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beware the black spur loggers

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by raven, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Don't think that the 80K zone now enforced on the black spur will keep you safe as the pollies and police brainwashing b.s has been trying to convince you.
    Recently...I was have a tootle...came up to car doing 30kph, through the sharper 45 posted turns (S-s's), and the car STILL managed to cut each corner by at least 2ft.

    Normally I could give a shit because I'm passed such useless twats long before they even register on my mind...except at this particular time, I happen to be trying to get a little sleep while riding and was'nt in a hurry.

    2ks further on, after passing said car and just rolling along at 80ks in the more open sections I came to a LH bend.
    I noticed the logging truck entering the corner from the opposite direction, and then make a clearly defined sharper turn-in to cut the corner completely (with me in plain site), and in my honest opinion with only one motive in mind. (since I have seen them traverse that section plenty of times with perhaps just a tyre on the line. Fair enough, they are big trucks and I never minded that). It was quite clear that he wanted to scare me or see me run off the road.
    Luckily I happened to be rolling along in the middle of my lane and I was able to run wider to the outside of the turn, straighten up as the truck wizzed by me, and then quickly counter-steer to make it through the corner without encroaching into the on coming lane.

    At the point where we met mid corner, the trailer was only about 4 ft from the outside of MY side of the road, and I was forced to squeeze through the tight gap remaining. with about a foot to spare on either side of the bike between dirt and logging truck. I was doing 80...I'd say he was 70+ (not overly fast) but that's around 150kph+ passing speed, with maybe a foot to spare beyond the handle bars on the truck side. Bit of a pucker moment, just then.

    HAD I been riding the correct "line" through that section of the spur, there is a good chance that I would'nt be talking to you right now...it's that simple.

    Did'nt really bother me at the time, and I just continued on my way...but after a few K's I thought Nah "faark that"...Me needs to make it known to this nobhead, that his little stunt had no effect on me, so I dropped a uey and caught up...I clearly eyeballed him once alongside by pointing at his face, and then with two fingers at my own eyes through the helmet...that "I know you" AND then pointing to the video camera sitting on my tank that captured the whole bloody thing...Cop THAT ahole!...
    I'll be looking for him...and his mates.

    ## Here's a vid - save you hunting mid-thread...
  2. I don't get the need to give riders a scare. ****ers. Hope they get some instant karma.
  3. Yep sad but true John. I was at the tail of a group of bikes going through the spur. Obviously the truck driver was sick and tired of seeing the fun we were having so drove along the straight bit between the 45 degree turn and the S-s's, in the middle of the road, with me in full view, he didn't make eye contact and barely flinched as I revved and beeped at him. Not really close, as he didn't swerve at me, but arrogant and ****ing dangerous none the less.
  4. So have you turned the video over to the Police, or do you have to <cough> edit it first?
  5. Hornet, they'd be wasting their time. Today's police are inherently lazy. I think that I've ranted on how two stupid twats (young males on P plates) ran my wife off the road with their hooning. Missus was able to get rego and car details and rang the police. They said with a tired voice, "and what do you expect us to do about it?".
  6. We have a similar problem here with Macquarie Pass. It is used by semi-traliers and gravel trucks and other heavy vehicles none of which have a hope in Hell of staying on their side of the road in the corners.
  7. Well don't go on Chum Creek rd then John its even worse with trucks and much narrower as i found out
  8. Was the truck sky-blue in color? I've had a run in twice with the same truck that likes to wander into the oncoming lane to "scare" bikes in that area.
  9. I have'nt been home to check the Vid yet mate, but I know it was "light" coloured. I don't think it was the same bloke you had the run-in with on your vid.
    I'll be posting the vid..ermm..after I edit the boring bits out...(coff). Would be interesting to see if it's 'your' bloke..

    I had been up there for an hour or so Stew, and had passed the logging trucks both directions a number of times....quietly and politely, giving a wave of acknowledgment, I might add (I was aware of the need NOT to antagonize them, from past knowledge).
    2-3 ks before the close call, I cruised quietly passed a different truck going in my direction, and then once I was a bit ahead, resumed normal operating proceedure.
    If I was paranoid, I could say that one radiod ahead to the other, that I was coming...
    Good to hear from you, btw. :)

  10. Editing would be required mate...no use having all that other boring stuff in there.. :-s

    Not bothering with the coppers, mate.

    ...don't want to hand them an excuse to ineffectively over-patrol and annoy everyone, get a few innocents on stupid technicalities, and say they've done a great job etc..
    I'll take care of things myself.

  11. FUK!!!! I met him last tuesday and again last night.

    The first time I was following him heading towards the roadhouse in the boxes, while sitting behind him I noted speeds of 90+ in some sections and he was really moving. I thought nothing of it at first and figured he knew the road and knew what he was doing.

    I passed him on a straight and at the time and speed I passed, I figured I wouldn't see him again. While setting up for my next corner, I looked in the mirror to see nothing but Grill. How the f^&* did he come up so fast?!?!?!?

    I took the corner as best I could (still pretty noobish through there), but if I had of had a brain fart and needed to brake, he wouldn't have even seen my brake light.

    After that I promptly fukd off forward with all the speed I could muster and that was the last I saw until the return lap.

    U turned at the roadhouse, and on the way back I was approaching a left to see him coming around cutting the corner somewhat. I veered left to the edge and he screamed on past.

    Last night again I saw him roaring through but did a U-turn at the picnic ground.

    Clearly this knob is a regular?
  12. Oh yeah mate...he's a regular and known. (Light blueish cab) And what happened to you, is typical from that truck.
  13. At very best, that is REALLY sloppy driving - load or no load, there's no need for that kind of line.
  14. FMD! I know that section and I know that a camera always looks closer than it is on a moving object, well it does with mine, but that was close!
  15. fark, thats insane! can't you lift the license plate number?
  16. If you had been in a car, you would have had nowhere to go. You would have crashed and been seriously hurt. It's ONLY because you were on a bike that you could change line. That driver is insane and should be dealt with.

    I'd post it on as many sites as you can. I also think that the cops should be directed to it. Although not evidence quality, the local coppers would know exactly who that was.

    I am seriously sick of arseholes like that.

    On another note, how about going to the stupid TAC advert site and posting a link to this from there. Then the TAC can waste their money on promoting safe driving for insane truckies.

    Man that was close.
  17. You guys need to confront this asshole before he kills someone.
  18. F*** That!

    Imagine it was a noob in that position!!!! From what I've read of your posts Raven you know what your doing but I can imagine a bit of panicking on my part if it happened to me or any other learner.

    As has been said, in a car you would have a choice of

    a: Tree

    b: Grill
  19. I've watched it a few times now...and I have to admit that a relatively new rider up there, perhaps trying to get a bit of a feel for the twisties on his/her bike, bothering no-one and riding at the speed limits, could easily have hit the brakes hard (Survival Reaction). Such a reaction could easily have put them into the trees or worse...put them right under the trailer wheels. (which is pretty much where I am pointed, just at that critical moment, where I think they might grab a handful..