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Bestest Chain Wax/Lube?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by markformo, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. This question has probably been asked a million times before but i hope to get some updated info on what's best to put on chains. On my first bike i used the oil. Messy with lots of flinging. Then I discovered wax. No fling but had to warm-up the chain before applying. I'm currently trying that Silkolene gel. What a mess! White goo everywhere. Now i want to go back to the wax. Any advice on best brand etc appreciated.[/b]

  2. your right, did you use the search function at all :?:

    Cheers :cool:
  3. cash is getting me a can of dupont teflon lube...
    will post up results in a couple of weeks.
  4. racing sprint karts for 6 years i have tried them all....best shit ya can use is motul chain lube.
  5. I have been or should say was using Maxima chain wax for years but have noticed in recent years it seems to fling off a lot and is messy Im not sure if they have changed the formula or not but I have recently changed to BelRay chain lube and Im most impressed it seems to stay on really well and not near as messy
  6. BELRAY for sure dude i used the shell stuff and its threw shit everywhere . The belray is awsome. No mess no fuss. YAY :LOL:
  7. Install a scott oiler. Extended chain life, less times needed to adjust chain slack and no time to lube chain once installed.. WIN WIN WIN :grin:

  8. I go and pick it up tomorrow morning.. they are in west melbourne...
  9. I've heard plenty good about Bel-Ray
  10. Aral Ketten Spray :grin:

    I wont bother with anything else.
  11. Give a go Loz it really is Good Shit
  12. Hey.

    Used to use Maxima Chain Wax and always thought it was pretty damn good.

    Now I use Rock Oil Chain Wax and it's even better. Wonderful stuff.

  13. Hey Old Blue do you think the Maxima Chain Wax went down hill a couple of years back? I used it for years then all of a sudden I noticed it was getting messy and flinging off more and I was wondering if they may have changed the formula?
  14. So far I've tried...

    Shell - forget it - made a f*#$ing mess everywhere like the goo in aliens only pinky/orange in colour

    Bel-Ray - pretty good, no fling but i didn't dig the white chain effect

    Honda Pro (red can) - cleaner than the bel-ray and cheaper too! Highly recommend you try this stuff after you have tried bel-ray....
  15. I've tried from oil to that expensive white shit. Only recommended lube is valvoline general purpose spray lube, $4 at K-Mart. Does not fling, does not attract dirt.
  16. KevS -

    Yup, dunno what happened to Maxima. It was always THE gear. But I have no probs with Rock Oil Chain Wax. Zero mess, zero fling.

    Simple rule - always apply AFTER a ride whilst chain is warm. That way it "gets in" as Mrs Marsh would say, does the most good, and won't fling when next you ride.

    IMHO oil is a waste of time, wax is the go. Never met a chain oil I liked...

  17. at the moment i have standard motul chain lube. seems ok although does tend to spray on the rims while applying
  18. Motul definetly sticks...
    But it clags up a lot.
    It ends up with a consistancy of Cold Honey and absolutly everything sticks to it.