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Beware: 419 scammers 'selling' bikes on digiads

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by chrome, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Edit: This is obviously a scam. After a couple of emails with the guy, it became obvious. So, I'm changing the topic to make it clear and for google to pick up on for search terms. A good rule here: Never buy a bike you havn't inspected yourself (or had a trusted friend/family inspect for you) and don't trust anyone who talks about using 'escrow' companies. They're fake.

    So, I've been obsessing about which bike to get first to learn on, wasting too much time on it. Which is great, because I've now got a fair idea of what bikes I like and could afford, bearing in mind the first bike I get I'm probably going to drop and need to replace soonish anyway.

    Anyway, I set myself a budget of 3k, figuring that should be enough to at least get a nice 250. A cruiser would be great, but I'd settle for a sports style bike and look like a fool if I had to.

    Shopping around I see a 2000 Suzuki GSF250V for $1,250! This is quite a bit cheaper than what the red book says that bike should go for. The bike itself looks almost perfect in the photos, the bike looks better than what you'd expect for 40,000 kms on it. I'll not link it, but needless to say, I sent a guy a mail. This is what I got back:

    Is it normal to discuss shipping and handling in a private sale ... ? And it's so cheap! This seems a bit ... hmmm ... to me. Grey import? Stolen?

    I still want to go check the bike out, but how do I check that its all kosher? He posted the registration number so presumably I can do a check with that?

    This is the first time I've ever bought a vehicle second hand from someone I don't know ... so I'm a little nervous. Usually when things seem too good to be true, they are - and at this price, I have to ask, what the hell is wrong with it?!? :)
  2. I know! I'm a geek. I can work this out.

    1) One thing that puts me off, he posted a gmail account and replied with a hotmail account with a completely different name than on the ad.

    2) Hotmail (and all other webmail providers) put the originating IP in the header:

    X-Originating-IP: []

    Thats the IP of the person using the hotmail site.

    he aint local!

    Maybe this is some 419 style scam; put a cheap bike online, if someone who is not local to the ad replies then offer to send it to them, get money transferred then disappear?


    Oh well, I'll see if I get a response from him. I asked to call him about arranging to come out and pay cash for the bike.
  3. Do a REVS check and bring big, menacing friends with you when you go to meet the bloke. Not sure how you check whether it's a grey import or not.

  4. Thankfully I'm big and menacing as it is, but I'll be taking a mate there anyway as he'll be riding it home for me if it checks out ;)

    But I think this is a scam, to be honest. Its too good to be true, and his mail was so quick the on the first reply but when I said I was in Sydney, nothing, nada, zip. And his computer is in Germany or somewhere near there. It doesn't add up.
  5. I wouldn't buy a vehicle sight unseen, full stop.
    If it's good enough to warrant it, I might travel to see it and buy it, but never send off money and await shipment.
    Call me paranoid, but I don't trust strangers and you shouldn't either.
  6. The bike may not be dodgy, but the advert seems to be....
  7. Being a grey import shouldn't matter as these bikes are quite common in OZ.
    If you can pay cash and pick the bike up then I don't see a problem just get it checked out and make sure it isn't stolen, has money owing on it or been written off.
    You should be able to check this online, perhaps someone from NSW can direct you to a website, check RTA site.
    My gut feeling will be that he's interstate or overseas and the bike will need to be shipped to you and if that's the case it's a con and do not continue contact with the loser.
    Good luck
  8. Dont part with a dollar until you've seen the bike personally with its registration and VIN details and can REVS check it.

    Sounds dodgy, but all youve lost is a bit of time if you keep your wallet closed.
  9. Wasn't planning on buying it unseen. You're absolutely right, that would be foolhardy.

    I was more interested in what checks I could do before and (if he actually exists) during the actual check of the bike.

    I don't care if it's a grey, more if it's stolen or written off or whatever. Thanks guys for pointing me to REVS :)
  10. Re: Dodgy bike for sale?

    That's a defeatist attitude. Why take it? I'm determined to never drop a bike (even though I came close a couple of weekends ago by catching it about 40 cm from the ground in a stationary almost-drop) and I only plan to replace my current bike with either a 600, 675 or 750 early next year.

    As for the bike in the ad, the price is too good to be true if its in good condition.
  11. If your gut feeling is that it sounds dodgy... trust your instincts and keep looking elsewhere. You don't want to buy a bike you end up hating and spending heaps of money on... or worse have it come up as stolen.

    There are hordes of good bikes out there for learners within your budget... just don't be in too much of a rush
  12. It's a scam. Plenty of threads on here about similar offers, including one bloke who parted with his cash :roll:
  13. Re: Dodgy bike for sale?

    Meh, just realistic. If I bought a nice new shiny and dropped/scratched it in the first week, I'd be grumpy.

    Anyway, I've not heard anything else from this bloke after asking to come see the bike, so its most likely a scam. This is the ad btw:


    After looking at digiads for a bit yesterday, I must say most of the ads there seem to be similar. Unbelievably good prices for some of the bikes. I think it advisable to just steer clear of digiads.

    Have since found a 92 Honda CB250 for sale for a very reasonable price, spoke to the bloke and will go down to check it out tonight. Win! Have iPhone so will check the rego etc on the spot before handing over the cash. Got a mate to ride it back as I am as yet unlicensed ... I'm sure thats going to be REAL fun for him riding back for an hour in the dark, most likely in the rain.
  14. Re: Dodgy bike for sale?

    Sounds like a good plan. Good luck with it, post some pics up when/if you get it :)
  15. LOL, and I got a reply from him. Classic 419 bait and switch.


    edit: lol he forgot to search and replace 'car' with 'bike' everywhere:

  16. Tell him you have a mate in Adelaide that wants to inspect it.
  17. I was going to say the same thing ;)
  18. yeah and stringing along the nigerian prince that needs my help is fun for a while too!
  19. "But it's at the shipping company in Adelaide."

    What's their address?

    "They are closed for fumigation..."

    What's the address and when do they re-open?

    "The warehouse has burnt down so you can't go there now."


    It can be so much fun if you just play along.
  20. lol, no, not going to 419 bait him. Couldn't be arsed :)

    edit: removed the rest of this post as it's not relevant. Will add it to my other thread for posterity's sake :p