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Better to buy a bike with a dealer near by or not?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Relax, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. So in my quest to find a bike ive narrowed it down to ahand full...

    Kawasaki Ninja 650
    Ninja 300

    Yamaha FZ6R

    Now what sort of hit me this morning is that there are no Kawasaki Dealers locally, nearest is 4hrs. So if i buy a new Kawa, the break in period, first service and any other things i might need looked at the dealer while its in its 'new"period i would have to take it to my nearest dealer right?

    Now locally we have a Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda dealership all rolled into 1... So, im thinking getting a Yamaha new or old might be a bit better since we have a dealership but i do like the new Ninja's...

  2. Doesn't have to be a dealer, just has to be a registered mechanic.

    It's actually illegal for a dealer to try and force you to bring it back to them, but at the same time I wouldn't be wouldn't be rushing to buy a Kwaka without first checking if the local place is willing to work on it.
  3. Sounds like me! Though my local Kawa dealer is around the corner.

    I do know that as long as it's a registered mechanic, your warranty is safe.
  4. Well i dont think the Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda dealer would as i didnt buy from there/locally and and since its not one of the three they deal with. Ill ask the other place as im sure they would have no problems with it.

    Doesnt help me narrow my choices down tho! hopeing ill get to try some Kawa's and Yamaha's next week... If i get time.
  5. Any Japanese dealer will work on any Japanese bike generally (assuming bike is <10 years old). Profit is in the workshop not the sale anyway.
  6. However euro and american bikes are another issue, lots of Japanese bike dealers refuse to work on them and vice versa.
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  7. Thought that just occurred: Even though your local workshop can do the warranty service, if you have a warranty problem it might still have to go all the way back to the dealer. Might not be worth worrying about though.
  8. Yea thats the sort of thing that made me go hmmm....

    Also out here its a big thing to buy local but i suppose if there isnt a Kawasaki dealer and no one can order in... you havent got much choice...

    Oh well more researching, thinking and hopefully trying!

    Cant wait!