make use of bus lanes but ride defensively whilst I am there. I'm weary when I come up to side streets or when traffic is stopped in the "normal" lanes and ride accordingly. I've seen too many accidents as an outcome of the reasons lowercase mentioned earlier.