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Beware the booger brigade!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nightowl, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Ok I’ve a confession to make.

    I’ve never understood the habit of ramming a finger up the nose when stopped at traffic lights. And, while I’ve had some practice in the art of dodging flying cigarette butts flicked from windows, the thought of dodging globules of snot hadn’t crossed my mind until today.

    Was happily pootling along when I noticed a driver, ahead in the adjacent lane, who had his finger stuck up his nose. In preparation for the big flick, he did a quick headcheck (I guess to see if his window was open), slammed his elbow into the glass, and swerved into my lane trying to disengage his finger from his nostril.

    Oh, the pain! I was laughing so hard no amount of tissues could stem the flow of tears.

    So, just a little heads up folks.

    Beware the booger brigade - snot kills! :eek:

    Future Update - The Really Early Edition: Senate Bill to Ban Nose-Picking while Driving

    17 Percent Admit To Picking Nose While Driving
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  2. It was just a scratch, I swear!
  3. wearing gloves while riding stops me, my greatest regret
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  5. Agreed NightOwl, hard to fathom that these poor souls don't appear to get embarrassed from their habit. Good to hear that the "picker" remembered to perform his headcheck from training - SNOT (Standard Nasal Outflow Training) but a fail on not noticing the windows was up

  6. :rofl: ... Blaise, I had no idea there was training for this sort of thing!

    Thanks, Day! Was glad to have averted a SMIGSY (sorry mate I glob-snotted you). Trafic, that's it, lol!

    There are fingerless gloves you can get, Hawklord ...

    Brmmm, I believe you, really I do.

  7. I do it all the time. No one can see me, right?

    On the bike, you need some fingerless gloves.
  8. Is it a pick if there's no penetration?
  9. One of the downfalls of wearing an open face helmet is getting hit in the face with a juicy booger.

    One of the upsides of wearing an open face helmet is returning the gift in kind....
  10. Mmm...i had never realized until now, how biking had actually arrested this small personal freedom from me (darn)

    I guess that's another pro cager point!
    It joins ranks with such gems as make-up application, paper reading, food consuption, and speedo staring, to name just a few!

    No wonder as a rider i feel inferior. All these joys ripped out of our hands just to ride a bike! Ahhh well.

    ( the things one sees whilst riding ). LOL
  11. Don't they realise that people can see them. What happens if somebody they know spots them? Seriously, I don't think I could talk normally to a person I saw picking his/her nose ever again. The thought of their hands being snot covered, and probably a thin layer across their face, and probably smeared over their clothes. Seriously, I'd see them as one big snot every time I saw them.
  12. Its still sexual assault


  13. That's quite a judge of character.
    And "Oh Noes! Someone I don't know who I've never seen before and likely will never again just saw me use my fingers to pull an annoying rock out of my nose. How can I bear the shame?"
    mmm. One of the most irrational fears I've ever heard. Even the little 8 legged creatures can do more harm.
  14. @Nightowl: next time it happens and if you're at the lights, dare you to go pick it up (you've got gloves on) and go up to the car and say

    "i think this belongs to you"

    then proceed to wipe it on his steering wheel :D

  15. True. :grin:

    lol ... 'course not! Rendered invisible upon entering the cone of silence.
    Would probably cross my mind if they ever cooked for me... :eek:

    eurrggh ... have had one of those the size of my palm scamper across face under my helmet.
    The drivers behind probably laughed as hard as I did here when they saw me whack myself in the face (kinda forgot I had the helmet on in the moment).

    hahahahah ... yuk!
    If it's bad enough I just might. :wink:

    :rofl: ... don't know that I could bring myself to doing that. Maybe I should invest in a pot of slime.