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Beware online shop scams

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cafe_TT_racer, May 22, 2014.

  1. Hi All

    Was browsing online shops last night trying to get a good price on a Furygan T shirt that I liked that I cant get in OZ. Michael Dunlop wore it on one of his promo videos for the Isle of Man TT. Any way I came across a couple of sites that look very legitimate until you look into them further The sites are:


    Straight away the warning signs were:

    - too cheap
    - free delivery via china air
    - The "about us" listed a completely different website name

    I thought I would plug the names into www.scamadviser.com and sure enough the sites are dodgy.

    I then went as far as checkout to see what payment options were on offer. Only western Union and Wire transfer.

    So be careful out there guys, if its too good to be true it generally is.


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  2. Western Union and Wire transfer are usually Scams,

    Paypal is the way to go,

    I buy a lot of Chinese Gear, Electronics, Solar, Bike gear, Fairings, Etc, For Bike, Car, Coach and Boat,
    My new TV arrived this morning from China, Works perfectly,

    The Fairing is a bit of a dissapointment, No holes drilled in the Main Fairings, and it needs spacers to fit it, But not a problem for me to fit it, I have all the gear and the skills as well,

    But $500-00 Chinese ( including Double Bubble Iridium screen) compared to $3000-00 OEM, I am in front by a long way,
    Excess on insurance is $400-00, Im not insured, So I put $500-00 clear in my pocket,
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  3. You do have to be careful buying stuff from China but a lot of it is quite good and very cheap. I tend to only buy on ebay that way you can see their feedback plus if they send you something dodgy ebay will refund you (and paypal as well).
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  4. Same for me as Sas
  5. For the folks using e-bay, are you aware it's been hacked?
    If you use the same password for Pay Pal and e-bay your chance of loosing $$s is heightened.
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  6. Yep, Just change your pass word on Ebay,
  7. I wouldn't necessarily call the site a scam? It's only a scam if you don't actually receive what you paid for. However...

    Everything from China is cheap…but that's because it's a knockoff, not the officially licensed product. So cheaper quality, etc.

    Most sellers from China offer free delivery…it just take 45 to 60 days to get to you, but I've bought stuff on eBay from China w/ free delivery many times

    Although I do agree you wouldn't want to pay them by wire or Western Union as there is no recourse on your purchase if it doesn't arrive. At least w/ PayPal your protected.
  8. They were hacked over 3 months ago, damage may already be done.
    EBay knew & kept quiet.
    Better to change your PayPal password to something different too.
  9. The longest I have waited for stuff is 3 weeks, And they told me it would be a slow delivery before I bought it, China Post is Slow, Other carriers, under a week,

    I have a Visa card, Its not connected to any thing and I use a different bank for it,

    Its what I use to buy overseas with, I put the money in for the Transaction, and thats it,
    If you just want cheap, lowest price Etc, you will get burned,

    You have to actually dig up the company making it and buy from them, and they aren't necessarily the cheapest ones,
  10. Any one want to buy a ladies Rolex. The guy I bought it off told me it was a real bargain because he didn't have the box. One of the diamonds fell off the face so now the big hand plays soccer with it. I guess it wasn't a real one. Oh well.