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Best/Worst Year Model Suzuki gs500?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ben ZfullerSchitt, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. So I've decided on a gs500 for my first bike. Just wondering if any particular year models stand out as the best or worst? I vaguely remember reading there were some issues with the 2007 models but that's about all I know. So if anyone has recommendations on this I'd be grateful.

    Also, is it worth getting the front forks done regardless of year model? The most common criticism of these bikes I hear are that they are very soft up front. Is this true of all year models?

    Cheers, Ben.
  2. Best year model is 2006, look for one with about 38,000km and a few small dings, preferably black, with a topbox.

    I might have just the bike for you.......
  3. Given not much changed on the GS500 over it's model run, I'd say it doesn't really matter. What matters most is the overall condition and maintenance history.
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  4. Best year IMO is anything pre-2003, since that's when production was moved from Japan to Spain and it was changed slightly to make cheaper to build.

    Though my pick would be the original 1989 model (the only model with factory clip-ons instead of standard bars). But finding a good one of those now is quite difficult.
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  5. The worst year and model was the version with the white tank and the black frame because the color scheme is clearly too close to those of the Collingwood Football Club and accordingly resale values have suffered...
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  6. I has a 2009 model and it was a great first bike.
    Being a first bike i didn't make any changes to it whatsoever which worked in my favour come trade in / upgrade time.

    As states before they haven't changed much at all so condition and service history will speak volumes.
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  7. OTOH, nearly 10 years of learner/commuting use is likely have done at least as much damage to a Japan built bike as Spanish QA can do to a Spanish one.

    Once again, condition and service history are key.
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  8. I'd say the Spanish chrome and paint are not wonderful, you'll find rust on the forks and frame near the steering head is common if they're anywhere near the coast. I've read complaints about soft front ends, but have not found it an issue on my '06 despite a bit of dirt road riding. I weigh 85kg.
    The website at GStwins is your friend.
  9. Oh agreed. But I was going on the basis of which model is the best, not which model is the best to buy now.

    The answer to the latter of course being, whatever you can find that's in good condition and can afford.
  10. A colleague bought a 2001 bike (so presumably Japanese built) new, which had some serious corrosion problems inside the tank. The tank was replaced under warranty but it does point up the fact that even Japanese built bikes could suffer QA problems. Not being any kind of flagship model, the GS was always finished a bit cheaply. Sound basic design meant that this was generally not a disaster, however.
  11. Ultimately I don't think it will matter what year.
    Although post 2006 they added an oil cooler (radiator).
  12. I see. I see. And what price- tag might this bike have attached to it, Mole? :whistle:
  13. I think it was '04 when they made the faired model. Mine's an 04 model and it has an oil cooler
  14. AFAIK the faired models (GS500F) had oil coolers, nakeds didn't. A naked with a cooler is probably an "F" with the fairings removed.

    BenZ, PM me for a very special price, just for you my friend!