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Better than expected

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by positron007, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Not many people seem to have these yet, so here is my new bike.
    It does the job.

  2. TLDR
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  3. Just so there is no confusion. It is a CRF250L
  4. Nice dude... A fun machine.

    So you have two bikes now? Spur of the moment shopping?
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    Just wanted to try something completely different. Checked out a lot of bikes in this category, this one had the right ergos for a short arse, low maintenance requirements, and cheap.
    Just as much fun on road as off road.
    Small tank lets it down for long distance travelling. I got 200km from my last tank (and 170km before that). Have a rotopax jerrycan, but will probably also get an IMS tank for it when it is available
    Keeping 2 bikes for the time being, probably make a decision in 6 months whether I might sell one of them.
  6. Nice little fun bike there, and being a Honda you can be certain it's not going to let you down.
    I think it's a wise decision to hone your offroad skills on something like this before upgrading to a bigger adventure bike.
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  7. What's the seat height on own of these ?
  8. #8 positron, Mar 10, 2013
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    The seat height is 880mm, just about everything else is quite a bit taller. The other option for a short arse is probably the dr650se, but I wanted something a bit lighter.
    Probably gonna start hitting jumps soon. The bike goes in for suspension work this week for that purpose.
  9. Definitely a lot of fun off road and very easy to learn on. With very low maintenance requirements. Even lower than the cb400
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  10. Congrats mate and enjoy it.
    This is everything my cr is not, except for fun, but a very different form of fun. LOL
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    The closest thing to a big CR I ever rode was a 1990 KX250. Yeah that was fun too, but in a scary 2 stroke way. Hahahahaha
  12. Yeah well what can I say. I like those scary 2 strokes!
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  13. #13 positron, Mar 11, 2013
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    Almost bought myself a KTM 350 (300) EXC 2 stroke, but would have needed a few mods - cush drive hub etc.
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  14. Love the kato 300exc. If I had the room and a more understanding wife I would have one of them too! BTW, I thought the 350 was a 4 stroke. Typo?
  15. Yeah typo 300EXC. Been looking at too many bikes. Hahaha
    Also considered this too (4 stroke)

    And also the 690 Enduro R

    Went with the CRF for the low cost and maintenace requirements
  16. Great video. Makes me want a freeride 350!LOL
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    Repost. DOH!
  18. You can never have too many bikes. Hahahahahahahaha
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  19. On the road.


  20. A box of stuff arrived today