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better radio reception?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. need advice on getting better radio reception.

    i'm having severe withdrawal symptoms since 'cool country' radio on the 88.0 and 88.7 FM band has reduced it's transmission power. they've moved over to the am band 1467. :shock:

    countless hrs spent in the garage are now done listening to the likes of kyle and jakie o or 'channel surfing'!

    i need my country!!!

    do i just buy a wizbang radio- you know the ones that advertise being able to get stations from afar(they sound suspect to me!)- or get a 50ft antenna to solve this problem?

    or is it just as simple as extending the antenna wire from the radio and attaching it to the highest point of the house?

    i live in southwest sydney.

    any "radioshack" afficiandos in here?

  2. I was under the impression that a coat-hanger bent into the shape of a map of Australia is the most powerful antenna known to bloke.


    Higher and larger antenna will help. But not if the signal simply isn't arriving.
    Do you have broadband internet? Do a search for online streaming radio stations that do country music - a lot of radio stations do their own web-stream these days anyway.
  3. ... google throws this at us:


    Looks like a good list of country radio sites there. I can't test or choose any for you:
    1) I'm at work.
    2) I hate country music :p
  4. Also there are signal amplifiers for TV's there may be a similar type o' deal with radio arials?
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  8. Vermin are responsible for lots of cock ups! :p
  9. I know a person involved with cool country. He said they changed to the AM band as it travels further and into buildings better then FM. According to him many stations are now changing back to AM.

    But i cant help with your particular situation, maybe there still getting things sorted with the change over, i dunno... sorry
  10. hmm, interesting. i can barely pick it up on am in the car here at home. very staticky(sp?). when i travel towards blacktown i can hear it no problem.

    i just read this:

    "...AM reception is affected by walls of brick, metal or concrete, not to mention aluminum siding..."

    source: http://www.ehow.com/how_114031_strengthen-am-radio.html
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  12. The difference between AM and FM is their modulation. ie Amplitude Modulation and Frequency modulation.

    With amplitude modulation the analog signal has a carrier signal which changes in amplitude dependent on the analog signal being transferred across it. The amplitude in this form of modulation is related to voltage, thus AM is more prone to electrical inteference, which is why you get static on AM and not on FM. In and area where there is no interference AM would travel further distancem, but there are not many places where this exist. Also AM modulation is only Mono it is not stereo and the bandwith on AM is small in comparison to FM.

    FM- Frequency modulation, the signal carried on FM does not change in amplitude but changes in frequency across the carrier signal. FM has higher bandwith than AM and FM is stereo channelled. FM bandwith is from approx 20hz to 16Khz.

    As far as getting the AM signal you are after, as long as there is some signal, should be able to receive using the right aerial and filters to block out unwanted signals.