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BEWARE!! Magpie season

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pat65, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. The other day I was out riding with a mate going through a 50 zone in the suburbs. All of a sudden I feel / hear something scratching on my helmet. It stopped for a few seconds and then came back.

    At the next set of lights my mate told me (with a big grin on his face) that it was a magpie that took a couple of swoops at me. It was obvoiusly attracted to my helmet, my mate being a Harley rider was wearing a matt black helmet of course and wasnt disturbed. :LOL:

  2. I think the magpie's need to be more afraid of swooping the hard shell of a motorcycle helmet than we need to be of them ;)
  3. I'm pretty sure a magpie will come off second best if they charge into your helmet...
  4. Yeah but they scare the "WTF" out of you!
  5. Paint eye's on the back of your helmet.

    Or have your pillion sit backwards.

    That'll stuff 'em.
  6. LOL how funny is that!
    ive never seen that before but i bet ya it would have been scary.
  7. Wasn't it established in another thread that 'a lot of birds like bikes' ???

  8. LOL. birds like bikes, i love it. :LOL:

    I thought magpie mating season started in november, i guess your attackers had too much testosterone stored.
  9. Lol.. The chef at work goes out of his way to hit them! :twisted:
  10. :rofl:

    My Missus thinks that the entire population of magpies are out to get her, so maybe she should stay off the back seat this summer. :)
  11. The only time a magpie had a go at me was back in the 6th grade eons ago, heard a swoop sound and a snap of a beak and the site of an angry mag pie flying away, scared the shite out of me.
  12. Happened to me the other day as well! Was just sitting there at the lights and heard this tap tap on my helmet, thought WTF. Then another tap tap, looked around as I saw it flying off. Stupid bird I thought to myself. :LOL: :LOL:
  13. It'd be funny if a maggie got it's beak caught in the air vents :D
  14. lol - yeah ive seen them on the way home swooping people, its a funny sight.
    When i ride my pushbike to work id get swooped all the time. I now have cable ties hanging out of the bicycle helmet and not more swooping.
  15. roflrofl
    great visual with the reverse pillion, armed to the teeth.
  16. This happened to me just yesterday. Kept getting a tap-tap on the helmet as I was cruising in town to the bank. A maggie was just flying along right above my helmet and dropping down to have a few more scratches about every 5 seconds. She did it again as I left. I was able to watch it all on the ground by the shadows being cast. Would've been some sight to see, this rider rolling down the road with his "pet" magpie flying 10cm above his head going in for repeated attacks.

    Swooping magpies are all females, not male.
  17. I saw an old bloke get knocked off his pushy years ago when a maggie gave him a few love taps on the top of his helmet.
    After he got up and brushed himself off he stood there for near 10 minutes shaking his fists at it and calling it all the names under the sun.
    The maggie just sat up on the power lines and watched the old begger go to town.
    He finally gave up, jump on his bike and road off......only to be pecked on the back of the head again.
    By this time he was a fair distance away but could still hear him cursing his ass off as he road out of sight..

    Now that was gold
  18. I saw a bloke on St. Kilda Rd. the other day with cable ties sticking out of his helmet, wondered what the hell it was all about!