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Better Make Way!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. OK so it wasn't even close, but I get the feeling it was all due to luck...

    Felix and I hooked up for a cruise through the Nasho today, and since he's only been licensed a couple of weeks we were cruising...
    And what a beautiful day to sit on the speed limit and practise our cornering!
    We were heading south one last time, and just got into the more technical section at the southern end of the park.
    I was leading, and checking mirrors on every exit to see Felix was still there, so I noticed the gold BMW convertible behind him quite early - Beemer looked like he'd settled in behind Felix so nothing to worry about.
    Until the fukker appears in my mirror, overtaking me on the ENTRY to a blind RH hairpin! Stoopid **** took the whole corner on the wrong side of the road (double lines, of course...), and all I could think was that I might be about to "wear him" at any second!
    I backed off (which took some effort - the blood curtain had descended), let him pass, and then hoped like hell he was planning to stop at Stanwell. He didn't unfortunately.

    Coincidentally we saw another BMW convertible as we left the carpark - I pulled up and was getting ready to start a "conversation", but luckily Felix reminded me the idiot's car was gold, not silver...
  2. I'd let most people go with picking a bad spot to overtake as I've been guilty of it twice in the nasho but a whole corner on the wrong side? should've introduced his windows to your helmet
  3. Yeah Aza, I'm much the same - there are plenty of safe, if illegal overtaking spots down there, but this was ridiculous! I couldn't see around from the left lane...
    I really hoped he was gonna pull over, and even had a few choice words planned until I was within reach...
    But I'm also off all next week and plan to ride the park daily, so here's hoping he's a local and we'll meet again...
  4. BMW's / enough said.
    Bimmer drivers suffer an affliction called BMWADS.
    BMW Asshole Driver Syndrome.
  5. Bimwads? Am I saying that right?
  6. Asshole drivers aren't restricted to BMW's. Asshole drivers can and do drive anything.

    Don't blame car for having a ******** behind the wheel....
  7. Well you kinda can. It's largely a reflection of the marketing done by the manufacturer as to what kind of ego is stroked.
  8. There are no right hand hairpins in the southern end of the park. So where was it?
  9. Maybe "hairpin" was a bit of an exaggeration, but not a deliberate one.
    I know you know the park, so think of the 2 tightest bends down at the southern end; this would have been the first one as you're heading south.
  10. hmm. Given that you are not talking about the left hairpin as you come to bald hill, so I assume it is the first of the two right angle rights. I recall that corner as having decent visibility, but it's been some time.
  11. Felix grew up in the park and was right behind me - maybe I should defer to him for the exact location...
  12. Given your description, I can't see it being anywhere else.
  13. OK, so are you getting to a point?
  14. I thought I got to my point. This: I know where you're talking about.