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Better late than never they say

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JenoGT650R, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. And a very big hello to all the other nutbags & nutbagettes out there who, like me, have been bitten by the riding bug & don't care how much safer it is in a car.
    I bought my first bike a few months ago and while I went down the "biggest bang for my buck" path, with a Hyosung GT650R, I couldn't be happier. Learning about her feel, sounds & vibrations has been the most fun I've had in years.
    And now that I have a little experience under my belt I'd love to start going out and riding with others who want to explore the magnificent area around the NSW Central Coast, Lake Macquarie & the Hunter.
    I have a sensational first ride mapped out and now just need the extra bodies to make it a reality.
    Can't wait to get to know loads of you better but until then stay safe, be cool and as always......look twice for bikes.

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  2. Welcome JenoGT650RJenoGT650R , there are several netriders up your way who are always looking others to ride with and also posting rides, so keep your eyes on NSW thread (y)
  3. Welcome nutbag :)
  4. Welcome mate :cool:
  5. Hi and welcome to the world of nuttery. Enjoy! :happy:
  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. Hey JenoGT650RJenoGT650R -- up the road from you in Newcastle. Lots of good roads around you, so be sure to go check them out. What is this 'first ride' you've mapped out?
  8. Welcome fellow new rider and good luck with your hyo heres to hoping you have a decent one :)
  9. We all live in hope Justus.........no doubt that happiness will be shattered one day!!!! But even then I'll remind myself that these things are just machines.....and machines are prone to shitting themselves when the person operating them least wants it to happen. I just hope it's not a 100+km/h or before I've used the bike for what I bought it for........to learn all I can on a fairly new, very low km bike that's powerful enough for me right now. I'm really looking forward to having a ride on a bunch of others when the time comes to upgrade. Hmmmmm, the mind boggles at all the possibilities.
    Thanks for the well wishes Justus......stay safe & keep moderating the hell out of things.
  10. Just one tip for you Jeno, my bikes done about 6500ks now and the frame has started to rust :( on the middle of the frame on both sides around were the big circles are about half way up the bike.
    my friend has the 2013 250 version and the had plugs over those areas were the new ones i see dont.
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    Hey DrSleepy......great to hear from you. My idea of a great first social ride with a bunch of new acquaintances and almost as many different bikes would be a ride that will go something like this..........I'll send this out as an open invite soonishly but here's a sneak peak for the locals.
    Starting at Tuggerah, we'll take in some of the best roads the Central Coast can dish out as we snake our way through Wyong, Tumbi Umbi, Bateau Bay, Shelley Beach and Long Jetty before our first stop at The Entrance. The Pacific ocean never far away and that ocean breeze filtering through the vents in your helmet. Mmmm, what a great smell.....................
    I tell ya guys, a ride like this does wonders for the soul!!! It's a thing of beauty.
    We'll then head up the coastline past Norah Head & Magenta before a quick diversion through the Munmorah Conservation area where we can open the throttle a little. Or a lot if your keen. The quiet sea-side villages of Catherine Hill Bay, Nords Wharf & Murrays Beach have some interesting corners which should get the heart racing and the butterflies churning just in time for lunch, which happens to be at the spot I'm getting married at next May....Caves Beach.
    Our final leg will be a tour through the towns & villages along the waterfront of Australia's largest salt water lake.....Lake Macquarie. A body of water 4 times the size of Sydney harbour and set against a backdrop of scenery that's just amazing. Towns like Swansea and Belmont with their yachting lifestyle and an abundance of femme fatales are a great start for the back end of or days ride and will soon have us cruising past the waters edge, the lake lapping just inches from the roadway at places like Elebana, Warners Bay & Speers Point.
    All the while we're on our favourite pieces of machinery, at one with the sounds and the vibrations that we've become accustomed to. Feeling every gear change and knowing, just knowing what she can handle.
    The day, like all good things, must end soon. And it will. But first.....
    Power House Rd & Wakefield Rd. A fitting way to finish off a sensational day of not only coastal riding on suburban streets and highways but so so much more.
    The last stop is where I call home, Toronto. A little town nestled on the south western end of Lake Macquarie and a great place to hopefully bring some new friends at the end of the day. Excellent cafe's & restaurants, a couple of good clubs if you like a flutter and a pub with the best views anywhere!!!!
    Alright guys & gals, so there it is. My plan for a great days ride.
    Now, who's coming...........

    Hey chickenmanic......so sorry to hear you're having issues with yours man........and yours is new?? With a frame that's starting to rust? That's shit!!! How close do you live to anything that resembles a salt water breeze??? Not that it matters. I really do feel shit for you chicken cause I think everyone should be rapt with their ride.
    I've got the 2013 model too......and when I got her in November last year she only had a shade over 6500km so I thought I was getting, well, practically a new bike that had been run in for less than 3k. Sounded perfect to me. How much was the brand new one......is it about $9000?
    I've heard, as we all have, about how crappy they are, and how bad the build quality is and so on and so on and yada yada yada.......I know they aren't as refined as say a Yamaha or a Suzuki or most of the "Jap" bikes. And one day, maybe one day.......
    I'll have a look at mine tomorrow so I know what you're talking about......can those plug you mentioned be fitted?
    Again chicken......I really am feelin your pain my friend and I really appreciate the heads up. Hope I can help you at some stage but more than that, I hope the Hyo issues stop for you.
    Stay safe.
  12. don't forget to stop by Bremen Patisserie for the World's Hottest Pie.

    best of luck with your new ride!!!
  13. yer i noticed the rust after doing about 4000ks(I bought it brand new last year from a dealership) and ive only been around the coast once for the Phillip island gp run last october and live about 30ks away from the coast so we dont get much of the salty air here.

    My mate bought his around the same amount of ks as well and he has nearly done 20,000 on it, he had an issue with the side stand switch being faulty so it would cause it to stall when going above 100kph and thats the only issue he has had apart from replacing the handle bars when he dropped it twice :).

    And yes the plugs are just a little plastic cap type thing that just sits in there to prevent water getting in there as far as i can tell, after i treat it and spray it with some silicon ill be after the replacements.
    I hope the issues stop as well haha but it doesnt feel like it at all, its a fun bike to learn on otherwise even if it is abit to heavy.
  14. thanks for the tip chilliman.....i'll be sure to steer well clear of ANYTHING that has "worlds hottest" in its title.

    I appreciate the well wishes man.......stay safe
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