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Beware the twisty Road with push bike riders on it.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by matt232, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. We'll it happened for a second time one Sunday while going up the Kinglake road (first time was following Mouth down Mt Hotham on the Anzac weekend). A car decided to overtake a group of riders on a blind corner and come 1/2 into my lane. Stupid freaking cagers, both times they didn't wait until they had a clear view of the road but rather overtook and moved into the on coming lane just before a blind corner. After this second time I'm pretty sure its not an isolated incident and this kind of shit will continue to happen again.

    So my warning to all, is to make sure you a leave an extra margin for error while travelling along a twisty road with push bike riders heading in the opposite direction.

  2. Hey Matt,

    Good point. Until you mentioned it, I have never thought of that happening. Thanks for the heads up... This way I can keep my head.
  3. Not so long ago here in Perth, we had two uni students in a cage killed in exactly this way. The moron that hit them head-on survived of course.
  4. Glad to hear your still with us!

  5. You bin reading may mail?
  6. It seems that some idiot wants to use my lane just about every ride I go on.....I'm starting to get used to it and always make sure I'm not hogging the white line unless I can see a clear road. Still I would like to be able to rely upon having the use of my own lane..alas its not the case.
  7. so you stayed upright matt?
  8. I had similar yesterday on the Mountain Hwy. Mobile chicanes were there. Some are pro and know you are there, let you through. Some are oblivious and sit out in the right wheel track on a single lane road.
  9. It was taken in my stride and I had time to lean on my horn before passing him....If I had of been skirting the white line it could have been a different story.

    The mate that was following me also got through without more than a heart in the mouth moment, mind you he backed off the pace a bit after that.
  10. *scratches head*
    yeah, you got an overdue bill from optus. :shock:

    :? what are you talking about? :?
  11. well thats good news.

    i went around mt evelyn/monbulk/belgrave yesterday arvo and no dangers thankfully, i did speed a little thoo.. ;)
  12. I've had a cager try and overtake another cager around a blind corner with me coming the other way. There was enough room to ride the far left white painted line of my lane, but only a couple feet between me and the car :shock:
    First time in the hills to boot, didn't go back for awhile :?
  13. Last year (I think) I was coming down the Kinglake St Andrews road, and came up behind a pushbike that was following a slow car. Be blowed if the bike rider didn't pull out and pass the car on the first little straight!
  14. 7-thsin: Lucky you were on a bike, in a cage you would have had nowhere to go...

    And they say bikes are dangerous! ;)

  15. The scene is Mountain hwy last summer, the moment of shame was being passed by a guy on a pushi going down toward one of those funny sharp corners that the mntn hwy is full of. hadn't been riding long, but still, passed by a pushi?

    I then watched him overtake two cars by going on the wrong side of the road round a blind corner....

    hah! taught him when the round went uphill though didn't I :LOL:
  16. Too true, the driver made no effort to get back in his lane, I doubt there would have been time anyway.
    He was side-by-side with the other cager as they both passed me on a 90km/h road :roll:

    Since then, riding a bike has saved from at least 3 other situations where, had I been driving a car, I probably wouldn't be writing this :?

    Thank God for motorcycles :)
  17. I see cyclists is some very scary situations. Frequently I see a cyclist on the 80KPH stretch of the Oxford Street road in Sydney, with no hard shoulder and its uphill most of the way. It's so dangerous seeing 1 lane do about 5KPH with the 2 lanes beside it doing 80-90KPH.
  18. I've been doing quite a bit of research lately - in the course of it I came across this...


    Inquiry into the experimental permission for motor cycles to use bus lanes in London
    Response from the London Cycling Campaign
    February 2004

    If you really want to know how the more feral end of cycling feels - read this.

    It's the comments like

    I sometimes find it scary and unpleasant being passed by (often inconsiderately ridden) motor bikes. And they're noisy and smelly, so I really don't want them anywhere near me. (Susie)


    The extra space given to motor cyclists allows many more of them to get to the front of the traffic queues at lights. When the lights turn green they are able to use their greater acceleration to reach a high speed very quickly :roll:

    I feel very threatened by the increased number of motorbikes since the introduction of the congestion charge and do my best to steer clear of them. They often break the speed limit and of course are not held up by other motorised traffic.


    The ability of quick acceleration away from traffic lights helps give motor cycles a low traditional score but means that they commandeer a much greater area of roadspace in front of them, analagous to the braking distance described in the Highway Code, the size of which increases exponentially with speed. Added to this is the sometimes unreliable braking ability of motor cyclists which can lead to loss of control in emergency situations. Inevitably this leads to greater risks to all road users from policies which see traditional congestion reduction as the main policy goal.

    They also claim that motorcycles are lethal to pedestrians, intimidate poor inoocent cyclists (that's a recurrent theme) and are a prime cause of AIDS (actually I made that last one up - but I'm sure they'd have put it in there if they'd thought of it) :?