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Beware of Green P Platers

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ametha elf, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I was riding home along Lutwyche Rd through Kedron last night. Was wearing a jacket with bright reflective strips plus I know my headlight is clear and strong but still this wasn't enough for the green P Plater to notice me. He flew straight out of a side street into the lane I was riding along, didnt even stop to check the busy road he was driving out onto. I had to do an emergency swerve and brake into the next lane (glad there was no other vehicle there) even so he only very narrowly missed hitting me. The car was full of young guys, flicking their cigarette butts out the window and music thumping away. Anyway, it was the closest thing Ive come to an accident on my commute, makes me yearn for those long and lazy country weekend rides away from city traffic.

  2. Beware of all colour plates
  3. yeah similar thing happened to me the other day riding up maroondah hwy, bloody Green Ps ute tries to push past me narrowly missing my bike and then 5 mins later van indicating left turns right *figures*. being on Ls atm i was a little shook up but you gotta roll with it
  4. Ametha Elf,
    Phew ! Glad to hear nothing more came out if this !
    I generally respect most road users (as I hope they do to me) but if there's any particular 'undisciplined' driver I loathe, one would have to be the P-Plater, as you described.
    Exactly the same thing has almost taken me out many times. I used to believe this mostly happened in lower socioeconomic areas but now I'm convinced these 'P Platers' (not all of them) are just a completely different 'don't give a fark' breed, the 'Y Gen', and can be seen doing this and other risky manoeuvres anywhere, anytime.

    Glad to hear you're ok (y)
  5. Saw one yesterday on the M4 @1pm... went to go into the RH lane (no indicator) which was already occupied by another cage. The cage the P-plater was about to merge into sounded his horn as a warning which appeared to be some secret signal Mr Green took to go right ahead so he swerved right into the lane (forcing the other cage to brake hard) and then wound his car up to ~$1.40. Watched him weave and swerve his way into the distance giving the same respect to other road users he encountered as he did with the first.
  6. nice generalisation BEIGE RIDER
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  7. Not a generalisation, it describes exactly what they were doing.
  8. Beware of everything, obviously.

    My view:

    L platers - we all know they are useless, but at least they generally know that too.

    Red P platers - USUALLY know they still have plenty to learn.

    Green P platers carry on as if they’ve been driving forever and OWN the road.
  9. hehehe...I had a golden moment on my way home this evening. I was on the Westgate bridge at about 7pm, just at the tail End of peak traffic; I moved into the 3rd lane and Green P plater started to veer from the 4th lane towards my rear tyre, then he veered back into the 4th lane looking very sheepish for not looking. I speed up to get away from him, but a few minutes later I noticed him im my mirror speeding towards me. I was cruising on the bike at $1.10. Green P plater drove past me on the left lane and was intent on going infront of me on the outside line. He must have been doing $1.20 as he passed the overhead speed camera. I was laughing in my helmet as I dropped back to $1.00
  10. Proof that fluro does nothing.
  11. This is because green p-platers are way better than all you old fogies.

    Make haste to your afternoon quiz shows and dentures, thee of such chronological disadvantage.
  12. L and P plates warn other road users of their inexperience,what did you expect ?
    Someone as experienced as yourself.
  13. A green P plater ran up the ass of my T. ********. He was looking at my nice car. And not the stop sign I was at. That was his excuse.
    Bet he grows up to be a tradie too.
    Good part is I was looking to buy a new boot to get rid of the bloody spoiler. Now I have a new one coming.
  14. That whole section of road is also pretty crap these days, glad to hear you're okay.
  15. Westgate Bridge cameras have been switched off for years dude. Unless you mean Millers Road, in which case.... sucked in P Plater
  16. Thats exactly what I've been thinking every day!!
  17. So I saw a driver that undoubtedly had many years experience pull a right hander across 3 lanes of moving traffic. No one even beeped, we all just stopped and watched in shock. Sort of amazing there wasn't a massive T-bone.
  18. Thats exactly what you're doing.
    You may be describing what happened, but you are using a broad brush to paint younger riders that have less than 3 years experience.
    I find its the old wobblers that are more oblivious on the road.
  19. Old people are fuckin outright dangerous, whether they mean to be or not.

    Anything with more than 2 wheels on the road should be treated as a danger, not just P platers.
  20. Is it only me??
    Am I the only one that's had a lot of the same crap done to me by non platers as well as platers?

    Forget the plates, they're all the same cages and most can't see you...
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