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Beware of Courier Drivers

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Rider, May 13, 2010.

  1. Can you believe this guy ?


    One-eyed van driver 'ran over scooter' Sean Fewster, Court Reporter From: AdelaideNow May 04, 2010 12:23PM

    Neil Spooner leaves the Magistrates Court after facing death by dangerous driving charges.

    Source: AdelaideNow

    A ONE-EYED delivery driver cannot blame his numerous vision problems for a suburban crash that killed a young scooter rider, a court has heard.
    Although Neil Spooner is missing his left eye and has reduced vision in his right, prosecutors today said that was no excuse for the death of Daniel Raphael.

    Mark Norman, prosecuting, told the District Court that Spooner simply failed to see and avoid Mr Raphael, and so crashed into him from behind.

    "Spooner has reduced horitzonal, peripheral vision in his remaining right eye," he said.

    "That does not explain why he failed to see Daniel, who was right in front of him.

    "He did not slow down, he did not brake, he did not swerve - he simply did not see Daniel at all."

    Spooner, 55, of Athelstone, is standing trial for causing death by dangerous driving.

    It is alleged that, in June 2006, his driving killed Mr Raphael on Unley Rd.

    Today, Mr Norman said Spooner was legally allowed to drive despite losing his left eye to diabetes.

    "He was working as a van driver, and was delivering urgent medical supplies to the Royal Adelaide Hospital," he said.

    "It was also his last delivery of the day - one of the issues, for this trial, is whether he was in a rush.

    "Even if he was not, he was certainly driving too fast for the road conditions on this day."

    That night, Unley Rd was poorly lit, wet from rain during the day, laboured with heavy traffic and clogged by parked cars.

    He said Spooner moved into the left-hand lane to pass a car, then merged back into the right-hand lane.

    It was then, he said, he crashed into Mr Raphael - who was stationery on his scooter in that lane, waiting to make a right-hand turn.

    Mr Norman said that, even at speed, Spooner would have had "three whole seconds" to see Mr Raphael before the crash.

    "Anyone with two eyes conducting that manoeuvre, in those conditions, is driving dangerously," he said.

    "For Spooner, therefore, it's inherently dangerous."

    The trial, before Judge Rauf Soulio, is continuing.
  2. Mods, not sure if I posted this in the right place , Maybe should have been in near misses (A place to vent ?)
  3. "It is not my fault I killed him, I can't see very well!"

    WHY THE **** ARE YOU DRIVING??????


  4. Am I reading correctly?

    "It is alleged that, in June 2006, his driving killed Mr Raphael on Unley Rd."

    2006?! are you kidding?. Is our justice system so completey screwed?

    I am not surprised that victims family members take the law into their own hands after being made to wait so long for such matters to come to court.

    I would take an eye for an eye for sure if it was one of my kids killed by such a gutless funt!
  5. i'd imagine he will get free room, board and sex in a low security prison complete with tennis courts and swimming pool for a couple of months...and they"ll reduce the speed limmit on the road where it occured...problem solved, case closed, next!

    nothing is achieved... punishing him is pointless because he's obviously an apathetic sociopath without a care for the safety of others...i mean he's blind and he chooses to go driving in a car at night in the rain...so that much is self evident...he can't learn from his mistake or feel remorse or make ammends because he's not a rational, reasonable person.

    ...somebody out there is giving drivers licences to blind people.
    .. and somebody out there hired a blind man as a courier.

    these people need to be held to account.

    how many more blind people are legally driving around.

    i read the story and that young bloke on a scooter could have just as easilly been me or you... i hate making those turns in those conditions... when i do that, i put all my trust in the system, that the person comming up fast behind me has been tested and licenced to manage that vehicle... the system is ****ed and there should be a full blown royal commission.

    i get it all the time "motorcycles are dangerous", friends, family, workmates etc.

    break it down> the machine (motorcycle) is NOT dangerous.
    > the rider (myself and the vast majority) is/are NOT dangerous
    > the dangerous drivers are the only source of danger.

    this man was blind in one eye , meaning no depth perception , meaning cannot safely judge distances...other eye was badly deteriorated....and somewhere theres a loophole that allows him to drive a car on public roads... any reasonable person would realize that's just ludicrous., defies belief.

