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better bikes at Belmore

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cerebus, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Howdy everyone,

    I'm thinking of getting a used bike from better bikes at Canterbury road, Belmore.... and I was wondering if anybody has any good or bad news about them as I don't wanna waste my time and money buying at a place thats the next Sumoto.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated...
  2. welcome to nr....
  3. theres a Sumoto in Sydney? since when
  4. A mate has bought two bikes there and was delighted with the service both times.
  5. and I helped a Netrider buy a luscious yellow Triumph from there a couple of years ago. I was very impressed by the eclectic range of machines on offer, and the friendly service, and he loved the bike..
  6. I guess they are.. BetterBikes... Then!
  7. Know a couple of happy buyers from there

    Very good bikes from the couple times dropped in there....and let us know if they negotiate yet - funny asking them what's the best price and they say, "that's it"
  8. woah, thanks everyone for the quick reply! looks like i'll check 'em out nxt wknd. (oh the joys of a nine to five job) I'll let y'all know how it went.

    yep, Goz Sumoto expanded/started up a partnership with aitken motorcycle world in liverpool, I guess just another place to avoid like the plague...
  9. They have some nice quality second hand bikes but in my experience they ask the proverbial arm and a leg for them.
  10. That's usually the case for all dealers. Sometimes people have trouble getting finance through to buy pristine bikes from private sellers, so they turn to dealers for easy finance. Dealers make money both ways.

    If you want a pristine bike and have the finance organised and ready to go, it's usually better to buy from private sellers. On odd occasions dealers may have alright deals if they want to move something quick.
  11. I meant in comparison to other dealers. :)
  12. And only have to provide; guaranteed title, often a warranty (you were talking "pristine bikes"....), a shop for you to come and tyre kick, organise test rides and staff to pay
  13. .... plus insurance, Worker's Compensation cover for the staff, not to mention the joy of people expecting to pay the same prices with them that people expect on eBay ... I often wonder why they bother.
  14. I agree with all of the above and I also agree that BB's prices are a little higher than your "run-of-the-mill" dealer. But the fact is they're not. They hold a small and very carefully selected stock of tip-top quality bikes. If that's what you are after, then that's where you head.
  15. so...by the time i went to check the place out they had sold the bike :cry: oh well... next time i'll just have to be quicker...

    once again, thanks everyone for your input!
  16. I bought a bike of them last year. Top price paid, ordered via phone and the bike shipped to Qld. It has been a nightmare, the bike looked good but has arrived with a long list of serious faults. Bike was off the road for nearly 8 months trying to get the motor to run reliably. No found the gearbox has a major problem. Better Bikes don't want to know me, looks like this might end up being a legal fight.
  17. I went in there ages ago to buy my 1st bike, I was talking to the salesman about a bike and as i was young I think the salesman might have thought I was just wasting his time.
    I asked if they did testrides and had ther money in my wallet to purchase the bike then and there and the guy sad "no sorry we only do test rides for serious buyers" this made me think "ok they dont want to sell me the bike then" so I went elsewhere and bought a bike.
  18. I'm sorry that this has happened but it needs to be said, at least as a warning to others, that buying something like a bike or car sight unseen (assuming that's what you did) is just plain nuts.
  19. Hi Snow Dog, I totally agree with you about buying unseen. At the time there were only a few ZZR600s around, all were not local, so a leap of faith was required with all of them. Work and family didn't work out for a day trip to Sydney. With Better Bikes having such high profile advertising and Rob sounding so genuine and helpful on the phone I thought I was safe. But all I can say to anyone buying from B.B. in Belmore, have someone with you who is savvy and knows his/her way around a bike. Check everything thoroughly, their RTA Safety Check report was not worth the paper it was written on. The bike had low speed handling problems due to shot front wheel bearings and braking problems due to incorrect type pads fitted, jammed pistons in front RH caliper and large amount of air in rear caliper which had to be bled to make back brake work. With the carby problems the bike would not have passed emmissions tests either. Being in Qld it's too hard to follow this up but they will get a visit from me one day when I'm next working in Sydney and can put some time aside. The bikes look good, be careful if you want something reliable and enjoyable to ride.
  20. Having heard MANY stories like this I have only one conclusion.. All dealers selling any car/bike or truck interstate they don't even bother doing the basic safety check or as in my case a RWC... I bought a car from NSW registed and with a what ever colored slip it was than... to re register it in VIC I had to spend $5000 fixing suspension, steering and even seat belts!

    When I chased it up Consumer affairs told me I had no leg to send on as far as the dealership was concerned the car left in perfect condition!