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Bet you haven't seen a tyre like this before...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by razorcat, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Last Saturday I was lucky enough to have some shout me two new Pirellis for my VTR. Very generous and very much appreciated. I spent the week running them in and finding a new lease of life - I'd never realised how much tyres can influence the quality of a ride.

    So this Saturday it was time to put some serious miles on them. However, the ride was cut short. By a stick. With pretty amazing penetrative powers.

    My 7 day old rear tyre is now merely a curiosity piece.

    tyre reduced.JPG
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  2. that should buff right out...
  3. Holy cow! Has it penetrated the tyre or not?
  4. There doesn't appear to be any loss of pressure. But its off to the experts tomorrow for a diagnosis.

    I'm pretty peeved. But at the same time, I admire the strength of that stick!
  5. keep it!
  6. Hey beats a pissy littly nail ruining a tyre and not even being interesting enough to post on netrider about.
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  7. I don't think that is what they meant when they told you to try stickier tyres.
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  8. son of a biartch!

    curious, but still sucks the big kumera.
  9. It's all done with mirrors.
  10. I'm pretty sure the diagnosis is "that's fcuked" and then your wallet will be emptied for a replacement.

    I could be wrong.
  11. Even if it's perfectly usable they'll tell you that you need a new one.
  12. Pretty impressive but yeah, IMHO the tyre is fooked (I wouldn't be trusting the sidewall after that) and after just seven days. Stella effort razorcat, more-so than my boring nails and what appeared to be a bird beak or talon of sorts. Sticky tyres can be a double-edged sword... great improvement/confidence in the handling/grip department at the cost of a greater risk of a puncture (more common on rears as the front tyre stands up the offending item from the road and the rear gets penetrated as it passes over). I never felt the need to carry a puncture repair kit until I went to sport tyres.
  13. thats a manufacturing defect isn't it? it was like it when you got it?
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  14. Son of a Birch, at least the tire stayed up. Nothing a bit of rubber cement and a couple of patches wont fix.
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  15. wow - thats crazy!
  16. A plug might work if your not at warp speeds,
    Lucky you wern't miles from no where when it happened, It would have gone down,
  17. Bike towed reduced.
    So she's on her way to get checked out...using a method of transport equivalent to a stretch limo.

    Overkill much?
  18. Looks lonely sitting there,
  19. Buffy strikes again.
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  20. The bikes not lonley, its making the truck its biatch.....
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