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Beware the white van!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by moike, May 10, 2006.

  1. Heading into the city [Melb] this morning along Royal Parade (a triple cariageway arterial) I was in the service road.
    Stopped at the lights at the road that goes off to the Zoo.

    When the lights changed to green, I took off a bit smartish, but not really quickly, and then saw something approaching on my right. A white trade van was doing a right turn and crossing three carriageways to get into the service road.

    Now I'm not saying he ran the red light, because I didn't see him enter the intersection (OK, I didn't fV(|<|~g look) but he was so late I didn't need to accelerate to get into the lane ahead of him!

    The car that had been sitting alongside me had to brake hard to avoid a collision.

    Of course I *always* check for traffic in the cross road before I take off on a green light. well... nearly always.
  2. Mmmmm the tradie van/ute trailer whatever.
    Seems this is increasing. Not sure what it is, maybe having to rush to keep the earnings ticking in or what.
    Saw a few this morning on my way to work as well. I had to drop Mrs Scumbag at Blackburn and then worked my way south from there to Oakleigh. Amazes me how there are not more crashes with the way some people treat the traffic around them.
  3. I come thru the same route every morning - Between peds, pushies, and the number of divided lanes it is always a challenge whether you look or not.
  4. moike, i travel along the same stretch of road in the mornings (unfortunately in my car) and have seen this happen a number of times... that road seems to be worse since they've sectioned off the tram lane, people do crazy things along there all the time... gotta have eyes in the back of your head.. take care along there...
  5. with traffic getting worse everyday, cagers are pushing the limits.
    Every day now i see at least 2-3 cars run the red during peak hour usually on the arrows

    be wary when taking off at the busy intersections