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Better to buy gear before or after buying bike or scooter?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by WYSIWYG, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. I recently got my Ls and am now ready to start riding (scooters, but please don’t hold that against me). My questions relate to buying protective gear and are equally applicable to newbies like me who are in the market for a motorcycle or scooter.

    I’m planning on test-riding a few scooters soon and am looking for advice on a few things. I’ve looked through the forums but couldn’t really find the information I’m looking for.
    • Protective gear – would you recommend that I get my own helmet, jacket and gloves before I start test-riding?
    • I’m also considering renting a scooter for a few days and trying the commute to work…(although the thought of riding in Sydney’s peak hour traffic is daunting). The same question as above applies – would I better off with my own gear or hire the gear with the scooter? I’m wondering if there are any benefits in doing this other than hygiene.
    • Or, am I better off waiting until I decide on the scooter I want and try to get a discount off the gear?
    • Would I get a better discount if I bought the gear separately as a package e.g. helmet, gear and gloves?

    Thanks in advance! :)

    (Apologies if this is in the wrong forum)
  2. I would suggest buying your gear before the bike...that way you are all kitted out for test rides...at the mimimum I would have gloves, jacket, helmet and boots.

    Most bike shops will be cool with you trying on the gear and sitting on the bikes/scooters to get an idea of how they fit...as for discounts you will probably be better off buying it at the same time as the scooter if you are buying from a dealer, they generally won't move much on the price of the bike/scooter but are willing to do good deals on the accessories
  3. Thanks for the advice Bamm Bamm. Much appreciated.

    I went to a motorcycle store yesterday to try helmets and jackets on....that was as far as I got. So many to see and try on, I didn't have time for gloves.

    I still prefer to see and try gear on before I buy it, especially if I have no knowledge of motorcycles and scooters!

    Thanks again.
  4. Ya I started to buy gear before I got my bike but that’s only cause I was 100% set on riding.

    If your still so so about the whole riding thing I wouldn’t commit to much as it can get pretty expensive.

    Stores will almost always give good discounts if you buy a few things at once form them, esp when you buy from the same place, I don’t even have to ask for a discount at Sydney City anymore, they just give me a discount and I havnt bought a bike or anything but gear and some products from them, but I always go to them when it comes to it and know almost everyone there by name.

    So look, its up to you, if your committed to doing it, go out and buy it, always always better to have your own and to wear it all in a bit. But if your still a bit so so about riding then prob best to rent, as selling second hand helmet is hopeless and like I said, gear can be pretty expensive.

    Apart from that, good to see a scooter rider finally wearing gear! See how long it lasts tho :p
  5. All good stuff.
    Also get used to wearing gear early on in your riding career.
    Too many I have known held out, and once they bought leathers and backprotectors, the desire to kit up failed them.

    Its good to form life saving habits!
  6. Thanks for your great advice, and definitely noted.

    I'm definitely keen on riding - public transport to my new job is shocking. I've even started cycling to work out of frustration - takes the same amount of time, and I don't stress about missing connecting buses (if they turn up at all).

    I'll check out Sydney City, fitryder. Thanks for the tip. I've only been to MCAS in the city and they've got a huge range of stuff except for the Ixon jacket that I want to try (Sismic). I'm hoping that they'll give me a discount if I buy helmet, jacket and gloves from them.

  7. You need a helmet (plastic not carbon fibre) around $150 mark
    and some gloves (simple trail gloves or summer gloves) around $50
    thats it at your stage with a scooter you dont need race leathers boots etc

    wear some jeans and a tough jacket (im sure you hve these already)

    What scooter you looking at???
  8. Thanks - I guess I might be going over the top with gear.

    I had thought about getting something cheaper like Rjays Striker helmet and summer gloves, then wear the thickest jacket I have with jeans, to tide me over until I found my 'riding' legs...but it's my paranoia and the healthy respect/fear for/of braving Sydney's peak hour traffic with zero riding experience (other than cycling). I do have years of driving experience in peak hour so I know what the idiots on the road are capable of....which is why I was thinking of the best gear I can afford that's going to give me as much protection. (Nolan N-102, Ixon Sismic or Rjays Octane...not sure about gloves yet, but I'll find the answer in here somewhere...)

    As for scooters - thinking of Bolwell VS125, Piaggio Fly or BUG Agility. Yet to ride any of them, but will do so now that I've got my Ls.

    Thanks again.
  9. If you’re going to get squashed by a car/truck no helmet or leathers will save you, leather racing gear is good for high speed corners coming off and body skids. In slow moving situations like you, jeans will be ok, as for the helmet, they are all aus standard as1698 and are tested at the same crash test, some expensive helmets are just as safe as the el cheapo, the diff is the weight, the cheaper being the heavier.
  10. Noted.

