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Beware the Dragon's Teeth

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cjvfr, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. Apparently NSW has had Dragon's Teeth as a road marking for a while on the approach to school zones but coming from Yea back to Whittlesea in Vic the other day I noticed these had started to be marked on the run downhill into Whittlesea.


    Apparently they have no legal status they are psychological only. They are intended to give people the impression of speed so they will slow down. I don't think they work as well with motorcycles as you tend to drift towards the centre of the lane and so it doesn't have the same mental effect.

    Anywhere else in Vic people have seen these?

    Star Weekly - Whittlesea Yea Rd a boon to safety.
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    "Other improvements will include motorcycle-friendly wire-rope fence crash barriers" is there such a thing?

    I think musical roads work better.. but then you might want to drive faster to speed up the song :D

    In Hokkaido mountains, they have similar grooves heading toward corners, but of a size and depth to be really annoying for cars with hard suspension (dorifto kiddies) but not so bad for normal cars
    probably not real good for bike traction I imagine. (they are also to help break up ice in winter)

    edit: would much rather have "perceptual narrowing" markings.. than the slippery zig-zag markings before pedestrian crossings

    some reading here from NZ https://www.nzta.govt.nz/assets/resources/research/reports/423/docs/423.pdf
  3. I hope the paint doesn't reduce grip too much.
    I suppose there are many other stupid things they could have done that would annoy me more.
  4. In NSW, the Dragons Teeth are at a pre-determined distance apart so they can calculate how far a vehicle has travelled in the time from the first to the second speed camera photos.
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  5. beware in the wet. Bet they are slippery as fcuk
  6. Breaking markers.
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