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Betting on Superbikes.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by BRK, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Greetings all,

    I notice the TAb doesnt have the odds for the superbikes up, only motogp. Do they normally allow betting on both or just the one??


  2. You probably should ask them. They will know.
  3. You can definately bet on WSBK - but this year, the bookies are still scrambling to get their odds together. So much has changed that nobody's putting out numbers yet.
  4. Thanks Loz. Now we know.
  5. I reckon young Ben Spies could be worth dropping a dollar or 2 on.
  6. Him or Shakey... Or Nitro Nori... Huge lineup this year!
  7. Nope. Haga's had a lash at the Ducati once before and didn't come up with the silverware. It just doesn't seem to suit his style. My 2 cents :)
  8. Not many sleeps now, and we will all have a better idea.
  9. I work for a company IAS that offers bookies prices on the bike races. Currently we are only offering Moto GP markets only but am trying to convince them to bet on the supers, so stay tuned. The only place to bet on the supers at this stage if Betfair. Am happy to post odds for up coming races and championship odds. You can easily open an account and i think they have some offers of free bets when you open an account. Sorry for plugging my company i don't know whether thats right or not but stay tuned for updates. PM if you have any questions or want the link.
  10. You are not really meant to plug your company, but you wouldn't know this info otherwise. Thanks for giving a definitive answer to the Original Post.

    It will be easier to pick a Moto-GP winner, than WSBK.
  11. It'll be a Nori Spies shakeup this year.

    Roarin was right, Nori had a go in 2004 and did ok, but if Phillip Island is any sign, he seems to have settled with the bike.

    Spies on the other hand, new bike, new track, new tyres..... he did magnificantly well.
  12. Spies is a class act. He will do ok this year.

    Can't wait to see how he deals with living in Europe.
  13. I was discussing WSBK with others and they also mentioned that US and AUS riders often suffer down-fall trying to adjust to living inEurope...... I dont get it...... I have lived there....Am I missing something?

    Be curious on peoples responses.
  14. It's probably because they get too much sex and it sucks the energy out of them, everyone knows how promiscuous European women are! And the diet.....snails, frogs legs and God knows what saps their will to win as well. :grin:
  15. For those interested.
    Latest odds for round 2 Supers Qatar.
    Haga 9/4
    Spies 3/1
    Fabrizio 7/1
    Neukirchner 8/1
    Biaggi 10/1
    Haslam 16/1
    Kagayama 20/1
    Checa 20/1
    Corser 25/1
    These odds from an english firm.
    Good odds if you don't like the favourites.
  16. Thanks Fewy. Where do we go, to put a bet on?
  17. Valencia race 1 win market.
    From sportingbet.com.au
    Ben Spies [YAM] 2.80
    Noriyuki Haga [DUC] 3.50
    Max Biaggi [APR] 6.50
    Max Neukirchner [SUZ] 13.00
    Carlos Checa [HON] 17.00
    Michel Fabrizio [DUC] 19.00
    Ryuichi Kiyonari [HON] 23.00
    Yukio Kagayama [SUZ] 26.00
    Shinya Nakano [APR] 26.00
    Tom Sykes [YAM] 29.00
    Leon Haslam [HON] 34.00
    Jonathan Rea [HON] 34.00
    John Hopkins (Honda) 41.00
    Shane Byrne [DUC] 41.00
    Jakub Smrz [DUC] 41.00
    Troy Corser [BMW] 51.00
    Regis Laconi [DUC] 67.00
  18. Thanks Fewy. This will help the betting folk here.
  19. Spies on Pole.
    Can anyone stop the Yank?
    3 dukes outside him. Laconi, Haga and Fabrizio.
  20. He stopped himself