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Beware the IE8 Upgrade!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. My daughter phoned me yesterday morning saying that her computer wouldn't start up. I did the usual help desk thingy over the phone and it didn't help, so today she called a local PC company who came and looked at it and asked her if she had done the IE8 upgrade recently.

    She replied that she had done it on Sunday. The techo said that they had a whole slew of computers in "dock" at the moment all of which exhibited the same symptoms and all of which has been upgraded to IE8 in the last few days (when prompted by Microsoft)

    I have had IE8 for some months now and, apart from the fact that it is often VEEEERRRRY slow, I haven't experienced issues with it (I mostly use FF).

    However, it appears that the latest version could be nasty, so, FWIW, don't do the IE8 upgrade at the moment.
  2. Are you sure that brother of yours hasn't tried to "fix" it? :LOL: :p
  3. Who uses IE at all??
  4. The vast majority of computer users, world-wide, for a starters at least.
  5. IE8 is a prick of a browser Firefox for the win
  6. Used IE8 (alongside FF3) for a while now, IE8 is HEAPS better than IE7... I'd still go for IE6 if i had the choice tho ;)

  7. Yep!

  8. Did the computer stop working immediately after the IE8 upgrade, or after a couple of days?

    If it stopped after a couple of days - it seems unlikely (to me at least) that IE8 caused the issue. In any case, I hope there is a backup of the data!

    Safari FTW.

  9. lucky pussy
  10. They use it out of ignorance and apathy as opposed to consciously choosing it. It's there and it works for them.

    EDIT: Well that got out of hand. Not disputing anyone's opinion, nor am I bashing windows users... I was simply highlighting the reasons behind why so many people use this browser.

    Paul - As much as I feel that was a slight over-reaction, I can sympathise with your point and in future shall refrain from making alterations to your words.
  11. Yer, I say the same thing about people who don't use Linux.
  12. I havent used IE for years, but did do the update....... pc still working ok.

    Did he say why? does it update something else to do with windows that causes them to crash?
  13. I know that this may be so, but the stats for one of the sites I run suggest different?

    Since lunchtime today-

    183 36.60% Firefox 3.5
    119 23.80% Firefox 3.0
    91 18.20% IE 7.0
    42 8.40% IE 8.0
    29 5.80% Chrome 2.0
    23 4.60% Firefox 2.0
    12 2.40% Safari 4.0
    1 0.20% Android 0

    And it is most certainly not a FF supporters group! :LOL:

  14. The next time you edit me, I will have you booted. You have been warned.
  15. don't often use IE. normally a FF user. however recently FF has been giving me the shits! numerous times i've had a "(not responding)" message or it simple will freeze. either it's conflicting with utorrent or it's some other issue.. opera is not bad though FF is just more practical.
  16. Is that in the T's and C's Paul? If so, you need to be consistent and boot anyone who edits another's post in a quote. Even when they do it in jest and (perhaps) misguided humour. At least one mod does it on occasion.

    IE8 is no more unreliable or dangerous than any other version of IE. The only real problem with IE is that it seems bound into the OS and when it goes wrong, so does the OS.
  17. There's a difference between shortening someone's post while quoting it, for brevity and neatness, than editing it for mischief. I stand by what I said; it may not be in the Ts&Cs explicitly, but it's abuse, and I will report it.
  18. I used to use opera all the time but it gave me the shites that heaps of web pages don't cater for it so you dont get the full content. Thats why I switched to IE(6 is what I'm using now at work)8 at home. it just makes it easier because IMO people just cater for it. like the IPhone, it is not the best phone out there in terms of hardware but people just keep my stuff for it.
  19. I'm surprised that Google Chrome hasn't been mentioned - it's actually quite good now and is rather quick thanks to it being multi-core/cpu friendly (each tab runs as a separate process). It also has the best javascript performance which makes a big difference with "web 2.0" AJAX type sites.
  20. After looking at the (mis)quote of Paul, I'm tempted to side with him, I've (and others have) edited-for-jest in the past, but its clear that I've done so by the almost TradeMark term "Fixed ;) " at the end of it, the offending poster/editor didn't clearly mark out that it was changed for their amusement (read: poor joke) and claiming the bold was the defining feature is useless as the bold could have been to merely highlight a part the quoter wanted to re-butt or agree with.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.