    if the outcome of this case is nothing more than my opening sentence, then that's a clear message to all of us that because we ride our lives are considered worthless... and WE are not the problem.
    the dangerous drivers are the problem.

    and you cannot fix that problem with simply lowering the speed limmit... but that's the ONLY answer they have
  6. Daniel was my only son , We could not speak of the case untill it went to court and we are still waiting for the verdict . We have had no apology from the driver or the courier company in 4 years . Daniel was innocent and killed by this driver. Yes one excuse was he didnt see him !!!!
    Once the verdict is decided I will post more facts on the incident and the legal system .
    The driver acts as if he is the victim, which makes our loss even harder to accept .
    Please keep safe out there .
  7. While condolences offered by an unknown on the internet aren't worth much, you have mine. I hope justice is served.
  8. Well said, and agreed.

    Incomprehensible that he didn't have his license taken away when he lost the eye.
  9. Thankyou .

    The outcome of the trial will do nothing for us as we lost 4 years ago and it won't bring Daniel back , however if this guy is convicted it will be a win for all road users as hopefully he will be taken off the road. He continues to drive as a courier driver and does so in all conditions even after causing a fatality . We just don't want another family in grief .

    Cheers Rider
  10. Monkey some of your comments reflect how we have felt for the past 4 years . It is comforting to know there are people of similar minds. This could have been any rider. Lets hope that this will not happen again .
  11. yes why does the bastard have a license??

    What amazes me is the ones that can see go out of their way to make themselves blind. Here's a pic I took from in my car (we were both stationary in peak hour traffic). Is this mofo a vampire or something? If you can't see thats a chinese newspaper thats been tucked intothe window in addition to all those sun shades. Same thing - if this prick can't handle the sun for some medical reason, get the f*ck off the road until he can.

  12. rider, i can't even begin to fathom your loss.
    yours is not a pain i can relate to.
    i was'nt aware the young man on the scooter was your child when i posted.
    and i apologise if it came accross as being insensitive or less than tactfull.
    you have my sincere condolences and sympathy.
  13. No apologies needed, what you wrote came from the heart . It was an honest interpretation of how you read the story . If anything it was a great support and in many ways resembles how we have felt for a long time .
    Thanks mate .
  14. I can understand the feelings of people about this tragic accident. The heartfelt loss of his family is clear. But, for better or worse, the integrity of our justice system requires that it make a judgement alone on the facts as they are presented. The judge did that and made his decision - there can never be any winners in such cases. While understandable, the behaviour and comments of the family were very sad to see. No amount of verbal abuse and threats as were made in court today can change what has happened. Those of us who have lost loved ones in road accidents, and there are thousands of us, come to realise sooner or later that peace can only come through understanding and acceptance rather than blame and a hope for punishment. My hope i that the Raphaels reach that point in their lives sooner rather than later.
  15. d i s g r a c e f u l. Truly, and utterly disgraceful.
  16. Hey Rider
    My best friend was killed by a similar accident in Orange. A car reversed over him and killed him. except it was on a private road and he DIDNT have a licence and now he is getting off free, no charges. i dont know how people can justify this 'justice' system. I am now enrolled in Undergraduate law to do my best to never allow these people to slip through these ridiculous 'loopholes'.
  17. update.

    Part-blind crash courier has licence cancelled
    Posted Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:55am AEDT

    Adelaide 5000 A partially-blind courier driver involved in a fatal crash in Adelaide has had his licence cancelled.

    An inquest into the death of scooter rider, Daniel Raphael, heard last month that Neil Spooner was still working as a courier.

    The inquest was also told of 11 crashes Mr Spooner had had in eight years.

    South Australian Road Safety Minister Tom Kenyon has told Parliament Mr Spooner was to have had restrictions added to his licence, but a review committee decided instead on a permanent cancellation.

    "I spoke to Daniel Raphael's family to inform them of the review committee's decision which will take effect on 6th of April 2011. Under section 98ZA of the Motor Vehicle Act 1959, Mr Spooner has the right to appeal the decision of the review committee to the District Court," he said.

    Cheers Rider
  18. A fitting verdict for anyone who claims to not have seen a vehicle and consequently harms its rider and/or passenger.

    Thanks for the update. My commiserations, Rider.
  19. Condolences Rider, my brother and I discussed this case with great sadness