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Between gixxer and viffer

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ricardo68, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Been riding for a year and a half now and I'm getting a handle on how I ride and what I want out of a bike. I commute every other day through a national park with lovely twisties and will eventually do a bit more short distance touring (day or two rides etc).

    My bike ADD has seen me on a cbf250 (ok for first couple of months), gs500f (great bike, more power please) and currently on an sv650 (another great bike).

    My sv is great, but the vtwin is a bit on/off and I wouldn't mind some extra, smoother power.

    I rode my mate's k7 gsxr750 ... wow! Impressed is an understatement! Power all over the place and a great ride. But, too aggressive a seating position!

    VFR800 was also nice to ride but a touch heavy and more upright than I'd like ...

    I also rode a newer cbr1000 and had the sh!t scared outta me!

    So what's in between? Something:

    Reasonably light and agile
    Larger than 600, smaller than 1000
    3-4 cylinders

    I'll be riding a few in the coming weeks including 675 Daytona, cbr954, k5 gsxr750, and a few others.

    Budget to $8k or so...

    Thanks in advance !!
  2. :deal:

    that's the one. you need that. fun yes.
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  3. You won't like the riding position of the Daytona; the 954 is a classic, although bit long in the tooth for some.
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  4. Yamaha FZ1. Any model.
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  5. Go try a sv1000 if you like yours but want some more power. They are overlooked and there are some bargains around.
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  6. Thanks for the comments guys, I'll defo look at the fazers and I have high hopes for the blade. The sv I suspect would be an awesome, torquey bike but perhaps power would be a bit full on? My only real complaint with my sv is the power is quite jumpy, like a light switch if that makes sense??

    After some time on cycle-ergo.com and its thrown.up a couple more options, zx9r and cbr600f4i ... altho the latter might not be a big step up in power over the sv??
  7. The 4 cylinders such as the GSXR750 will be more "light switch" than the twin. The SV1000 makes less power than the GSXR750. Just has more torque.

    The CBR600 would make a lot more power than the SV650, which would only make 70hp ish. The CBR would make 100 ish I would have thought. The cbr will be harder to ride quick but because you are used to having more torque.

    You should test ride as many as you can, there really isn't a bike that has been mentioned in this thread that is a bad bike. It is all personal preference of which advantages/disadvantages you can live with.
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  8. Yeh absolutely, and thanks for your comments Vert! I will spend the next couple of weekends riding as much as I can and go from there !!
  9. K5/6 gixxer1000. Physically as small as a 600 so it's easy to throw around and more power than your ever gonna need, but that's the whole point isn't it. It's right within your budget too.
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