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Beware: Really suspicious buyer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Davo_NSR150, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Had a guy come to see my bike today. Quiet, simple person or so he acted, I think he was a con artist and just looking to see if it was an easy steal. He had little idea about the NSR150, when I asked what sort of bikes hes seen he said he looked at a 750. Says he has been riding for years. He just walked around the bike and stared at it, no questions. Didn't ask me to start it or even look at the odo. He offered me 2k, which was well below the value as if he didn't want me to accept it. He also drives a luxury car, of which I handed a description, plates and his name that he provided (didnt sight his ID) to the local station.

    Not one thing made me think he wanted to buy the bike. I'm increasing security and being more careful with buyers now. If you think you've seen this guy before PM me.

    If you are selling a bike, sight all potential buyer's IDs as the first thing and don't show them where its kept especially if it's not garaged.

  2. Probably a motorcycle wholesaler trying to score a bargain. Lot of people are green when selling and often take a silly offer.

    Wholesalers may make 10 silly offers a day in person and get one person who say's yes and make 3 or 4 k for a days work.Big $ on bikes and cars for the right ones.

    I always ask buyers if they are dealers over the phone before i hand out the address to avoid time wasting.
  3. I thought about that, but he made an offer without looking at the odo or even asking me to start it up. He seemed to know nothing about bikes. He wasn't a smooth talker or anything, he seemed very sus.
  4. Yeh I had a similer thing when I sold my last bike (ironically a NSR150 aswell). People just stare blankly at it.

    I found the best trick is to have them meet you at a local servo or maccas carpark etc. I just use the excuse that there's better lighting there.

  5. If someone asked me to meet them at a servo or a maccas if I was the buyer then I'd immediately worry about it being stolen...
  6. Well then you would never buy a bike off me then :LOL: :p

    After an incident with my brother selling a bike many moons ago,
    A guy came to look at it, made an offer so far under his asking price it was offensive :mad: , later that same night he was back in a ute to 'acquire' the bike at a 5 finger discount. But earlier he failed to notice our alarm that was sleeping out the back......... Tiny was a cross bull mastiff / great dane and had the prick bailed up against the garage when we went out to investigate the cry's for help :LOL:

    The police didn't become involved, but lets just say he had to rethink his chosen profession :wink:

    So since then, any bike we have sold to an "unkown " has looked at the bike at a garage or car park etc.

    To the OP as others have said, going by the car and his manner I'd agree and say dealer or wholesaler :)
  7. Thats what a revs check is for. When I bought my CBR the guy met me somewhere to show it to me. He showed me his drivers license, showed me that his drivers license address matches the address on the rego papers, showed me the chassis number on the bike and gave me the paper and said to check it and he also had a revs check printout.

    I know its not bulletproof, at the end of the day if someone is seriously out to scam you there's a good chance that they will. You've kind of got to trust your gut instinct to a point, but not bringing people to your house and showing them where it's kept is a good precaution.

    It depends on the value of the vehicle your selling too. I've owned a couple of $1000 shitbox cars over the years and I let them come to my house and give them the keys and say "take it for a drive". But when I sold my 15 grand car I met them and my work and wouldn't let them drive it themselves.
  8. it definitely happens, thanks for the heads up too Davo. I'm about to list mine for sale as well, so I'll keep a lookout.

    meeting somewhere local (and not your home) is probably a wise idea too. Why would someone make an offer without having it started up, looking at the odo or anything else?

    reeks of scam/thief