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Better than I ever thought

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dykeonbike, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Well I've got my bike. I don't want to get off. Was everyone's first time riding even betther than they thought it would be? I'm hooked for life. Took her for her first ride on Sunday morning around the in laws estate for about and hour. Had some lunch and had to drive to Nowra. As soon as I got home to Penrith I was off down to Jamison Park doing some laps down there. Then last night came the big test. Went for a ride about 5:30pm on The Northern Road. Did fine but man there are some dickheads out there. I have a big sexy yellow L plate stuck on the back of my bike so you think drivers would take a little more care around a new rider. Well it doesn't happen as I'm sure many of you are aware. I think every care driver should also be made to get their bike licence whether they intend to ever ride again or not. It would make people on the roads so much more aware of bikes. I seriously didn't realise how bad some people were at driving until I rode off on my bike. Guess we just have to be a little more observant and keep our eye out for idiots because they won't be looking for us. Oh I also got my first nod. Couldn't wipe the grin off my face. Must have looked like a dork :p

  2. congrats on the bike and the first ride/s :grin:

    it doesnt matter what you rider, when you first jump on and get out there with the wind in your face its a great feeling isn't it. and you certainly feel pretty cool :cool:

    well done.

    oh and yes there are many many dickheads out on the roads, and that aint gonna change unfortunately.
  3. Ahhhh, your life has just begun :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Congrats on the new bike!!!!

    You'll never look back now(unless its for a head check) :p :p :LOL: :LOL:

    As for the idiots out there.... yeah well..,..what can I say, other than keep your witts about you and in time you'll be less nervous of them.
    My first week of riding, I was gonna "teach them all" about motorcycle awareness, I'm over that nowdays though...I just expect the worst and am pleased to say its not as bad as I first thought.You will never be able to teach them, so just get on with the task at hand....riding your bike and having a blast :grin:
  4. good on you . :dance:
  5. Heh. I remember it well, even though it was many years ago. After a few laps (of St Kilda Rd and Queens Rd!) to get used to the controls, I headed off into the 'burbs. Spent the next couple of weeks following roads to see where they went, getting lost and finding my way home again. It was magic. Enjoy.
  6. Congrats! Enjoy your new found freedom. My first ride was on my new bike when I rode it from Action Motorcycles on Wentworth Avenue in Sydney city centre. Talk about a baptism of fire! I had slow moving traffic, hill starts, the lot. Once I got going, I was glad I had the helmet to cover my ridiculous smile.
  7. First time I took the Across outside the 'burbs was a bright sunny day. I had so much fun I was laughing out loud inside my helmet. I couldn't believe I'd waited so long to get a bike.

    Congratulations, and believe me - you don't lose that feeling! :grin:
  8. aaahh the first nod... its great being out on your first ride!!! off the boat in devonport at 8am and on up through the tamar valley... magic.

    CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST SOLO RIDE!!!!! its all fun and games form here on...
  9. I know exactly how you feel!

    I too picked up my new bike on Saturday. It took me 3 minutes to get up the courage to get to the end of my driveway, (I had to go down a bit of a hill! :shock: and i could have done without the audience!) and then about 30 seconds to get to the end of the street! Wow! what fun! I thought it would take me a little while to get the courage to go up on the highway, but by the time Monday came around there was no way i was not going to ride my bike to work! I too can't get the grin off my face!

    P.S. My mother is horrified but my kids think I am cool!! LOL
  10. lol I think my daughter thinks I'm pretty cool. She's only 19 months old but was waiting for me to pull into the driveway last night. When I did she pointed at me and was yelling out "mum mum". She loves bikes. Can't wait till she can touch the ground. Going pee wee shopping then. Anyone heading out to the bike show at Bankstown on Friday?
  11. I actually believe it's anatomically impossible not to grin like a major reject when you hop on for the first few times. I am 48 days into my first bike, and my day is punctuated by two events - riding to work and riding home. Simple as that.

    :grin: :biker: \:D/ :beer:
  12. Congrats :cool:

    Yeah the first ride is something special - you will remember it for a long time.

    The grin will stay for a while yet.....but think that everyone on the road is out to get you.

    Stay safe and enjoy the fun of it all :grin:
  13. Welcome to the first days of the best part of your lives. I truly believe that there is no experience available to humanity that in any way whatsover equals that of riding a motorcycle.

    {Of course, paying for it is just the usual 'oh-my-god-it-costs-that-much??? business :LOL: }
  14. dykeonbike = :cool:

    riding is awsome fun... dont worry, that dorky look will never go away - youll just get better at hiding it ;)
  15. My first ride was scary. Had got my L's about 2 months before, and had to ride it home (albeit five minutes away) in pouring friggin rain.

    The day was sunny and warm before I actually walked in the store to pick it up. Bastard melb weather... :p
  16. You never really get over it. When my most recent bike was finally delivered on a Tuesday night, I took the rest of the week off work and put 3000k's on it by Sunday night.
  17. Wow what bike did you end up getting? Whatever it is must be a hell of alot of fun to take the rest of the week off and add 3000kms to it. I can't imagine ever getting sick of it.
  18. haha the first ride it's a beauty!

    My signature used to read "I'm angry why didn't anyone tell me motorcycling is so much fun"

    Don't worry about the smile, it doesn't go away :grin:
  19. becareful tho riding is more addictive than drugs... oh wait dont speed on a bike thats addictive too and just as killer...