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Best year round jacket (sydney)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rossc0, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. I'm looking for the best compromise year round jacket, 10 min commute in the morning, same at night, in the dry. Sorry if that offendes the I ride in all weather crew, but I'm an old bloke now, and I like my car when it rains :)

    After looking around it seems to me the best choice may be a DryRider climate control jacket, 2 removable liners, one waterproof the other thermal. Anyone got one, good, bad, indifferent ? Or any alternate recomendations.


  2. There probably isn't a better choice IMO. The dririder climate control jacket is good value and will get you by all year.

    I prefer leather, but it does seem like a hassle sometimes for smaller trips.
  3. Yes, got the leather as well, but cant be bothered wearing it on the train

  4. If you like what Dryrider has to offer, take a look at motodry as an option.
    Very similar, but with a little more style, and better pockets

    At least this is my view of them ( i have the motodry Duo (At kravens advice) and think it's a great jacket. A Friend here at work went from a Dainese to a Motodry Nitro, which he is prety happy with.

    Both have removable liners they also have what's called an X-vent for the summer rider...
  5. I use the Dri Rider Rally Cross, all good, Melbourne Storms and high country bush through to Fraser Island summer temps... nearly 2 years now, with a nice water bladder option... ohh and the water proof fits in the rear pocket for days when your not sure!!!
  6. Joe rocket alter ego, can be used as a mesh jacket has a waterproof liner and has armour
  7. i've been thinking about a dririder climate control aswell.

    for summer riding with both liners removed is it going to have good enough ventilation to remain comfortable on longish rides?


    ah nvm. i just read my other thread. thanks for the info Doggy.
  8. Drizabone?
  9. I must say I don't understand this desire people seem to have to use just one garment all year around. Do you wear the same clothes on the street in summer as you do in winter? I don't. I don't expect my winter jacket to keep me cool in summer, and I don't see why the riding gear should be any different. Cold climate demands a design that will keep the air out. Hot weather requires one that will let the air in. These two are mutually exclusive, and so they shall remain until we have nanotechnology and smart materials that automatically adjust their weave... Don't hold your breath.
    In the meantime, even using garments with zip out liners is a compromise. If the outer shell lets the air in, it won't be really warm in winter; if it doesn't let the air through, it will not be vented enough on really hot days.
    I think the answer is to aim for TWO sets - one for cold and moderate climate (that's when you take the liners out), and a really vented one for truly hot days.
  10. Well I have a vented leather jacket A* Stunt that has a removable liner for hot days. For really cold or wet days I put the liner in and pop an Rjays $25 plastic coat over it and am as warm as toast.
  11. Yes, but you're in Melbourne... I said HOT days :)
  12. Careful mate I lived in Sydney and the summers in Melbourne feel hotter as you get that dry northerly wind.

    I get hot in my jacket but on a 10 minute commute what does it matter?
  13. I must admit, I like your thinking Matti-san.

    For 9 or 10 months of the year in Perth you can wear a summer jacket. Therefore i have a vented jacket which i can hear a jumper under and a RJays rain coat over if i need.

    Having said that, i'm now looking at a leather jacket for the piece of mind of a little more protection.
  14. Well leather jackets do at least look cooler :cool:
  15. Damn straight! :wink:
  16. If it doesn't bother you than it's all good, but notice that you're actually agreeing with me - when its really cold you said yourself you need to put another layer on to stay warm, and when it's really hot, you admit you get hot. That was my point - all-year-around gear just ends up not working very well at either end of the scale, that's why it's better to get two sets. Besides, wouldn't you just get sick of wearing the same thing all year? :)
  17. Dririder Climate Control works for me, mind you our coldest temp is only 16deg :LOL: (I just put a light jumper on as well as the liner), but it is great during the summer. Quite waterproof when caught out in sudden monsoon downpours.

    You said you have a leather jacket as well so you would be sorted for the Sydney cold.
  18. i've had similar thinking to you matti-san. at first i thought i needed a thick-ass winter touring jacket for winter then a thin-ass summer jacket for summer.

    then, like a epiphany. i realised, why not just put a $50 rain coat over the top of the summer jacket for those really wet days...like yesterday here in perth.
  19. We all start of thinking a compromise all round jaket will do. Of course, we all end up with several jackets. Bite the bullet and buy 3, or just start with the one that you think you'll use most. :)
  20. I have a motto guzzi Jacket that has 2 removable liners in it, 1 waterproof one thermal. I have worn it all year round and will continue to do so. in summer I strip it right down to just the outer layer, wear t shirt underneath an its fine. in winter wear both layers plus singlet, t shirt, flanney and jumper underneath. warm as toast. Now before you ask, it gets to around 40 deg + with zero humidity in summer and can be as low as -6deg c in winter.
    If that's not an all year round jacket then what is.
    A lot of people up this way wear the dri-rider aspen jackets with the same result ($200).
    this motto guzzi jaket has a market value heaps more than that so probably not for everyone.
    Thank goodness mine was a gift from my ol' man.
    he got it as a retirement present from the company he worked for who just happen to be the sole ditributors of motto guzzi bike and apparel in australia.
    has no use for it as he no longer rides so is happy to see it put to good use.
    Anyway getting sidetraked here, my advice would be to talk to fellow riders in the neighborhood.
    thats how I decided on the dri-rider nordic gloves I bought and love, just about everone in the local club I ride with has them, so I figured that they must be the right ones to handle our winters.