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between a rock and a hard place

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by skunked5, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. i amagine you all have heard this before but i am in need of some advice..

    I am on a restricted license and am a bigger bloke 6.2f and 100kg+. Really like the sports bike look but the crusier comfort so basically i am after the best of both worlds. Have tested a cbf400 but thought was a bit pricey. a penny for your thoughts.

  2. Money upfront.
  3. trying for a second hand but the bank sez i can have some money. wouldnt go any further than 10k.
  4. Who's Penny?
  5. GS500?
    When Suzuki bring out the SV650U look at one of them?
  6. Some questions have no satisfactory answer. ANY restricted bike will struggle with 100+kg on board, whatever the seating position or style. At the risk of appearing trite, you should probably try and get your weight down, if only for the sake of your health, if nothing else..
  7. the cb400 does absolutely fine (i'm ~95kg). I'd be amazed if it goes any worse with 150-160 on it.

    125s maybe, but even a decent 250 should do ok carrying a decent lump.
  8. i agree, i used to be in the same position. i used to be 108kg, now down to 85kg.

    trust me not only does it make riding easier but easier to find gear that fits!

    definitely worth putting some effort into
  9. While I agree with Hornet600 on the health issues I know of a certain ZZR250 that almost manages to max out carrying a lot more than 100kg and a similar height to your good self.
    You may possibly fit better on a more upright style of bike and the CB400 or GS500 could serve you well. Treat these as a first bike and not a last bike and upgrade when you are ready.
  10. I'm 6'3" and 100kg and ride a TTR250. It tops out at about 120 (indicated) but takes a while to get there. We bought the bike before LAMS came into vic and it was the only 250 I felt comfortable on apart from the Hyosung. Wife and I both need the high seat height, and I'm getting old and stiff so the upright position suits me better. However, it does feel a bit small.

    If we'd had the LAMS law in I would definitely have bought something bigger, if only to have that little bit of power in hand when needed.

    SV650FU looks well worth waiting for as when you come off your P's it looks like an ECU swap will give you the full power version!
  11. Actually not so Paul. Don't confuse a 120kw/tonne 250 with a 149kw/tonne 500 or 650.

    We're talking a 25% increase in power in these cases.

    Shane (Roundman) who is a lot bigger than that used to get around quite well on a Hyoflung 250 cruiser when he was on restrictions.

    And 100kg is not that much overwight for someone who's 6'3" either. :p
  12. I'm 6' tall and weigh in around 115k's last time I checked

    My ZXR250 has no trouble getting me around, the fastest I've gone is 150 km at 11,000 rpm still had more to go
  13. remember than mass doesnt particularly affect the top speed on a flat, generally only acceleration and suspension travel. regardless, these effects will be negligable for such a small increase in total rider+bike mass.

    Consider that a full vs. empty tank (25L) will add about 20kg.
  14. You rude bugger! :shock: :) As Tony said, that's not *necessarily* over-weight for his height (would vary in each case).
    Under LAMS various 650s are avaialble to you and would be fine. You;re bigger issue is to sit on them and see if they are comfy given your height.
  15. Haha no offense taken, i like to think its all muscle. I really like the feel of the Cb400 but i thought it tad expensive. Loving the looks of the fvr400 import but cant find one to ride (tassie)to see if it fits