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Beware the psycopath in the blue hilux crew cab

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by waedwe, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Went out for a bit of a ride this afternoon, did a leisurely cruise around from mittagong, up to mount keira then down to nowra through kangaroo valley and home, a fairly fun easy going ride until i met the hilux.

    Coming in towards Kangaroo Valley from Nowra along Moss vale road i was having a good time in the twisty roads , and cars were being very courteous allowing me to pass by and not holding me up much at all, on the downhill twisty section into kangaroo valley however there was a conga line of cars so i settled in to the pack, as there are very limited overtaking zones.
    However suddenly a blue hilux appeared on the wrong side of the road trying to overtake 4 cars at once around a corner, the only gap he could see to get back onto our side of the road and away from oncoming traffic contained me, not a problem says he and merges in on me horn blaring, i luckilly had enough room to accelerate up onto the bumper of the car behind me and let him in.

    However me being there seemed to set him off, it was all my fault apparently for being there and him not seeing me, he kept blasting the horn and tailgating in the traffic, i just ignored him, then shook my head as he once again blasted on to the wrong side of the road horn blaring around us on a blind corner.

    I really thought not much more of him, and as the road opened up more i passed the slow cars in front of me and continued towards kangaroo valley, just before the town i came up behind the blue hilux once more, he was now stuck behind a car towing a caravan, as i approached though he saw me in his mirror and suddenly braked hard , i hit the anchors too and luckilly had enough space to miss becoming a bumper ornament.

    My brain was now thinking what the F$%k is he on, and being angry i made the stupid decision to blast past and get away from him, i really should have stopped and let him go, because passing just gave him another shot at me,

    And as i attempted to pass he swerved right real hard blasting the horn, i hit the brakes and went left towards my lane, he swerved back that way hard, his tyres squealing, and as he did i went right again and hit the throttle hard clearing him before he swerved right again almost taking out the gutter on the wrong side of the road.
    I then on a straight put a few more cars between us and watched him doing crazy overtaking manouvres to catch up with me.

    I went through Kangaroo Valley steaming inside my helmet, then stopped a few cars back at the 1 lane historic bridge out of it, i saw mr hilux slowing to stop about 5 cars back by now, so i dismounted and started heading his way to, well if i got there i would have flattened him, seeing me, he hit his door locks and went to do a u turn, i shouted out to him that he was a wanker coward and all the other naughty words i could find, i hopped back on the bike, and filtered up to the 1st car and crossed the bridge only to see as i continued up the road, he had aborted the U turn and was crazilly trying to catch me once more.

    Not a chance, he wasn't getting another shot at me with a 2 tonne weapon, so i took off and put way too many cars in between us for him to get close, then up barengarry mountain out of the valley he could never get near me if he wanted too. i am glad i didnt get a hold of him at the bridge or my lawyer may have been typing this as i prepared for trial.

    Take care people these idiots are out there and they dont have a worry about using a car to try and kill you over nothing
    It was also only after the event i thought, i wish i had got his number plate, but in the heat of the moment didn't even think of it, maybe i should get the funds for a Go Pro together

  2. Good to hear there was no contact (between vehicles OR operators).
  3. I've always wanted something that would imobilise a vehicle for just these instances. One swipe of a cattle prod as you go past the idiot and they are going nowhere....or something like that.
  4. Holy farkola. Glad to hear you survived. Go Pro looks like a sensible option with each passing day.
  5. No contact was lucky, because he really did attempt to get me,

    Am lucky also i didnt get him at the bridge, because the red mist had decended, i'm not a violent person, but i meant him lots of harm then
  6. maybe a pocket full of ball barrings... toss them over your shoulder if they are sitting right up you like that. Obviously not the right thing to do, but, very tempting when dealing with idiots like this.
  7. dear dog, what a looney! reminds me of those toy dogs that bark at you but as soon as you approach them they run away, good to see you came out unscathed.
  8. They've been around for years. They're called 'shotguns'.
  9. Maybe I'm a pussy but I would have pulled over with the antics that car was displaying. Don't want to put myself in the firing line unnecessarily and come off second best.
  10. Typical Hero in a cage, you approach them, they lock the doors and do a U turn,

    Its allright when they have a car to protect them,

    As for one on one, gutless cowards.
  11. Even without the rego number, do you think it still might be worthwhile calling the local cop shop and reporting it? He might be known in the area if he has a history of this crap.
  12. Nope that would have been the smart and right thing to do, not a pussy thing,
    I reacted wrong in that regards especially when i went to go past him, just had the dumb idea in my head 1st that once past him i would be easilly able to outpace him, didnt calculate the extra risk of actually passing, if i had my time again i would have stopped and let him go.
  13. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I don't know that I would have done anything much different to what you did in the circumstances.
  14. Post up the rego, full year/make/model of the vehicle, and description of the driver, will give other NetRiders a fighting chance.

    Really sorry to hear you have to put up with that shit, I'm normally anti-firearms in the community, but can't help but think if we had concealed carry laws, motorcyclists would be safer on the roads.
  15. Love the tags...

    Ruined a nice ride for you too i bet :(.
  16. After i was well clear and settled down, i got back into the relaxed ride rythm again, certainly is a ride i will remember for a long long time but.

    I didn't get the rego captain slow, i was in too much of a oh shit, gotta get away then, i'm gonna kill him mode, didn't think of it till i was well away from him.

    this is the colour and model of car from my memory, and the driver was a dickless weed.

  17. haha, you're not particularly tiny either. If it was me you were sizing up on i'd do the same.

    Mate, it's for times like those that I keep a brick strapped to the pillion seat. You never know when you need to hurl one through a windshield.
  18. Yes matey, you did open a BIG door for dipshit to drive through, but at least you used the bike in what it's best for...escape.

    No lecture to you, but it's always best to keep the real idiots in front of you where you can keep an eye on them far more easily, and then take the option of slipping away in a different direction once you have fallen back amongst the cars and he can't tell one headlight from the other. :))

    Of note, if you ever just want to stop, garages are good coz they have camera's running all the time, and are brightly lit.
  19. Not on this road unfortunately. Closest servo was 10k's from where it began and in the wrong direction, 20 from where it ended and still in the wrong direction, 30 k's to the first servo in his direction where it ended at the bridge.
  20. Yes i was speaking generally, Lilley. Not an option for this specific case then, but for others finding themselves in similar situations, a garage is generally a half decent place to stop for a while.
    And by falling behind, the protagonist may lose sight of you, so you can turn off without being spotted. Never get in front of them if possible, but if you find yourself ahead, use the advantages a bike has, and filter, sneak, and get away - well away, even though you ego might be screaming at you, to helmet-butt the idiot! :))

    ( that's what mine does, anyway). :))