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VIC Better alternative to Swann?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by thegutterpoet, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. I am in a dispute of sorts with Swann insurance, which I need not go into detail about. I would however appreciate any advice of other major bike insurers in Victoria.

  2. The invariable answer is going to be "Shop around" and read the fine print.

    i'd start with the big name companies, and then the smaller more bike orientated companies. you might be surprised as to the quotes you get back sometimes i have had ridiculously high quotes from NRMA and then on another model of bike unbelievably cheap quotes from the same company.

    As with most things you get what you pay for, a more cheaper quote might be tempting but the fine print revealing the answer why? eg. paying an excess up front regardless of fault until you are otherwise proven not to be at fault, coverage of gear and other personal items, track coverage, choice of repairer or even the parts used and valuation.

    I'd choose a more expensive quote that is going to use only new OEM parts over another company that will use cheaper after market components and not give you a choice of repairer.

    their are also things to consider whether they will provide towing fee's and do all the foot work for you or make you do all the running around to get quotes.

    so once again short answer "Shop around and read the PDS"
  3. I have both my Green Slip and Comprehensive for car and bike with QBE, as well as my house. I have always found them (since 2005, several claims) to be quick, courteous and competitive in pricing....
  4. I agree. They are incredibly variable according your specific bike model and usage. I had many years of good service from RACV but when I changed bikes the price skyrocketed (and I also wanted to protest their management's anti-motorcycle activities).
    QBE were fine until I made a claim (only one, ever) and then wouldn't touch me.
    IMR were expensive for my profile. Shannons would be ok if I were a weekend warrior, but I'm a daily commuter so no coverage from them.
  5. Shop around.

    Oh wait that's already been said.

    Personally I wouldn't go past QBE. I've found IMR, NRMA, Shannons etc way way too expensive.

    As you can see above some people found QBE to be hard to deal with, I (more specifically my wife) found them to be more than reasonable.
  6. For me, QBE only beats IMR by $70, BUT because I've only been riding less than 3 years the excess is ridiculous with QBE. IMR claims took 10mins and payout within 2 weeks.
  7. For me IMR was hundreds of dollars higher. My wifes claim was settled in around a month - 2 things held it up, my wife not being able to use her hand to sign the paperwork and Christmas holidays.
  8. I've just re-insured the CBR6 today. Had a ban - so excess has increased from all insurers, points are up there too, over 25 (just*), prices as follows for fully comp:

    NRMA $925, up from $895 last year, $2500 excess. $1k clothing covered $11,150 agreed value
    Youi $1282, $650 excess plus $625 for the ban, $1K clothing covered $11,500 agreed value
    QBE $986 then $890 after a whinge, $600 excess, $4K clothing covered $11,500 agreed value
    Shannons wont touch me - ban
    Progressive wont touch me - ban

    AAMI $478, $500 excess plus $800 for the ban, $1K clothing covered $11,500 agreed value

    Shop around and still moan at the price, if you have other quotes they will drop their premium.

    *I may have made that bit up
  9. QBE was the better policy/price when I shopped around for the Duc.
  10. I have two cars with Youi, now my bike as well.