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Best & worst features of your bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Hey dudes,

    Thought this might be an interesting discussion. (At least it'll be about bikes, not politics...)

    I recently bought a new Hyosung GV650 Aquila, and while I'm generally damn happy with it, a couple of this stand out as being either bloody brilliant/hopeless.

    Best Feature: The fact that my bike is now heavy enough to set off the sensors at traffic lights. No more waiting around for 5 mins on a 2fiddy waiting for someone else to show up and trip the sensor.

    Worst Feature: The fact that the GENUINE Hyosung pillion backrest/carrier rack blocks access to the stupid bloody screw that you have to undo to open up the seat and get at the battery/toolkit etc... PISSING ME OFF!! :mad: (And yes that's me shouting)

    So what do you really love/hate about yuor current ride???
  2. Side stand on the Firestorm ( 99 model) is hard to get down. it sort of tucks up underneath and im forever trying to grab it with my toe. Then it tends to sit too upright on it. Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb.
  3. Putting the stand down on my XV250 shuts the engine down. Good idea especially for a beginner that keeps forgetting not to do it!!!!
  4. Pros: comfortable, can keep up with the traffic, so stable on the road, high visibility and road presence, sounds awesome, excellent brakes (for a cruiser), beautiful styling, good night lighting, highly customisable.

    Cons: could be a bit faster, running boards could use an extra inch or so clearance for cornering.
  5. i got nothing but love for my bike
    but i wish it had a fuel gauge.....
    and a NOS bottle... while im there a turbo kit...
    or am i dreaming again lol
    :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Cons: Sidestand is a pain in the arse to get down

    Pros: everything else :grin:
  7. 2000 ZX6R J1

    Best: comfortable, fast, strong engine, nice roar, really bright headlights.

    Worse: difficult to keep up with R1 and alike, bit on the heavy side.
  8. Features for "The Brick"...

    Worst - the sidestand. Difficult to get down when sitting on the bike (apparently it was designed for an off-bike deployment :shock:) and is automatically retracted by the clutch lever. Those wacky Germans! :wink:

    Best - the adjustable 'aerofoil' on the top of the screen. Brilliant! :)
  9. GS500K3

    - Light
    - Cheap to run/insure
    - very fuel efficient
    - easy to ride / care for
    - parts are cheap
    - reasonably comfortable
    - quiet

    - some annoying vibration at hwy speeds (110kph for a hour or more)
    - no neck snapping acceleration :LOL:
    - quiet :LOL:
    - lack of aftermarket parts
    - not "cool"

    Thats my honest thoughts.
  10. Pros - Me

    Cons - Me

    On a serious note: GSX1400 (some mods)
    She is heavy
    Old fashioned
    Frame twists when abused
    Forks twist
    Chews tyres

    But, you see, this is why i like it. It has character and is a bike not designed to be sport ridden - but it does get sport ridden and it embarasses alot of the sport bike riders in the twisties.... :p

    OH, and she looks damn sexy and mean..... Like one of those bad girls we always want but never want people to know about... :LOL:
  11. Honda CB250

    awesome fuel economy
    easy to handle
    very manouverable
    easy to dart through traffic as small & stable

    it's a 250
    has trouble accelerating over 80kph
    it's a 250
    wind buffets you around at speeds higher than 60 kph
    it's a 250
  12. GPX 250

    Pro's real easy to ride/learn on
    can scrape hero pegs and get sparks at night to look cool :cool:
    very economical even tho it gets full throttle the whole time...
    can pillion my missus on the back fairly easily for a 250...

    cons - as edgelett was sayin

    its a 250
    its a 250
    its a 250
    its a 250
  13. Pros:
    Easy to handle
    Easy to lanesplit

  14. ZZ-R1100

    Pretty good fuel economy
    Has never missed a beat
    Great on the highway. Cruises along happily at naughty speeds.

    A biatch around tight corners (or maybe that's just me :? )
  15. Triumph Speed Four

    Pros :
    - unique looks - get a lot of 'WTF is that' sort of looks from others
    - great seat
    - exhaust system is a work of art
    - induction noise from the rampods at 7k is intoxicating
    - handles like a dream
    - Its a Triumph !

    - fuelling at around 3k is yuck.. have to change up and down at low speed to get around it
    - gearbox is pretty crunchy
    - finding nuetral on the 1st-2nd gearchange is easier than what I would like
  16. pros: i love the way my bike looks, she sounds awesome (have a yoshi pipe) is very comfy, I could ride all day, and is turning out to be a very good and forgiving bike to transition from a 250 on... I love my bike :p

    cons: possibly a little bit heavy, and as i have short legs i find it difficult to manouver eg, backing up.. also have the sidestand problem that alot of other people seem to have!
  17. Best 99% of it love it for a L's bike.
    Worst 1% seats is hard as a rock.
  18. Aprilia RS250

    Fast Corner Speed
    Looks Hawt
    Cool Dash
    Awesum componetry, awesum brakes.
    Sweet smell of a 2 stroke exhaust

  19. Pro's: it's mine!
    L plate at the back
    It's not a GSXR600 :-(
  20. Pros:
    handles most terrains well
    Can pick it up with one hand

    does not have an engine
    does not have an engine.