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better than a bike? what u think?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GOOSH, May 15, 2006.

  1. #1 GOOSH, May 15, 2006
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    got to say, would love to have one of these. just check out his face in the wind. bloody great

  2. Nice car, but how can they honetly say its quicker then motorbikes when all its test was against a 600, track bike or not would have been better testing it against a Hayabusa or RSV 1000 or something.
  3. It's a nice bit of kit.
    But no matter how trick it is, how fast it is, how well it handles...it's just a car. :LOL:
  4. Many a discussion has been had over the Aerial Atom within the car community.
    It rates in my top 3 cars I would like to own.
  5. ............ Put it up against the Gixxer 1k and see how it goes.. :wink:

    Regardless..... i'd buy one... probably not for 70 thou though!
  6. "Better than a bike..."

    Aw, and here was me expecting to see a blowjob or something.

    I agree it looks like fun but until it pulls a wheelie I'm afraid it's gonna have to be just a car.
  7. Definately not better than a bike, but it does look like fun. :twisted:

    I wonder how it'd go towing a boat. :?
  8. Loz, you are aware that some cars when they launch can pop wheelies? They may not be able to hold them up for very long... But they can still do them none the less :p

    It is still a car though... Like hell I would pay that much for it either... What a joke... I would rather buy a ZX12R and trick it out the the max... Or maybe something more sensible lol
  9. Yeah I know - and doubtless so did the designers of this car, which makes the omission of wheelies pretty much unforgivable.
  10. I'll take my gixxer 1000 anyday........

    And on a straight line my Busa would blow it silly.(and i'll even take off in 4th gear) :rofl:
  11. i would take a gsxr 1000 k6.....
    but i would also like to have that .....
    value for money in camparison cars....70k what can that get u??
    monaro??, hsv clubby? evo 9? sti??
    i recon this is a great car yes its a car but its a nice fast car....
    oh yeah i will take 2....... thank you
    come on guys it beated a 500k porsche.... :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. If you've got enough money you'll always be able to build/buy a car that's quicker than a bike. There's some limited production models out now with a power/weight ratio in excess of 1000bhp/tonne that would certainly leave any bike well behind on the track (the Freestream T1 for example makes the Ariel Atom look like a Hyundai). Still can't beat a bike when it comes to performance/dollar though.
  13. if you are going to judge this against a bike you need to face it up to something equally as exotic and minor production as the car is or it isnt a fair comparison, bloody hell my quack is quicker in a straight line than this thing (not round corners though) and fro 29,000 it is a hell of a machine, i'd have one just for shits and giggles