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Beware tradey's utes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by robsalvv, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Somewhere in my top 20 roadcraft tips is: "Avoid riding behind loaded uncovered trailers or loaded uncovered tradey utes". [Lesson learned in the early days when a piece of plaster board flicked out of the tradey ute tray and struck the bike] :shock: :eek:

    Well today I got another golden reminder of the rule.

    I was cruising along the freeway when a tradey ute some 20-25m ahead, changed into my lane. The tray wasn't covered and I couldn't see any tie down ropes so the spider senses started tingling on high amps. I decided to change lanes... when all of a sudden a loose 20litre bucket flew out of the back of the tray directly towards me. :!: :eek: yikes!

    I was bearing down on a spinning and bouncing big yellow bucket which couldn't decide whether it wanted to go to the left or the right of the road. [-o< [-o<

    Well, thankfully the story ends happily. In the end, an incident was avoided with a bit of judicial braking, some counter steering and having "plenty of time" to see and avoid. :cool:

    Moral of the story: Beware riding behind all uncovered loads.
  2. Glad you missed it mate. Did you have words?

  3. ... wanted to... instead shook it off and got away from him... then fanged a fangingly beautifully executed fanging left hand corner onto the fangable Bolte bridge. :cool:

    ...maybe there was an element of adrenalin...? Not good. :-$

    BTW, love those pilot powers. :grin:
  4. Just finished doing the RideSmart CD & they talked about just that!
    Glad to hear it ended on a high note ie: a damn good left hander :)
  5. I had a similar scare (Well sort of scary) the other day when a van pulling a trailer full of junk sent a wooden stake bouncing down the road, luckly he was in the next lane and it didn't bounce over towards me.
  6. i just hav people throwing food out
  7. That could save you the cost of lunch? :shock: :p :grin:
  8. Actually, that was your incident, it was an accident that was avoided. :)
  9. I once had a ute lose a sheet of sheet metal when it was going around a corner in front of me. Scared the crap out of me and i gave it about 50m space. In hindsight I probably should have let him know / had a go at him, but at the time I was just glad it didn't slice me in half.

  10. I guess it's on par with projectile vomitting...

    Stand clear...
  11. I rode (squid) behind a truck that was carrying soil to wherever.

    Tip: Do not ride behind one of these trucks that have a tipper that are not full enclosed when squiding.

    Unless of course you want to know what it fells like to be sandblasted.
  12. semi tipping trailers - they do leak stuff...city bound wednesday and all this pellet white stuff on the lane, move to next lane asap - and yep, pulled along side tipping trailer/semi - simply spewing shite out thee left hand corner of the trailer.

    watch everything and trust nobody i guess.

    safe riding all
  13. A definate hazard, and not limited to utes. Watch out for the same issues when you see a car towing a trailer ahead as well. :)
  14. Indeed that is a sweet fangible corner ... a bigger faster version of the one off Hoddle street heading North when you go on to Heidelberg Road ... love those GPR70's too :wink:

  15. I had a reminder to be very wary of trucks carrying loads when I was following one on the tulla about six car lengths back, to avoid anything that came out, then a chunk of plaster or concrete bounced out of the truck and hit my shin.

    Nice armoured boots left the impact feeling like a knock on the door, and now I avoid trucks pretty carefully.
  16. :eek: :shock: @ randy.

    Lots of folks ride with docs, pull on boots or sneakers - which in this case might have ended up with a broken bone!


    My first road craft rule: space space space!

  17. so I never thought I'd tell anyone this EVER but it deserves a lol i guess!

    Here I was cruising on down the midlands highway when

    :-& :-& :-&

    I had never given thought to why an open faced helmet should not be worn when passing a livestock truck.

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww!! *sniff

    stinky damn sheep pee

    Oh and this other time I was actually driving my little carolla up following a big trailer of car parts when a metal bumper dropped off the back hit the road and bounced and my car went UNDER the bumper, must say I did swerve onto the other side of the highway (4 lane no other vehicles thankgod) one of those toll trucks... anyway I was pretty shocked and thought it impressive that i went under it!!!! (by the way im telling this one in hope that u all forget I has sheep piss on my face)
  18. :shock: OMG and i thought the smell of dead wombat and kangaroo was bad :shock:

    sorry darlin i just have to :rofl:
  19. Riding behind any animal truck is no fun... chicken feathers are like missiles at highway speeds!
  20. YOU ride with an open face helmet in Hobart? Didn't you know we have the Antanov of the bee world down here. Those pluckers leave a yellow smear bigger than smee's traktor.

    I came up behind a cattle truck in the Landcrab one day, got passed alright but I reckon about 15 bovine bladders let go as I did it. A mate travelling behind me got caught for about 15 mins. His green 4WD was brown by the time he caught up. That shit sets hard too.