  11. goto a bike store and get all your sizing.

    but buy online from the USA.

    our currency is strong atm, and their prices are way cheaper than AUS
  12. Bzzzt, wrong.

    A Shoei TZ-R saved my life when the dog trailer of a dump truck rolled over both it and my chest. My leather jacket, while it likely did much less than my helmet to save my life, surely did not hurt.

    The TZ-R is Australian Standards approved just like a $100 RJays lid from MCAS... but if you think I'd trust my life to the $100 plastic you're nuts.

    Helmets are probably the one bit of kit you can _never_ spend too much money on. My only wish is that there was verifiable information on the comparative safety of helmets above and beyond the AS sticker - i.e. is the X-Eleven quantifiably safer than the TZ-R
  13. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    thats a pretty full on incident, mate.
    how did you pull up?
    and is that blood on your helmet/padding?

    :shock: jebus....
  14. I actually bought my helmet way before even doing my Ls as a way of saying, "Well, you've paid for a helmet, are you going to put it to use and actually get a bike?" since I'm a little slow in getting myself organised.

    Needless to say, I did spend a lot of time wearing it around the house just for kicks =D
  15. Heh, I did the exact same thing with my kit when I first bought it :grin:

    I'm at about 90 or 95% of normal right now (accident was in December 07). I'll have medical approval to ride again by this Friday and hopefully a new bike by end of month. Looking at either a Sprint ST or Daytona 675.

    And yeah, that red stuff is blood.
  16. Thanks for the advice and comments everyone.

    Zeddicus, good luck with the medical and new bike - glad you're OK. Hopefully I won't go through the same experience as you - no offence!

    I bought my scooter and hopefully will pick it up tomorrow. I went for the Bolwell VS125 and the Nolan N-102 helmet. I spent hours trying on different helmets and still kept coming back to the Nolan. Lucky for me, I seem to have a head that fits most brands - Shoei, HJC, AGV, KBC except Arai, THH and Rjays. Also got an Rjays Le Mans jacket and gloves as part of the deal.

    Now to get some Draggin or Hornee jeans/pants and I'm set.

    Thanks again all.
  17. Cheesus!...there are some off the mark thoughts in this thread!.

    So to all new riders.....

    FFS, Buy a good Helmet!..(how much do you value your head!!!!???) $150 does'nt cut it.! You need to spend TWICE that amount to get something at least half decent.

    Jeans!...suitable for riding!?...Bullshit!...At the very least get some draggins...One day when you hit the road, you will know why, and will wish you'd listened.

    For some reason, Scooter riders seem to think that the road does'nt hurt as much because they are "only riding a scooter"...

    Here's a thought....go home tonight, grab a cheese-grater and run it up and down your knees and elbows a few times..., then hit yourself with a hammer over the top of your new "mushy flesh look" to simulate impact damage.....see what gear you might decide to buy after doing THAT!

    Give yourself a chance, ok...and it would seem from some of the comments here, a few others uoght to be re-evaluating their gear as well.

    The whole metality of I don't ride too fast so I don't need to worry as much about gear is absurd. It's like saying, I don't drive as fast, so I don't need to have good brakes!! Since when?

    We must get the best gear we can afford - of course - but there are minimums. If you can't afford the minimums, then stay off the bike until you can.
  18. There is a fair amount of research suggesting this statement is not true. In fact low impacts such as comming off at low speed or low siding in a corner may well be better survived in a softer plastic shell than a more expensive fibreglass job.

    This article is a long read but worth the effort.
  19. Do what I have done.

    I bought a 'cheap' helmet ($200) for test rides. Once I buy a bike I'll invest in better gear - if I happen to buy from a dealer I will make sure a decent helmet is part of the deal.

  20. Could be true, mate...(I confess I have'nt read the whole article - yet), but you can spend $300 dollars on a "softer" plastic style helmet if plastic will do the job, and at least have a quality item...Why buy a $150 elcheapo.

    From my quick scan through the article, they discuss typical situations, which is fair enough...trouble is...no crash I've ever had fits their "typical situations", even though they have occurred in similiar circumstances.

    I'm not convinced such a softer item would stand up to a typical 60k-80k face plant on the side of a car that dropped a uey right in front of the rider, or to a 4wd bullbar that t-boned the rider in the middle of an intersection? Both of which I would describe as quite possible events in normal commuter riding.

    An interesting article...lots of thought provoking stuff, that we all should read, but I will stand by what I siad in my OP. :) :p