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Beware of silver Hyundais...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. They are EVIL!! :evil:

    Well i got taken down on Friday night on kings way. car beside me swerved into my lane as we approached some traffic lights. Tried to swerve (left)..but as they came across, they clipped the front wheel..which immediately turned the wheel the other way and unceremoniously dumped me on the ground pinned under the bike.

    the bike landed fairly heavily on my right ankle which is now rather sore but fully operational. thank god(or other higher powers :grin: ) for the armour in my boots.

    right foot peg mount and bent and needs to be replaced...too much of a bend to straighted in Cast alloy.

    Gear stood up well..... no lasting marks on the draggins, IXON textile jacket doesn't even have a mark, boots coped a few scuff marks but still fine and helmet has a few more minor scratches...

    only thing i could have done with is torsional resistance in the boot... the armour saves me from breaking anything but getting pinned under the bike twisted a few things...it may not have helped but i'll be looking into new boots after a new lid.

    I'm not sure what else i could have done other than swerve....i was already braking due to the lights, and the ground was littered with those road snakes and while line markings. probably didn't help much be i think it was simply the hitting the front wheel which unloaded me.

    Oh and the driver did not follow the commandment below.....and simply drove off :evil: :evil: :evil: A pox on their house!
  2. :evil: just drove, eh!?

    they did notice hitting you, right?

    any witnesses? any cctv about?

    hope they get done! :evil:
  3. That sucks. Doesn't sound like there was anything more you could have done to avoid it, the driver obviously either didn't see you or simply didn't give a f*&k that you were there.
    Either way they should be strung up naked near a swarm of angry bees :evil: .
  4. Angry bees....sounds like a plan.

    i didn't get the plate no though....was too busy worrying about all the other cars around at the time.
  5. Did you file a police report anyway?
    With the number of hit and runs against bikes that people are posting I think we need to start always insisting on a police report. to highlight how common they are.
  6. Yes I agree..file a complaint.
  7. Thank God your ankle is ok, Drew!! This once again reinforces the fact that all other drivers and riders are idiots and you have to spend as much time thinking for them as you do for yourself :(.
  8. the funny (almost) thing about this one is that i saw the car in the other lane in my mirror...driving normally etc. it was when the crossed from my view in the mirror to my peripheral vision that they made their move.... almost appeared that in the mirror everything appeared OK and then suddenly everything was going to hell in a hand bag.

    I find it hard to contemplate they didn't see me as they came up from behind in the other lane....or maybe they just considered it my problem to avoid them? :evil: either way.. i copped it!

    i'm rather lucky it didn't buckle the front wheel.....still runs straight as far as i can tell...no wobbles at speed and smooth under brakes.
  9. My accident on xmas day 07 was a silver hyundai sedan aswell! he didnt run from the scene which was good, and he copped $8000 damage to his car from myself and my r6. (which is a STAT writeoff now)
  10. always assume the cages around you are gonna do something wrong when it happens it wont surprise you and you will be ready
  11. Nup, doesn't sound like you had much chance, Drew. Glad you're pretty much ok. I'm betting that the car probably didn't stop coz they didn't realise they hit you :-s . Did anyone stop to help?
  12. Yeah, 2 guys in the car behind stopped and made sure i was ok...and helped me get the bike off the road. Would have been a bit tricky getting up otherwise...Spada may only be light..but it still feels like a ton when its restinf on your ankle :?
  13. You expect drivers to be useless moopies with no car control and very little awareness of their situation - but nicking off is pretty f*cking average. File a report dude.
  14. Not good to hear, at least you were not hospitalized. Rock on ixon jacket though.
  15. +1

    Without the cars rego number, the cops can't do anthing other than take your statement but at least it puts the hit and run on record. The more reports that are made about these things, the more their stats will reflect the reality of the dangers to bikes. You never know, the gov might one day spend more money on driver education and less on building supplies for riders (I've stuffed all that sandpaper I've recieved with my rego renewals down my jacket but it doesn't feel much safer). :)
  16. This is starting to become a regular event for you.... the way your going there isn't going to be much left of the bike.

  17. File the police report - you'll need it if there's any complications and you need to make a TAC claim. Don't forget that TAC pays for things like physiotheraphy s if you need it for the twisted bits in your foot.
  18. Thanks for the support.... :p